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A F$#ked Up Way to Honor Their Teammate

85131457KD040_TEXAS_RANGERSI totally get and appreciate the way the Angels have handled the loss of Nick Adenhart all season long; his death was unfortunate and he clearly impacted his teammates. Maybe I’m obtuse, but it seems to me that if you want to honor someone who was killed in a DRUNK-DRIVING accident maybe you don’t POUR BEER all over his uniform and photo on the outfield wall. I mean, am I crazy? I love that they wanted to celebrate “with” him as though he were there, that’s a really wonderful sentiment, but the execution is totally messed up.

[LA Times]


ESPN to Air 300 Hockey Games This Season!

espnAfter ESPN stopped airing NHL games they did everything possible to ignore the sport; highlights were few and far between, analysis was non-existent and for most Americans the sport faded from consciousness. Well, hockey is back and making an attempt at a resurgence, the first step was today with the big news from ESPN: starting October 1st ESPN will air over 300 hockey games on its various networks. HOORAY!

The only catch? The games will only be broadcast on the family of ESPN networks residing in EUROPE, primarily in the UK.


Looks like hockey will never get another chance…

[Biz of Hockey]


The Rams Are Shown One Possible Future

Considering their record the last few years, when the St Louis Rams were told they were going to be at a charity function serving as the waiters, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for many of them to think is the next stage in their non-football lives. Everyone from stars like Stephen Jackson to the backup QBs and the cheerleaders participated, taking the orders at the table, running food, the linebackers even got together to sing “Happy Birthday” to a table.

I’m going to assume this was new coach Steve Spagnuolo way of motivating the players and showing them what will happen if they don’t shape up and start winning some football games.

Rams - Stephen Jackson

[Riverfront Times]


Packers Fans are Taking the Loss of Favre Well

favrefireWith next Monday’s game between the Packers and the Vikings, tensions are running high in Wisconsin. Former hero Brett Favre has been vilified in the eyes of many Packers fans and his treachery will never be forgiven.
To that end, a local Wisconsin sports bar, the The Milwaukee Burger Co will have a flaming barrel available during half-time. All interested fans can burn their Favre pictures, jerseys, posters and other memorabilia in said barrel. The bar intends to donate $10 to a to-be-named charity for each item burned.
Hey, if you can’t get over the loss of a man who you never personally knew by burning the things that you bought to honor him, you’ll never get over him.


This Loss Can Be Termed “Brutal”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a football game end in this way. I doubt anyone else ever has either, so, way to go Vermont high school athletics, you did it!  Sure everyone is going to go crazy on the kid who spiked the ball without paying attention — and rightly so — but how about some credit for the QB and receiver who hooked up to make that kick possible in the first place?

The kid who spiked the ball will never get over this, or at least he won’t if he has funny friends.

Also, if you live in an area where the high school sports are the main part of the crawl on the bottom of the screen and being given main time on the local news, it’s time to move to a more populated area.

[Barstool Sports]


DeShawn Stevenson Adds Some Ink

Over the off-season Washington Wizards forward DeShawn Stevenson has been quite busy decorating his body. Already heavily tattooed, DeShawn is a heady player, so he worked from the neck up; first he added a tattoo of Abraham Lincoln on the front part of his, which had to hurt like a motherfucker, then he added in the Pittsburgh Pirates logo on his left cheek (backwards obviously), his one-year-old son Londyn’s name graces the right temple and a Frankenstein’s Monster-like crack is on his forehead.


OK, I get the son’s name, I wouldn’t do it myself, but then I also probably wouldn’t name my kid Londyn. Moving on… Abraham Lincoln? Sure, why not honor our 16th President, even in an incredible painful spot. The Pirates logo Stevenson explains by saying, “that’s my favorite team. Barry Bonds, when he first started.” He then tried to say that if you stood in front of him it looked like the “P” it was supposed to; it doesn’t. It still looks like a “9,” in a mirror though? Sure!

As for the Frankenstein Monster’s crack, it’s because “I don’t crack. I feel like people always try to break me, but I don’t crack. So, I put that there.” Which sort of makes sense, except that now he has a crack on his forehead showing that apparently he DOES crack.

[Washington Times]


Nicklas Bendtner Gets into a Fender-Bender

Bendtnercrash21-year-old Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner was headed towards the team’s training facility on Sunday morning when his black Aston Martin DBS left the road, crashing through a fence and then into a tree. While Bendtner was left just shaken up and with some bruises, his $270K ride was totaled; is there no god? Won’t anyone think of the poor factory artisans who assembled this marvel of modern engineering?

[Daily Mail via Deadspin]

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