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Fenway Park: Robot in Disguise

In honor of today’s Winter Classic, and because I like time-lapse stuff, here is some time-lapse video of the Winter Classic at Fenway Park ice rink being set up. Viva 2010!


The Winter Classic Looks Magical

When you think of fine wine probably the FIRST thing you think of is the NHL. Or at least I do, but then I’m a classy kind of guy.

For those of you unaware, the NHL has an official special event wine maker, Joseph George, who makes special wines and bottles for “the All-Star Games and milestone player accomplishment bottles as well as the new Winter Classic bottles.”

Awesome! Now when you think varietals, you too should think of the NHL.

Me, I’m too busy scheming of a way to get tickets to the Winter Classic at Fenway. Sure, it’s going to be balls-ass cold, but think about how incredibly amazing it will be to watch a hockey game out at the ol’ ballpark!

One artist has an idea what it will be like, pretty dope if you ask me.  It’d definitely be kick-ass if it snows during the game, but Al Gore believes that won’t happen. I’d also imagine there will be a hell of a lot more NBC signage up, but otherwise, this looks pretty magical.

So, if you have a spare ticket lying around, why not take your friendly neighborhood sports blogger. After all, I already bring so much happiness into your life, isn’t it time you repay the favor?

[Puck Daddy]


Swine Flu Forechecks the NHL

David Krejci

In a press release today, the Boston Bruins announced that young future-star center David Krejci has a confirmed diagnosis of Swine Flu, making him at least the 4th confirmed case in the NHL.

“Like most people, we are taking many precautions to try to prevent our players and staff from contracting the H1N1 virus,” said Bruins General Manager Peter Chiarelli. “Our medical staff is working with David to get him healthy as soon as possible, and our players and staff will continue to take precautions with hopes of preventing the spread of the virus to others in the organization.”

So far Krejci is the only Bruin thus diagnosed, and hopefully the only one. It’s a shame the Bruins don’t play in Calgary, because there the entire team were given swine flu vaccines, much to the chagrin of the thousands of patients outside a clinic waiting for their shots.


The Alberta government has since fired a senior staff member at Health Services for giving the Flames, the players’ families and the front office preferential treatment and the vaccines over the rest of the population who waited in line.

“I am deeply offended that this circumstance has occurred,” Ken Hughes, chairman of Alberta Health Services, said in a news release. “The decision to allow preferential access to the Flames and their families was a serious error in judgment.”

Believing they had gone through the appropriate channels, Flames president Ken King defended the Flames, saying that because of the players extensive travel schedules and the close-contact of hockey that it was a priority for the team to get vaccinated. He didn’t offer an explanation why the players families or the front office also deserved preferential treatment. King also offered that the Flames players receiving the shots in a private location was done to prevent the mass hysteria that could happen if the players waited in the clinic’s line.

Alberta has since run out of vaccines and was forced to shut the program down on Saturday. Unlike the Flames, the Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Raptors and even the CFL’s Edmonton Eskimos have reported that they have not sought out preferential treatment for their players.

[Boston Bruins and AP]


Bruins Game Makes One Fan Sick to His Stomach

Last night’s Bruins/Ducks game was the first “Student Night” promotion of the season, one fan in attendance decided to show his displeasure with the Spoked B’s who fell 6-1. This unhappy fan alienated the rest of section 320, who cleared out shortly after a combination of the Ducks taking a 5-1 win and this guy throwing up his combination of nachos and flask liquor.

Puking Bruins FanPuking Bruins Fan 2Go Bruins! The next student “night” will be a day game with the Avalanche on Monday, with plenty of tickets still available.

[Barstool Sports]


Milan Lucic is a “Devastating Machine”

Looks like my boy Milan is ready for the regular season to get going. It also looks like Ottawa’s Chris Neil’s face isn’t gonna be so pretty anymore. HOCKEY BABY!


Let’s Go BRUINS!

[Barstool Sport]


It’s Playoffs BEARD Time!

First off, I love the playoffs beard, I think it’s the best tradition in hockey.

Last night the Bruins started their quest for the Stanley Cup with a thrilling victory over the Montreal Canadiens. Here is Bruins phenom Phil Kessel scoring an empty-netter and then a fun brawl breaking out. Pay close attention though to the fan in the white t-shirt behind the glass; as the fight keeps breaking out, the Canadiens’ Alexei Kovalev’s stick comes through the glass and the fan tries to steal it. The look on Kovalev’s face is priceless. Awesome.

Also, if you are a Bruins fan, you have to love this team. Kessel, Blake Wheeler, and my main man Milan Lucic comprise a core that is dopecity, Chara is the best defenseman in the league right now and Thomas should win the Vezina. Go BRUINS!


Sean Avery, Always Full of Class

Sean Avery is back in Gotham and he obviously grew as a person since his suspension and dismissal from the Stars. Case in point, when the Bruins were in town Saturday, Avery went out of his way to express a neighborly congratulations to  goalie Tim Thomas on his new contract extension. For some crazy reason, Thomas freaks out and goes nuts and attacks Avery and then it becomes a full-on melee. It’s so nice to see people better themselves, well done Sean.


I Got Bruins Fever

Out of all the young Bruins, Milan Lucic is my favorite, he plays like a young Cam Neely and has a mean-streak that I really appreciate. While the NHL governors are considering fighting, I’m glad it’s still part of the game and clearly the crowd is too; look how quickly everyone stands up to get a better view of Lucic giving Josef Melichar of the Tampa Bay Lightning his comeuppance for a high hit.

And via Deadspin comes this hilarious video from AFTER the game of a girl valiantly trying to to make her way back UP the escalator as everyone else tries to get out of the Garden.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Semin Shoots it Long and Hard

On Saturday the Washington Capitals visited the Boston Bruins and pulled out a clutch 4-3 win in overtime thanks to flukey/awesome shot from Alexander Semin 22 seconds into overtime. Tim Thomas gets flat out embarrassed when this 80 foot shot sneaks past him, check out how he quick he heads off the ice, he knows he blew it.

S’ok, there’s still like 6 days left in the regular season and then of course, the obligatory 5 1/2 months of NHL playoff hockkey to come…

[Puck Daddy]


He’s Better Than Anyone on the Lions

Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas got beat earlier in Wednesday’s game by the Maple Leafs’ James Blake and so when Blake came in on another scoring chance, Thomas made sure he’d make the stop this time. Taking a play out of football, Thomas tries to straight up tackle Blake and take him down; while Thomas misses a complete take-down, the maneuver does work, leading to another save for Thomas and helping the Bruins to a 4-3 win.


Stick Save, and a BEAUTY

Patrick Elias likes scoring goals, in fact, that’s part of his job. Tim Thomas did his job last night better than Elias.

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