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The Cavs Fly High Over the Hawks

Whenever LeBron is playing there’s always a strong chance of seeing something incredible; last night’s Hawks/Cavs game featured two such plays! First comes his Highness himself, LeBron taking one hard to the hoop and slamming one down right before the buzzer for the half.

Then late in the 4th quarter noted handgun owner Delonte West drives over the outstretched arms of Josh Smith to score 2 points the fun way. Fortunately, this explosion from Delonte doesn’t require police involvement.


LeBron is on the Downside of His Career

According to Dave Berri, an economics professor at Southern Utah University NBA players reach their peak at 24 years old and then everything from there is downhill. In an examination of every player from 1977-2008 Berri found that the average 24-year-old who plays 35 minutes a game is equal to 6 wins per season,

After that point, the player’s productivity dips. There are exceptions of course, Kobe peaked at 24 (he was worth 15.5 wins a year) but at age 31 this year he’s still worth 14.3 wins. Then there is LeBron, last season he played 2/3 of his games at age 24 and was worth a fabulous 27.7 wins for his team. He’s already shown that he’s over the hill; this season he’s worth a mere 24.2 wins. Pathetic.

It’s sad when athletes just hang on.

[Wall Street Journal]


LeBron Teabags Allen Iverson

As the teams were warming up before Wednesday’s Cavaliers/76’ers game LeBron James wanted to pay his respects to one of the best players in NBA history, Allen Iverson. And what better way to show your deference than to place your balls over his face?

That’s how the Caesers greeted one another right?

Maybe that was  just Caligula…


LeBron Smacks Roy’s Shot Into 2010

As the Cavaliers closed out their win Friday night against a Blazers team that has been ravaged with injuries, LeBron James brought just a bit more pain Portland’s way with an awe-inspiring block against Brandon Roy.

That man can jump really really high.


LeBron is a P.Y.T.

I can’t say for certain that it is Shaq’s influence, but off the court the Cavaliers seem to be having a bit more fun; maybe it’s Cavs management trying convince LeBron how much fun he can have in Cleveland, or maybe he’s just trying to go out on a high note. Regardless, the hits keep on coming from the Cavaliers with their latest video advertising the Cavs singing Michael Jackson’s hits.


LeBron Can Do Anything

LeBron James is an athletic freak, we can all agree on this; he still insists that he could play NFL football now, much to the chagrin of Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey. During a recent Cavs practice the team lightened things up a bit by playing some casual football on the court. Afterwards, just goofing around LeBron launches the football from the baseline and goes nothing but net. Is there ANYTHING he can’t do on a basketball court?


We Are All Witnesses (That LeBron Could Have Swine Flu)

We-are-all-witnesses--lebron-james-546521_1024_768Having already come down with the flu, LeBron James and several of his Cavs teammates are being treated by the team for swine flu as a precaution. While the test results haven’t come back, the team has opted to err on the side of caution.

After spending the day in bed LeBron told reporters, “I think I’m over it now. If you get sick, then I wasn’t.”

While he wasn’t happy to be sick, LeBron was glad that it at least took place during the pre-season, “If it’s going to happen, now is the best time,” he said. “I don’t want anyone to get sick. But if this is the time the flu bug is going to hit our team, I’m glad it’s happening now.”

Fortunately, LeBron’s teammates are handling the loss of their superstar maturely, “People are always messing with you, ” LeBron said, “When you come back around they’re like, ‘Oh, you’ve got the cooties.’ They don’t want to be around you.”



LeBron Has it Maized

You know you’ve officially made it as an icon when your image is cut into a corn field and turned into a maze. The owners of Little Darby Creek who made this incredible thing in the first place had this to say:

What an awesome spectacle to have in your 9 acre corn maze……Lebron dunking!!!! We are Cavs fans and love to watch him play basketball, so this year we get to see him in our cornfield all fall. Oh, and by the way, the maze was already cut, but we would also like to welcome Shaq to Ohio too!!! Go Cavs!!

Lebron Corn Maze

[Clubhouse Cancer]


LeBron Gets Schooled, Then Destroys the Evidence

JordanCrawfordDunkLeBronWhen one of my good friends was a senior in high school in suburban Cleveland he played against an eighth-grade LeBron James. During the game, my friend was dunked on by LeBron. Twice. This is Doug’s Revenge.

At LeBron James’ Skills Academy, a basketball camp for high school players something out of the ordinary happened, Jordan Crawford, a junior from Xavier University who was there as an instructor, played in a pickup game against LeBron in which he caught an inbound pass and threw a two-handed dunk down on the King. Freelance photographer Ryan Miller was at the camp videotaping the game, he captured the moment in all it’s glory.

Unfortunately for all of us, LeBron called over Nike Basketball Senior Director Lynn Merritt who was on the sidelines and whispered something in his ear. A moment later, Merritt walked over to Miller and “He just said, ‘We have to take your tape,'” Miller said. “They took it from other guys, too.”

There wasn’t a policy prohibiting filming and Miller had been there all day without an issue until this. “There’s nothing I can think of besides LeBron just not wanting it online,” Miller said. “It’s a good story to tell people, I guess. But then again, I’m kind of pissed. I lost my tape.”

High schooler Dwight Powell who was there described it thusly:

They were split into teams, and LeBron had his own team. In all the college player’s eyes, I could see a little fire burning, with all of them itching to show what they have against arguably the best player in the world. One player in particular definitely left their mark in Jordan Crawford of Xavier. On an inbounds play, The King was a step slow, and Crawford put a two-hand dunk on him.

I was shocked, but nothing will change my opinion of King James. Jordan Crawford on the other hand has some bounce!

[CBS Sports]


Don’t Stop Believing

During the end of the channel 5’s newscast on Friday night the news team seemed despondent, the Cavs were about to go down 2-0 to the Orlando Magic and it looked like Cleveland’s hopes for a title were being dashed in an instant. Someone forgot to remind the folks at channel 5 that LeBron wasn’t done.

I love the reaction of the woman anchor who clearly is not that into sports but has gotten into the excitement even though she has little idea what’s going on. Then there is the male anchor who says,”Someone took the shot” Hey newscaster guy, his name is LeBron, he’s the most recognizable athlete in Cleveland history. Learn it.


LeBron’s Son is Good at Basketball

Sure, LeBron James is only 24 years old, but he’s also a Dad, and he sometimes brings his son to work. Here is LeBron James Jr., shooting some hoops with dad, this kid is already better than me.


Because an NBA Player Would Ever Drive a Kia

*Oct 30 - 00:03*LeBron James received the first of what will be his many MVP awards today at his Akron high school. Officials from the NBA and Kia were on hand to give the honor to LeBron as well as the keys to an all-new Kia horseless carriage. Considering LeBron has a Maybach, a Mercedes S63, a Bentley, Lambourghinis and a Rolls Royce amongst others in his fleet already, methinks that the Kia isn’t going to get much driving time…

Since the NBA has an average salary of $5 million, I don’t think ANY NBA player is driving around in a Kia, so why even give one away? I hope LeBron gives his to charity or someone who could actually use it, since otherwise it’s a waste.

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