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What’s Next for the Red Sox?

With yesterday’s signings of John Lackey and Mike Cameron for a combined $100 million and the previous signing of Marco Scutaro, theoretically the Red Sox could be done with major moves. The team still needs a third baseman but otherwise, the major holes on the field have been filled.

While I’m not a big Lackey fan, for the short-term I like this deal. For his career, Lackey’s most comparable pitcher according to Baseball-Reference is Josh Beckett and both men have identical career ERA+ at 117. Providing his elbow holds up, and I have to believe the Sox wouldn’t make their largest expenditure ever for a pitcher without ensuring that was case, this rotation is filthy. Throw out a Beckett-Lester-Lackey-DiceK-Buchholz rotation and 1-5 you’re talking about one of the best groups in baseball. Add in Tim Wakefield and whatever reclamation project Theo signs (please please please sign Ben Sheets) and you’re talking a solid 1-6 at least which is absolutely necessary.

I wonder though if yesterday’s moves might reopen the Sox’ attempts to pry away the big bat they’re still lacking, someone like Adrian Gonzalez? Mike Cameron can still play a solid center field, even at age 36, the Red Sox have a plethora of young center field prospects (most of whom are several years away but still) and I wonder if the two signings mean two of the Sox young players might be on the move. If the Sox were to offer to San Diego a package headlined by Clay Buchholz and Jacoby Ellsbury wouldn’t the Padres have to seriously listen? They’d be receiving two major league players both under team control for at least 4 more years and at very low salaries. Ellsbury’s speed would give him plenty of chances to leg out extra base hits in the spacious Petco Park, and Buchholz is going to be if not a star, very good.

I don’t want to give up Buchholz, Ellsbury I could go either way on, but to acquire a big bat like Adrian, who is still only 26 years old and plant him in the middle of the lineup for the next decade is a pretty appealing thought. If, as the reports are right that Theo is hesitant to deal the young prospects that San Diego would want, (which I agree with him) perhaps giving up young major leaguers that the team isn’t convinced they want to build around, or that they can afford to give up is the better option.

Losing Jacoby would hurt some, the team would still have a hole in left but would be coming out of this offseason so far with the top starting pitcher on the free agent market and one of the best sluggers in the game. Not a bad haul if it could be done. I’d wager that Theo is FAR from done this offseason and there are a number of machinations still in the works. And if Adrian DOESN’T come to Boston, I’m still pretty satisfied with this offseason, I’d still like to see another 30 HR guy in the lineup but for the moment, I’m thinking this looks like a team poised to finish either 1-2 in the AL East.


There Ain’t Nothing Pedroia Can’t Do

Peter Gammons spoke with Dustin Pedroia recently and his most recent comments only endear him to me more. After mentioning that the Red Sox had approached Pedroia regarding whether he thinks he could play shortstop he had nothing but confidence.

“When the idea of moving back to shortstop was floated to me, I welcomed it,” Pedroia says. “I’m excited. Tell Derek [Jeter] to enjoy the gold glove and silver slugger awards while he can. Obviously, I’m not serious about the fun I have with Derek, but I’m never stopping believing in the goal. I believe I can play shortstop and help get the Red Sox back where they belong.”

Goddamn I love that cocky son-of-a-bitch.



Nobody Bites My Wife But Me

In June of 2008, while visiting an art gallery in Hingham, MA, Stacey Wakefield, wife of Red Sox knuckleballer Tim was bitten by an English mastiff, Gabriella, that is the pet of the gallery’s owners. Last June ANOTHER woman was bitten by the dog.

With those two incidents in hand, the Hingham Board of Selectman unanimously voted to have that 8-year-old bitch euthanized.

In rendering their decision the Selectman called the gallery owners, Robert and Megan Ullman “irresponsible.” However, the Ullmans insist their bitch isn’t violent and intend to appeal the decision.

I wouldn’t expect much sympathy from another judge, this dog could have injured the WIFE of a PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL PLAYER, that kind of negligence just can’t be allowed. Next time it could be the girlfriend of a hockey player, and I just WON’T stand for that.



October 21 is One of the Greatest Days of the Year

RED-SOX-VICTORY__1224078695_6201Sure, 5 years ago technically the game began on October 20th, but it was after midnight when the final out (Ruben Sierra grounding out to second) was recorded and history was made. The Red Sox had conquered their Everest. Yes, the Sox still had to make their way through the Cardinals, but that proved to be no trouble. More importantly, it was the Yankees who had been the enemy, who had confounded Boston time after time, letting the Sox get tantalizingly close and then CRUSHING the dreams of a region.

All that changed with Alan Embree’s final pitch, Sierra’s weak grounder and the celebration was on. The most improbable comeback, against the hated powerful rivals was complete, the Boston Red Sox were going to the World Series and destiny was on their side.

Everything was different when they won. I remember when the final out was recorded into Doug¬†Mientkiewicz’s glove I just raised my fist in victory, unable to talk, unable to move, the Red Sox were the WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS.

These days in October are precious, every playoff game is a gift, this year the gift was put away too early but that’s the way it goes sometimes. A sentiment I could never have expressed before the magic of 2004. For a 8 game stretch the Boston Red Sox played like gods, with carefree abandon, nothing to lose and everything to gain they did it. Today is the anniversary of one of the greatest victories in Boston history. Celebrate accordingly.


I Blame Our Failing School Systems

I swear we’re smart in Boston. Really! New England has a proud tradition of education, Harvard University is there, have you heard of it? Methinks though this sign-maker who was at the Red Sox/Royals game last night is NOT an alum.



Red Sox Wives Hit the Runway

Some of the wives and girlfriends of the Boston Red Sox players took some time out of their day yesterday to model some “swanky” clothes for their annual Fenway to the Runway fundraiser. The event, which raised $75,000 for the Red Sox Foundation featured among others: Kristen Bay, Ana Delcarmen, Farrah Lester, Sheigh Drew, Bertha Lowell, Tomoyo Matsuzaka, Yuka Okajima, Tiffany Ortiz, Lindsay Clubine (fromer Deal or no Deal model and Clay Bucholz’ fiancee), and team owner John Henry’s blushing new bride, Linda Pizzuti.

I for one am furious they didn’t hold this event back when Mark Kotsay was still on the team so we could get some new photos of his astonishingly hot wife, Jamie. Well, I’ll have to make do with supporting a good cause, and supporting Farrah Lester. Wowzers.


[Boston Herald]


Red Sox Bogart the Bogaerts

On September 1st the Red Sox signed two Aruban-born brothers, Xander and Jair Bogaerts to minor-league contracts. The young gentlemen made this delightful video showing their enthusiasm for the sport that has exactly what you want in a youtube clip; a CGI animated grasshopper!

Also, did you know that in Dutch baseball is called honkball? I like it!

[Sox Prospects]

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