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Well, I’m Inspired…

Here is some fan of the West Virginia sports program desperate to revive what could be the most boring and uninspiring “cheer” for a team ever. Hey, it died for a reason, let it go!

Seriously, not only is that slow and boring, but it’s among the lamest things I’ve ever seen; no wonder they stopped doing it.


Let’s Hear it For the Ukrainian Women

Tired of being victims of gender oppression and sexual trafficking, some Ukrainian women are emerging as a new tribe, calling themselves the “Asgarda” and seeking to live completely autonomously from men. Currently a group of about 150 women of varying ages, they have revived the traditions of the Scythian Amazons of ancient Greek mythology, training in martial arts (including sword-play, boxing and the use of knives and battle-axes), life skills and sciences in order to become “ideal women.” These photos are all from French photographer Guillaume Herbaut who first met the Asgarda in 2004. Bad-ass.


[Planet Mag]


What’s the Matter Rookie, Can’t Take a Joke?

water-dumped-on-head-above-doorCleveland Browns rookie cornerback Coye Francies threw an errant punch and a bucket of ice in the locker room after practice on Friday when he was the victim of a prank. After being doused in water, a soaking wet Francis charged into the locker room flinging ice on fellow DBs Brandon McDonald and Mike Adams before trying to punch safety Abram Elam, who blocked the pugilistic attempts. Nose tackle Shaun Rogers stepped in and grabbed Francis by the back of the shirt, telling him “Calm down, man,” and then escorted him out of the room.

“Welcome to the Browns locker room!” wide receiver Braylon Edwards yelled as the rest of the team came over to check out

the hubbub.


Eventually Francies returned to the his own locker, still clearly agitated although his teammates brushed the incident aside.

“It was just guys having fun,” McDonald said, whisking the ice into a dust pan with a broom. “I was the first one he saw. He got a little aggressive, it’s no big deal. We handled it. It’s over now and we’re going to worry about the Ravens. We don’t want to have any misconceptions in the locker room.”

After some time had passed even Francies was able to calm down about the incident: “It’s all just fun and games,” he said. “We were just playing around.”

[Brattleboro Reformer]


So, Lamar Odom Has a Type Huh

After a month of dating, Lakers forward Lamar Odom is set to marry Khloe Kardashian who is a pseudo-celebrity famous mostly for her sister getting peed on by by Brandy’s younger brother. Liza Morales, who Odom dated for 10 years and with whom he had 3 children, one of whom died of SIDS, must be pissed! As noted by Sports by Brooks, these two ladies share quite the resemblance, safe to say we know Lamar’s type now…


[Sports by Brooks]


The Bears Won’t Tolerate Your Farting Ways

mark-anderson-1If the Chicago Bears defense gets blown out in any game this season, I think we’ll know the reason is due to lack of film study. According to d-lineman Anthony Adams in a blog entry for the Chicago Tribune, the defense has a list of self-imposed fine-worthy offenses in the film room. Falling asleep will cost you $20, jumping offside in practice is another $20, and doing it in a game is $100. Worst of all, farting in the room costs you $20 too.
“Mark Anderson (right) might be the worst farter ever. He takes these protein shakes, so he smells like little babies do. He’s the worst at getting the fines and then saying he didn’t do it…I don’t get fines for farting. I leave outside the meeting room and do my dirt.”
So, it’s safe to safe if the team seems completely lost out on the field someone was ripping some nasty ones in the film room. Uh, go Bears?
[Chicago Tribune]


Braves Owners Selling Up Some Steroids

bodybuildersLiberty Media is  giant conglomerate with many businesses under its umbrella including QVC, Ticketmaster, DirecTV and of course, the Atlanta Braves. Among their success stories is a little website, started in a garage by a then-19-year-old Ryan DeLuca; became a huge success, and was ultimately acquired by Liberty in 2008 for the princely sum of $100 million. Today the business makes approximately $150 million in sales a year.

But all is not well, it seems that three of Bodybuilder’s suppliers are being investigated by the US Attorney’s office for selling steroids. While charges are yet to be brought against Bodybuilder’s directly, an agent in the US Attorney’s office purchased 31 items from the site with 23 of them testing positive for anabolic steroids. That’s not so good. As well, the company has received multiple letters from the FDA accusing them of distributing steroids and unlawful package labeling.

Nicely done Liberty Media, I like what you’re doing; it’s just smart business to cut out the middle man.



Pittsburgh Fans Know Whats Important

The G-20 Leaders Summit ended in Pittsburgh amidst protests and with the woeful Pittsburgh Pirates honoring the event by having Foreigner play live tonight after their game against the Dodgers. Foreigner, IN CONCERT, AT THE PIRATES GAME, sigh. I can’t believe I’m missing it.

Some people went to the protests to express their opinions about the manner in which the world’s leaders govern, others just like being part of a crowd. For instance, this news crew while highlighting the riot cops and the protesters finds a very unprotest-like banner being held in the crowd.

Is the G-20 anti-Penguin? Has anyone looked into this? Or are the fans just looking for even more protection for Sidney Crosby ever being touched by an opponent?

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