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This Loss Can Be Termed “Brutal”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a football game end in this way. I doubt anyone else ever has either, so, way to go Vermont high school athletics, you did it!  Sure everyone is going to go crazy on the kid who spiked the ball without paying attention — and rightly so — but how about some credit for the QB and receiver who hooked up to make that kick possible in the first place?

The kid who spiked the ball will never get over this, or at least he won’t if he has funny friends.

Also, if you live in an area where the high school sports are the main part of the crawl on the bottom of the screen and being given main time on the local news, it’s time to move to a more populated area.

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A Slow Moving Golf Cart Disaster

In a hilarious bit of odd news, comes this video of a kid accidentally driving a golf cart across a football field before a game and hitting the ref. It seems that no one knows how the kid got into the golf cart but once he started getting going he was unable to stop it and, despite being chased across the field he hits the ref with the cart before his joyride of terror can be stopped. It all occurred prior to a high school football game in Springfield, Oregon on October 17. It looks like the golf cart chase was the most exciting part of the night as the game ended in a 68-14 lopsided victory. The ref toughed it out and stayed and called the entire game without incident. However, it doesn’t say much for the moves of the ref that he’s unable to avoid a slow moving golf cart driven by a child…Anyhoo, check out the video after the jump. Continue reading ‘A Slow Moving Golf Cart Disaster’


2 Tacklers, One Block

Here’s what appears to be a high school football game which, unless it was from Friday Night Lights I normally wouldn’t care about. However, this hit is ridiculous, no matter what quality of competition it be at. Check out this leveling block by a downfield player to help spring this touchdown. Wow. Awesome.

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She Don’t Play Tight End

It’s not most days that I find a high school girl who is tougher than me. OK, that’s not exactly true, but this story out of Queens about Irene Gjoka, a 17 year old who will be suiting up for the Long Island City High School football team this season puts me in my place.

Having a over-protective father, Gjoka wasn’t allowed to play any sports when she was younger living in Canada. But after questioning her high school’s football coach what she needed to do to try out, she surprised him by actually coming out and going through all the practices. “Once or twice a year, a girl will come out and say she wants to play football, and pretty much that’s it,” Coach Stephen Agresti said. The cards were stacked against her though as state rules initially barred her from playing. After getting permission from a special panel, including 2 doctors, a gym teacher and the school’s athletic director she was cleared to practice and play. I LOVE that the gym teacher was an arbiter in this matter. What kind of important knowledge could that gym teacher share? “Irene totally dominated the badminton section last spring…she’ll be fine!”

The 5 foot, 105 pound Gjoka has shown off her agility and speed on the field, impressing her coach who intends to use her on special teams. “I don’t care about bruises or anything like that,” Gjoka said as she revealed a red and purple wound that extends from her forearm to her shoulder. “Pain’s not an issue.” Meanwhile I nearly passed out when I just got a paper cut. Sigh. Continue reading ‘She Don’t Play Tight End’

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