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Green Man is EVERYWHERE!

The gang over at It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia have themselves a kickass television show and have launched a cultural phenomenon with Charlie’s Green Man character. Green Man has been popping up at sports events all across the country, they even have their own Facebook group; they’re the newest and best trend in stadium fandom in years.

Take for instance, a recent Canucks/Predators game where some Canucks fans took to heckling the Predators players when they entered the penalty box. I don’t think the Preds appreciated the moment.


The NFL Needs a Refresher in the Days of the Week

Now, I’m no expert, but as I understand it, Thursday follows Wednesday and precedes Friday in the standard understanding of what makes a week. This year, Christmas — you might have noticed — falls on a Friday. So, if you’re the NFL, obviously that means Thursday Night Football right!



Was Friday Night Football too difficult to say? I can’t wait to watch Monday Night Football Saturday afternoon.

I’d say I’m surprised but this is the NFL Network we’re talking about and their ineptitude is legendary.


Johnny Damon Viciously Makes Out With 86-Year-Old

Hosting the WWE’s Monday Night Raw, Johnny Damon found himself  the center of some unwanted touches when he was amorously attacked by octogenarian wrestling legend Mae Young. He can deny it all he wants, but he wanted it; why else would he have dressed that way?


Now Starting at Quarterback — D’Angelo Barksdale!

Good news fans of The Wire, D’Angelo Barksdale is BACK, this time as a high school quarterback who is committed to San Diego University. Let’s hope his career is more successful than the television character’s.

It’s all part of the game…



Tiger Woods’ Antics Inspires Decorative Plate Industry

I’m no Jimmy Kimmel fan, but this clip he made advertising a special new Tiger Woods-related product is absolutely worth watching, not least of all because it includes BILLY DEE WILLIAMS! I’d go on, but that alone should be enough for you to watch it.


ESPN Subtly Calls Gammons a Money-Grubber

As a means of honoring Peter Gammons before his departure to the higher-paying less-travel pastures of MLB Network and NESN, the ESPN baseball writers all contributed a paragraph or several about their mentor and friend. Several days later, there are new stories and the Gammons tributes are pushed down the page.

Despite all the kind words the writers heaped on Gammons, I can’t help wondering if the editors or higher-ups at ESPN wanted to take a final shot at the legendary reporter — who received a reported substantial raise to join MLB — by putting this Jerry Crasnick headline beneath the Gammons stories.

Or it could just be a coincidence… but where’s the fun in that!


Dance With the Bloopers Who Brung Ya

Winner of a Congressional Water Safety Award in 1978, Bill Dance is a legend in the bass fishing world who has had a fishing show since the 1960s, his most recent version (Bill Dance Outdoors) airs on the Versus network in between hockey and the constant showings of Bloodsport. The long-time fisherman has had a number of bloopers during his day, and this 3 minute clip captures some truly hilarious ones.

Say what you want about the inanity of fishing — I agree — but these bloopers are absolutely amazing, I’m almost tempted to buy one of his DVDs to see more. I won’t but I’m tempted.

The camera guy falling off the clip completely slays me, that shit is PRICELESS.


Banging Stephen Dorff is More Memorable Than Tiger

Somehow this slipped past all the blogs out there — which is especially amazing considering the amount of pornography that sports bloggers look at — but last May, while taping something for the Naughty America website, porn star Holly Sampson admitted that she had sex with Tiger Woods. It went unnoticed though, until all the current hoopla exploded on everyone’s face.

Of course, Tiger only gets third billing, after Kevin “huge cock” Costner and Stephen Dorff; that’s gotta sting.

Video is SFW but has some NSFW language.


Saints Fan Loses a Bet, Gets His 60″ TV Shot to Hell

The New Orleans Saints pulled off a compelling overtime victory over the Washington Redskins on Sunday, much to the chagrin of one Saints fan. It seems that this Livingston Parish resident figured the game was lost and so, he did what any rational person would do, he posted on Facebook that if the Saints won the game any of his friends could shoot his television.

After the Saints pulled out the win, a myriad of friends poured out of the woodwork, all packing heat and ready to destroy a beautiful 60 inch flat-screen. These guys aren’t fucking around either, sporting giant pistols, shotguns, and rifles (scoped and non-scoped) multiple 30 racks and dangling cigarettes, they then set up on the guy’s lawn and let ‘er rip.

I can’t decide what is more amazing with this video: how incredibly redneck-y this whole incident is, the fact that multiple people MISS the TV, the fact that everyone gets out of their cars holding a beer or a case of beer or that all these people are on Facebook.

BTW, these are the people that are considered part of the “real America.”

I’m OK not being a part of that.


Gammons is Leaving ESPN

After 20 years, Peter Gammons has decided to leave ESPN following this week’s Winter Meetings. In a statement he released through ESPN, Gammons said that:

My decision to leave ESPN and move on at this point in my life has been conflicted. I owe a great deal of my professional life to ESPN, having spent more than half of my 40 years in journalism working for the network, and the choice to move on was made with nothing but the strongest feelings for the people with whom I worked. ESPN gave me a great deal more than I gave it, and will always be a huge part of who I am.

First, I have to imagine that ESPN didn’t fire Gammons, because let’s face it, the dude is a legend and should be able to work as long as he wants. So, why is he leaving? Is he still feeling unwell from his stroke a few years ago? Could this be a precursor to a move to MLB Network? If they don’t go after him incredibly hard it’s just foolish.

Regardless, Gammons remains one of the best baseball men out there and from reading his column every Sunday in the Boston Globe to today, he’s always been one of my favorites.

In the meantime, what does this do to ESPN’s baseball coverage, they’ve now lost Gammons and Steve Phillips and I’m guessing Ravech leaves as soon as his contract is up to go to MLB.



Gammons is joining BOTH MLB Network and NESN!


Al Michaels — Master of the English Language

Jared Allen is a nearly unstoppable defensive force, we saw his power last week when he ran roughshod over whoever was put in place to block him. Allen wears number 69 because you know, being a middle schooler forever is important, was continuing to be disruptive during last night’s contest against the Cardinals and Al Michaels figured it was an opportune moment to teach the kids about mutual oral love.

I mean, he’s right, but it just seemed a weird thing to bring up in the middle of a football game. Must have been weighing on his mind or something…

Then, when EJ Henderson breaks his leg in a decently gruesome manner, Al who must not own a thesaurus can’t stop from saying break. Whether it’s an “unfortunate break” or a “rough break” or it’s time for a commercial and so NBC will take “a break,” it’s time for Al to learn some new words.

[Sports Rubbish]


Who’s Not Honoring Stephen Now? Speed Skater Shani Davis!

American speedskater Shani Davis apparently doesn’t appreciate when people take his otherwise rarely noticed sport and provide it with television coverage and, most importantly, pay for all his training costs. Davis told reporters Thursday that he’s not a fan of Stephen Colbert who rallied his legions of fans to contribute and support the US Speed Skating team so that they are able to participate in the upcoming Olympics.

“He’s a jerk,” Shani Davis said after being asked for his take on the comedian’s criticism of Canadians. “You can put that in the paper.”

Davis has trained in Calgary in the past and has also had multiple run-ins with the US Speed skating authorities.

Presumably the comments that irritated Davis include when Colbert referred to the lack of ice-time for the US team on the Vancouver ice: “Those syrup-suckers won’t let us practice at their Olympic venues. At the Salt Lake Games, we let the Canadian luge team take 100 practice runs.”

Colbert isn’t alone in noticing the lack of ice time.

“It’s the Olympics, the point of the Olympics is to bring the whole world together and by doing that they’re kind of separating themselves off from the world,” said rising U.S. star Trevor Marsicano. “… It’s the way it is. I’m not going to complain about it.”

Unlike Davis though, Marsicano appreciates the largess of Colbert and his audience, recognizing that without their help the team would have little chance of success.

“He’s a good thing for U.S. Speedskating,” Marsicano said.


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