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America’s Team Doesn’t Show the American Flag

There’s quite a controversy brewing down in Dallas over the Cowboys’ new stadium; while it features all the high-tech amenities fans could want, the lack of a flagpole apparently is rankling some folks.

According to team owner Jerry Jones, “Our stadium is so huge that you really have quite a challenge of displaying it so that everyone can see it,” he said. “So the place to see it the most clear is in the middle of the event [level].”

“The policy really is that the people that are in charge of the event make those arrangements relative to our anthem and recognition of the flag,” he continued.

It being Texas, many people believe that the only way you can show yourself to be patriotic is to have the flag displayed at all times, otherwise, you’re probably an unAmerican godless heathen.

Billy Joe Gabriel was appalled at the stadium’s lack of a flag, “I just always assumed there was a flag everywhere I went,” he said about sports arenas. “Now, I’ll be looking.”

After all, how would anyone watching the game on television know the game was being played in America, with the widespread popularity of football with thousands of professional teams playing all over the world — oh wait…

Jones also mentioned that the team hasn’t found an appropriate place to put the team’s 5 Super Bowl banners, but there hasn’t been any outcry over that.

In fact, there are very few permanent signs in place at the new stadium, nearly everything is presented on digital screens, allowing for versatility and easy changes.

“We have the ability to put things in and around that stadium that is a hundred times what we had at Texas Stadium,” Jones said. “But you do it digitally. We may very well have [the Super Bowl banners] on the digital boards before we’re through.”

Honestly, who gives a shit. So there’s no flag, if you came to a giant football stadium to stare at a flag you’re a giant asshole. It’s embarrassing enough that the only time people hear the National Anthem or think about it is at a sports game that has ZERO to do with America or Americans. Go to the game, watch the players and then leave, it’s sports, they serve as escapes, so please let the rest of us escape and keep your simple-minded protests regarding flag placement in your minute-sized brains.

[Dallas News]


Jerry Jones is in Da Club

Following the Packers’ victory over the Cowboys this past Sunday who could blame Dallas’ owner for wanting to have a few dozen drinks. Drinking affects your decision-making skills you know, clearly in this photo, because I can’t imagine a sober Jerry Jones would ever allow this picture to be taken.

[Celebrity Clubber]


I Have GOT to Buy an NFL Team

scroogeForbes Magazine released their annual valuations of the NFL franchises and despite a downturn in the economy the numbers are staggering.

The average NFL franchise is worth $1.042 BILLION and makes $237 million in annual revenue. That seems like a lot.

Leading the way are the Dallas Cowboys who are worth $1.65 billion, making them the most valuable sports franchise in North America and second worldwide only to Manchester United. Never mind that they haven’t won a playoff game since 1996 or a Super Bowl since 1994, somehow the Cowboys still are the name brand of NFL teams.

The Washington Redskins are second at $1.55 billion but lead the league in revenue at $345 million a year. New England is third in value at $1.361 billion but second in revenue at $302 million.

At the bottom of the barrel are the Oakland Raiders, worth a mere pittance of $745 million. In total, 18 teams are worth over a billion dollars. Not too shabby.  



This Qualifies as News?

With training camp in full-swing, local area businesses see quite an uptick in profits thanks to the hoards of fans who come to check out practices.

“We look forward to it every year, all the gentlemen’s clubs do, because it brings in people from all over,” Trey Maddox of Babe’s men’s club tells News Radio 1200 WOAI.

“Occasionally we actually get to see some of the players. We put them where nobody bothers them and watch over them. They get to have a really good meal and a cocktail or two and relax.”

Ah yes, the classic strip club buffet, not quite what I would consider prime fuel for a training athlete, or anything close to a “good meal,” but, it’s a strip club so I think we’re allowed to use that term VERY loosely.

“They’re always well behaved,” Maddox says. “They come out to look at the pretty women.”



I Want My Own $40 Million TV

cowboysstadium06It was only a matter of time before someone utilized the brand-new $40 million, 180 by 72 foot HD screen at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium for something proper, like a rousing game of Gears of War. Of course, when you think of this kind of fun, you automatically go to those rabble rousers, The Jonas Brothers, or more accurately, Steve Fontane, who directs their videos. Either way, it seems like the perfect use for some downtime and such a gigantic screen. Also, it looks awfully fun.


After the jump check out some video of Steve playing. Continue reading ‘I Want My Own $40 Million TV’


Michael Irvin’s Fame Saves Him

While cruising around the Dallas area in his white Range Rover and stopped at a light, Michael Irvin noticed the car next to him was lowering its window, as though to talk to him. So he lowered his and then noticed that the other car’s occupants were pointing a semiautomatic gun at him. “I knew what time it was,” Irvin said. “But [the assailaint] said ‘Oh, that’s Michael Irvin, with the Dallas Cowboys.’”

Ah, the joys of fame!

“So we started talking about the Cowboys and everything,” he said. “Then they got back on the highway.”

“I tell you what, I’m glad he was a Cowboy fan.”

[Dallas News]


Strange Partnerships These Days

FINALLY! The sports partnership we’ve all been waiting on finally has happened. The New York Giants have joined forces with Tiffany’s to offer a range of items as the “New York Giants Super Bowl XLII Collection.” The collection includes:

  • Pendant with blue accent on an 18-inch chain: plated $75, sterling silver $225 or 14k white gold $1,350.
  • Round tag bracelet in sterling silver, $225.
  • Round cuff links in sterling silver, $200.
  • Helmet paperweight in crystal, $175.
  • Football paperweight in crystal, $100.
  • Beer mugs in crystal, set of two, $100.
  • Sterling silver “Return to Tiffany™” round tag pendant on an 18-inch chain, $110.
  • I.D. tag pendant in sterling silver with a coin edge on a 20-inch beaded chain, $275.
  • Set of two crystal tumblers, $60.

Sounds like a MUST-OWN for all true Giants fans. What big blue fan wouldn’t be desperate for a crystal Giants helmet paperweight right?

(Not pictured, the Angel of Death waiting just off frame)

Of course, this isn’t the only strange sports partnership announced in the last few days. The New York Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys, with a side order of Goldman Sachs have announced a partnership to create a new stadium concessions company, Legends Hospitality Management.

The company’s focus will “be on operating catering, concessions, retail merchandising and other facility management enterprises for major sports and entertainment facilities. Legends has been granted the exclusive right to operate concessions, catering and merchandising services at the new, state-of-the-art Yankees and Cowboys stadiums on a multi-year basis. Legends intends to expand beyond these anchor teams to provide its services to professional and college sports teams and other event facilities worldwide.”

This picture below of Jerry Jones and George Steinbrenner shaking hands might be the most disturbing photo in the last decade. I’m almost positive this is a sign of impending apocalypse.


Romo’s Girlfriend is Gonna Get Him Hurt

It’s one thing for a player like Adam “Pacman” Jones to deride the quality of his upcoming opponents the Eagles, that’s something the Eagles can take in stride as part of the normal competitive nature of the NFL. So when Jones says he is unimpressed by 3 different Eagles receivers gaining 100 yards in their last game, saying “They played the Rams, dude,” that’s bulletin board fodder but also not inaccurate, both factually and of course in terms of the fact that the Rams are fucking terrible. However, it is quite another thing when one of the Cowboys’ girlfriends goes on national television and yells, “Go Cowboys!” and then referencing the Eagles, “That’s next week, we’re gonna kick your butts too!” That becomes much more than bulletin board material. Methinks that this Sunday when the Eagles linemen are pounding on Romo play after play that he might hear some course language referencing his ladyfriend whilst he lays prostrate upon the ground. Never fear though as I’m sure Jessica Simpson will be at the game in her ubiquitous pink jersey so at least the Cowboys have that going for them.


Hack the Planet!

According to that bastion of hard-hitting journalism, The Sun, Jessica Simpson has been using a webcam to stay in touch with her boyfriend, Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo as training camp gets underway. However, she isn’t just checking in about the weather and what T.O. is wearing, she’s been doing sexy-style strip teases for him. The story quotes one of her “pals” as saying “Jess has no problem showing Tony her favorite ‘Pussycat Dolls’ routine. She will dance in front of her camera until she makes her man happy.” Which makes her a totally awesome girlfriend but does show that her friends are total scumbags. The “friend” added: “Jess does get paranoid, making sure Tony doesn’t have any of his Cowboys buddies peeking in on the show.”

Well, I challenge you readers to make Jessica Simpson’s paranoia real, no, not about her creepy Dad and about why he cut that hole in the bathroom to watch her showering, but instead, we must harness our powers together and somehow hack into that webcam stream. That video could be worth millions! C’mon gang let’s work together!


Why the Cowboys Won’t Win the Super Bowl

OK folks, here’s another chance for you to come up with a good caption of this photo of Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo arriving at Cowboys practice. Enjoy!

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