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Fenway Park: Robot in Disguise

In honor of today’s Winter Classic, and because I like time-lapse stuff, here is some time-lapse video of the Winter Classic at Fenway Park ice rink being set up. Viva 2010!


2 Minutes for Slashing (the Ref’s Throat)

Being a hockey referee isn’t easy, especially in the Junior C levels in Woodstock, Ontario; you have to imagine the pay isn’t particularly good and then there are the fights.

When the New Hamburg Firebirds took on the Woodstock Renegades in a recent game Kevin Brown, the 25-year-old linesman was wading in to stop a fight between two players when they fell to the ice. Unluckily for Brown, when the players fell to the ice one of them fell with his skates up in the air which then caught Brown under the chinstrap. Yikes!

Ever the pro, Brown continued trying to stop the fight but quickly realized he was seriously cut. He then skated over to the Firebird’s bench and got off the ice.

“I saw the skate go up and (Brown) grabbed his neck right away,” fellow linesman Bruce Byers told the QMI news agency afterwards. “You knew he was leaking. I told the guys on the ice, ‘It’s done.'”



Beelzebub is Going for the Gold Once More

I sure wouldn’t want to have to square off against him in a face-off…



Green Man is EVERYWHERE!

The gang over at It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia have themselves a kickass television show and have launched a cultural phenomenon with Charlie’s Green Man character. Green Man has been popping up at sports events all across the country, they even have their own Facebook group; they’re the newest and best trend in stadium fandom in years.

Take for instance, a recent Canucks/Predators game where some Canucks fans took to heckling the Predators players when they entered the penalty box. I don’t think the Preds appreciated the moment.


The Whale Returns to Connecticut!

Over the last 6 years there have been four different attempts to get a minor league hockey franchise established in Danbury, Connecticut, the latest venture though looks to be the most secure; Tuesday the nascent Federal Hockey League unveiled one of the new franchises, the Danbury Whalers. The Whale is BACK!

While the other attempts at hockey failed in Danbury, the Whalers intend to stick around, showing confidence in their venture by signing a 10-year lease with the Danbury Arena. The previous team, the Danbury Mad Hatters signed a mere 5-year lease a year ago in what turned out to be the one and only season.

“I know you guys have seen a couple teams come in and out of here, a couple teams come and go. Our goal is not to have that happen. Our goal is that will not happen,” said Rich Lisk, the FHL’s executive vice president in charge of marketing business development. “We will be here for the next 20 or 30 years.”

The new-look Whalers will be awfully familiar to the fans of the original NHL franchise which bolted for greener pastures in 1997 to Charlotte. The team’s colors will be green and blue, the logo is a near-ringer for he old one and team officials announced that “Brass Bonanza”  the Whalers theme song will be played at all games.

While 4 teams have failed in recent years, one thing has remained, the passion of the Danbury hockey fans. Ira Schwartz, a local hockey fan who was in attendance at the opening press conference proudly proclaimed: “This is going to be the worst place for a visiting team to play again. Hell is back.”

[News Times]


Rookie Scores First Career Goal, On Own Net

Dallas Stars rookie defenseman Ivan Vishnevsky is still looking for his first NHL goal, he kind of achieved that dream though last night when he took a loose puck and accidentally deposited it in his own team’s empty net. Oops!


That’s What You Get for Trying to Score a Goal

The next time Henrik Zetterberg reaches out for a puck in front of the net, it’d be understandable if he’s a little skittish after taking this massive hit from Mattias Öhlund last night. I mean, there are crushing big hits, and then there’s this one.


Someone Get This Man a Coors Lite Commercial

New York Rangers head coach John Tortorella is known for his fiery personality, his press conference following the Rangers’ 2-1 loss to the Islanders on Wednesday showcased that passion. I’m sorry, did I say passion, I meant a ton of F-bombs and him throwing his team under the bus. Either way, it’s entertaining!


Can’t Stop What You Can’t See

If you make an awesome shootout goal but your team still loses, does it matter? Ask William Wallen of the Mississauga St. Michael Majors whose squad lost out to the Windsor Spitfires in an Ontario Hockey League game who scored this beauty the other night.


This Has to Be a Violation of NHL Policy Right?

I mean, I get that cocaine is always at a premium in LA, but I’d think the Kings players would have their own dealers at this point.

Funzo: cause its gotta be tough to find snow in Edmonton. Well, not real snow. You know what I mean.



Fast Acting Ref Performs CPR on the Ice

Midway through the first period of a Swedish Allsvenskan league hockey game, Niklas Lihagen of Orebro HK  took a hit and collapsed to the ice. Unlike most normal hockey checks, Lihagen didn’t just jump back up on the ice; this hit caused some real damage, Lihagen had gone into cardiac arrest.

Fortunately for him, the referee, Wolmer Edqvist, who also works as an ambulance driver quickly noticed what had happened and stopped play. Edqvist immediately went to Lihagen’s side and began CPR to restart the heart.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Thanks to Edqvist’s quick reactions, Lihagen was rushed to the hospital where he is in stable condition; the remainder of the game was postponed.

[Afton Bladet]


This Game Can Be Awfully Cool

If you are a Tampa Bay Lightning fan, Sunday’s game against the Blackhawks was not one of your favorites. However, if you like hockey, or even if you just like to see some incredible things, the two teams combined on 2 amazing plays in the final minutes of the 2nd period and in the 3rd.

First, Marian Hossa shows off his hand-eye coordination when he grabs a loose puck out of the air and drops it towards his stick. Without waiting for it to hit the ice, he knocks it out of the air into the net, making it 4-0 in favor of Chicago.

Then, as the final seconds of the game are counting down Lightning goaltender Antero Niittymaki makes a truly FANTASTIC save; despite being down 4-0 and the game already lost, Niittymaki doesn’t give up and makes the phenomenal play.

Awesome! Cool!

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