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Find Waldo, or Whoever You Want at Game 1

Remember after the inauguration the photo that was so detailed you could see nearly every single person who was at the event’s face? Well, photographer David Bergman took 675 individual photos over a 53 minute period at game 1 of the World Series measuring a full 2,904 megapixels and now you can zoom in and see all the fans. Whether it’s spotting Alec Baldwin, Lorne Michaels or just see someone get carded while buying a beer in the stands, you can see everything. I can’t show the full thing here, so click the image below to be taken to see the full version. Check it out you won’t be disappointed!

World Series Gigapan[MLB]


NYC Stadiums Are Ruining the World

In building their new stadiums, one would think that the Yankees and Mets would think forward and try to make their stadiums as energy-efficient as possible. Being sensible people, both teams instead made stadiums that require TWICE as much energy as the previous iterations. Smart move guys!

The two stadiums use as much electricity as 20,000 homes, with Citi Field clocking in at 11 megawatts, despite being smaller than Yankee stadium which draws a mere 9 megawatts. Shea Stadium only drew 5 megawatts of energy, meaning the new stadium draws nearly 120% more energy. Sure, part of the increase is because both stadiums feature more modern amenities, chief among them the giant HD scoreboards which require plenty of energy to power, but the lack of foresight from both teams regarding energy costs is staggering.

It’s not as though the move towards lowering energy costs is brand-new, or that stadiums can’t be green. The Nationals new stadium, which opened last season, was awarded a silver rating from the US Green Building Council for using 15% LESS energy than their previous home, RFK Stadium. That reduction leads to a savings of over $440,000 per year for the Nats to not spend on improving their team, isn’t that something either NYC team might want too? Of course, neither team sought even to be certified as “green,” and the new Giants stadium being built also has no intention of being so certified. Nicely done guys, seriously, the rest of the planet thanks you for your arrogance and overall douchery.

[NY Post]


Not a Bad Seat in the House, Except All of Those, and Those, Oh, and These

In building their new stadiums, both the New York Mets and New York Yankees decided to LOWER attendance; only 5% for the Yankees but an astounding 26% for the Mets. You’d think that if they were going to do that, and charge the exorbitant ticket prices they that are, every seat would be phenomenal. Of course, since both franchises could care less about the average fan, that is not the case. Say you want to go to a Yankees game and all you can afford is one of these 1,048 seats in the bleachers, well, I hope you didn’t have any desire to see any of the action that happens in left field or at third base. But don’t worry, hardly anything important ever happens in those areas…

The view from section 201, in the center-field bleachers at the new Yankee Stadium. The wall is part of the Mohegan Sun Sports Bar.

The view from section 201, in the center-field bleachers at the new Yankee Stadium. The wall is part of the Mohegan Sun Sports Bar.

Yankees officials say that they will be placing televisions along the wall so fans can follow along but why pay for tickets if you’re just going to have to watch the game on TV anyways? Even classier, it wasn’t until Newsday had a story about these obstructed view seats that the Yankees announced an “invoicing problem” had erroneously listed all of those seats as the same price of other, non-obstructed bleacher seats. The shitty seats were supposed to be only $5, not $12; of course the Yankees website still doesn’t reflect that change leading me to believe that the Yankees could care less about me, you or anyone not paying $2500 for their individual tickets.

Citi Field has sight-line problems of its own too;

Steven Gottesman, who has a 15-game ticket plan, went to see his four seats in Section 533, Row 15, near the top of the upper deck down the left-field line. To his ‘shock and horror,’ he could not see the warning track or about 20 feet of the outfield from the left-field line to center field. ‘In other words, I will only know if a home run is hit if I am listening to a radio at the game or I wait to see the sign from the umpire,’ Gottesman, 45, said in an e-mail message. ‘If Endy Chávez made his catch in this new stadium and I had been there, I would not have seen it.’

To be fair, commenters Youppi and the roomate were AT that Endy Chavez catch game, and were sitting so high up that they too were unable to see it, so Shea wasn’t immune to this problem. However, Shea was built in the 60s and Citi Field is supposed to be state-0f-the-art, not a gigantic concrete toilet…Don’t worry Mets fans, the team is on it!

Dave Howard, the Mets’ vice president for business operations admitted that the seats in Section 533 are angled in such a way that fans will be unable to see the warning track and some of the field. He said the team has no plans to lower its ticket prices or label the seats in question as having obscured views.

Sweet thanks guys! It’s nice to know you appreciate the people who are coming to watch your miserable product choke away the season once more. This is just another excellent business decision from the Mets, like giving Luis Castillo $25 million or having Livan Hernandez as the 5th starter. Assholes.

The only good news coming out of Citi Field so far is that a 12-ounce beer, formerly $7.50 at Shea will only cost $6, so getting belligerently drunk will almost be reasonable, or you could aways indulge in a $17 lobster roll instead…Other food price cuts include popcorn, down to $4.25, knishes (I can’t believe no one told me there were KNISHES at Shea!) down to $3.75, water down $.50 to $3.75 and Pepsi, a quarter less at $4.75.

[NY Times]


New Yankee Stadium Gets Built

Being a Sox fan, I obviously don’t care for the Yankees too much; while our two(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) recent World Series victories have helped quench the hatred, it will never truly leave. That said, here’s a really cool video of the new Yankees Stadium being built using time-lapse photography, which, if you’re a regular reader you know I’m a sucker for. I also applaud the Yankees (at least for now) for being probably the ONLY franchise in sports to build a new stadium and NOT desperately seek out corporate sponsors for the naming rights. The Mets couldn’t WAIT to sell themselves, but the Yankees retained just a little bit of class and kept their stadium just as Yankee Stadium, and I for one am really glad about that. Of course, it helps to be making so much goddamn money that they don’t even NEED the naming rights fees, but still, in this day and age, I’m glad that Yankee Stadium isn’t going to be Pfizer Field or something…

Although, now that I think of it, Dick’s Sporting Goods would be a perfect sponsor, Yankee Dick’s Stadium or the Dick’s Stadium perhaps? The House that Dick’s Built?


Yankee Stadium (But Not Jeter) to be Disease-Free

When the new Yankee Stadium opens next month it will be the first antimicrobial facility in Major League Baseball. Undergoing a special treatment, the stadium itself will kill illness causing microorganisms, molds, fungi and bacteria for up to 3 years.

No word on what this means for Shelley Duncan’s future at the stadium…



See Baseball on the Cheap

Prior to the official opening of the new Yankee Stadium and the unending printing of money that will ensure, the Yankees organization is actually doing something nice for the fans. On April 3 and 4 the Yankees will be playing exhibition games against the Chicago Cubs and as a gift to the fans there are several ticket deals. Fans who have full-season ticket licenses will get free tickets for the games, partial plan people will get the first opportunity to purchase tickets and the individual tickets won’t exceed $50. OK, that’s kind of nice, but still not a great deal for those in the population who don’t have a lot of thousand of dollars to spend on season tickets. For everyone else, how about tickets in the bleachers for 25 and grandstand for 110. Not bad right. Oh, I should mention that is 25 CENTS and 110 CENTS not dollars, the same price as at the opening of the original Yankee Stadium in 1923.

I don’t like to praise the Yankees, for anything, but this is a pretty good deal. Sure, it’s only for two games, exhibition ones at that, but they are also the first games to be played at the new stadium and that ordinary fans might be able to go for that cheap is pretty awesome. Of course, scalpers will probably swallow the cheap seats all up and ordinary fans will be left paying an arm and a leg again but, at least the idea is nice…



Who Will Cry for Roger Clemens

Poor Roger Clemens, first he gets outed for his use of HGH and steroids in the Mitchell Report, then he further destroys his reputation by starting a defamation suit against Brian McNamee where details about Clemens’ alleged affair with a 15 year old girl come out and a host of other embarrassing and lurid details. Now, Clemens’ reputation is completely in the toilet, a man who should be honored as the best living pitcher is relegated to the outskirts because of his own illegal actions and no one wants to acknowledge him. Fast forward to Sunday’s fellating of Yankee Stadium and the honoring of the greatest Yankees at each position and no mention of the Cy Young garnering, 2 World Series winning Rocket. Alas!

According to today’s NY Post, sitting in his hurricane ravaged home, watching a battery operated TV and holding hands with his wife and mother-in-law, Clemens was “heartbroken” when he wasn’t even mentioned at all.

“Debbie and I held his hand while we watched the game, and he was heartbroken,” said Clemens’ mother-in-law Jan Wild. “Not mad. He still loves baseball and the Yankees, but it was sad what they did to him.”

Chuck Knoblauch, Andy Pettite and Jason Giambi all of whom were ALSO mentioned in the Mitchell Report were given their due at the close of the stadium but apparently Clemens was too much for the Yankees fans sensibilities. Instead he’s left holding hands with some old lady in possibly the saddest way possible. Also Joe Torre, who only took the team to 6 World Series and won 4 of them as well as making the playoffs every year he was in NYC didn’t even earn a mention either. Did he do steroids too? Do the Steinbrenners just really hate people who are anti-beating kids?

Regardless, Clemens was sad and that’s unfortunate. Well, not really. He’s a fat scumbag. But at least his mother-in-law still believes him when he says he never did steroids, so at least ONE person in America believes him.


At Least Something at Yankee Stadium Has Ferocity

Red Sox Monster came up with this video from last night before the final regular season game ever between the Sox and the Yankees at the Stadium. Some dude was apparently hawking baby pitbulls outside the stadium, because, to me, that’s EXACTLY what I’m looking for before going to a baseball game. I grab a sausage on the street, buy a program, pick up a puppy, and then go watch baseball. Of course! I know also that I definitely want to buy a crazy fighting dog like a pitbull from a rando who thinks the streets of the Bronx are the right place to peddle dogs.

Oh wait, I know what happened, the dog seller guy got confused and because his dogs were attractive thought that everyone outside the stadium would want his “hot dogs.” Get it?!?!?!? Seriously, I’m a comic GENIUS!

[Red Sox Monster]


NY Fans Remain the Absolute Classiest

With the All Star game in Yankee Stadium, and everyone in the media falling over themselves to wax poetic about the stadium and the Yankees, the fans in the stadium are doing their part to show why they’re douchebags.

Last night when Chase Utley was introduced he was lustily booed, now granted it was likely Mets fans that were booing him, but fuck it, they’re all from New York, and it was still stupid. Here’s Chase’s reaction to getting booed. Don’t worry ChUtley, you’re still totally boss in my book, now keep cranking those homers for my fantasy team.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Last night’s Home Run Derby was some kind of cruel endurance test as ESPN put Joe Morgan and Chris Berman together as the announcers. I’m pretty sure that can be considered torture under the American Code of Military Justice. I hope they had the TVs tuned in over at Guantanamo. All I know is that after the pure analysis Joe provided, plus my ears ringing from “BACK BACK BACK, it falls just beyond the infield,” that I came super close to stabbing a screwdriver into my ear canals.

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