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Kobe Bryant is an Ice Cold Assassin

I wonder if after having hit so many game-winning shots if they start to get old for a player like Kobe Bryant. When he crushes the Milwaukee fans’ hopes of beating the Lakers in overtime Kobe seems awfully ho-hum, like it’s just another day in the office. Which, technically, it is.

At least the Bucks broadcasters are despondent proving SOME emotion.


Corey Brewer Just Made a New Poster

Corey Brewer’s young career hasn’t given him much time to fill up a highlight reel, but this sick dunk over the Lakers’ Derek Fisher will be foremost among his greatest hits.

Wow. He slams that home with AUTHORITY! Look how far Fisher goes stumbling and falling afterwards…dope!


Ron Artest Liked to Drink Hennessy During Games

Lakers forward Ron Artest is a wacky dude, whether it’s appearing in just his boxers for an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, his “rap career” or charging wildly into the stands fists blazing, you never know what’s next from him. Case in point, he recently revealed to an interviewer that when he entered the league as a Chicago Bull he regularly drank alcohol during halftime of his games.

“I used to drink Hennessy … at halftime,” Artest said in an interview with The Sporting News. “I [kept it] in my locker. I’d just walk to the liquor store and get it.”

Artest’s hard-partying ways started well before college, “When I was a 19-year-old father, whew. I was a single pimp! I was wild. A lot of marijuana and alcohol—even before (that age). … I (still) party and I have fun, but not like I used to. I used to drink every night and party every night.”

Supposedly settled down now, Artest still can be bristly when it comes to discussing the events that led to his brawl in the stands, especially in regards to then-Piston Ben Wallace, “I see Ben, I’m on my guard now. I’m always in the mood to fight him. … I’ll get suspended 10 games, 15 games (because) I’ll just fight him right there. It won’t go into the stands.”

[The Sporting News]


Kobe Bryant is Talented at Basketball

One of the reasons why I dislike Kobe Bryant is that, like with Alex Rodriguez, he comes off as fake and his public persona seems totally forced and manufactured. Having said that, (nod, Larry David) he is absolutely SICK at basketball, take these two plays from Sunday’s Lakers/Thunder game, Kobe may be a giant douche but the man has skills.


Ron Artest Acts Like a Big Boy

During Sunday’s  Lakers/Rockets game last night Houston’s Trevor Ariza’s shoe came off on the court, showing his sportsmanship, Artest picks it up and tosses it off the court. The next possession down the floor, still without his shoe on, Ariza left Artest unguarded for a wide-open 3. Classy.

[Ball Don’t Lie]


Kobe, You Left Phil Hanging

Derek Fisher patiently waits so that he can get a fist bump from his coach prior to tipoff for the Lakers’ title defense run, his patience is rewarded by Phil Jackson giving him an enthused bump.  Phil takes a seat and Kobe walks by, assuming that Kobe would want to acknowledge his coach and get the season started on a good foot Jackson anticipates the bump but there is none forthcoming. Phil recovers though and acts like he never even went for the bump in the first place, but we know what actually happened.


Shannon Brown Slams in the NBA (Exhibition) Season

Last night was the start of NBA exhibition season which means we only have 9 short months until the end of the NBA Finals. Better rest up!

Shannon Brown of the Lakers hasn’t been resting up, here he is going coast to coast and throwing down a vicious dunk on professional stiff Mikki Moore.

Get ready for basketball highlights again!


So, Lamar Odom Has a Type Huh

After a month of dating, Lakers forward Lamar Odom is set to marry Khloe Kardashian who is a pseudo-celebrity famous mostly for her sister getting peed on by by Brandy’s younger brother. Liza Morales, who Odom dated for 10 years and with whom he had 3 children, one of whom died of SIDS, must be pissed! As noted by Sports by Brooks, these two ladies share quite the resemblance, safe to say we know Lamar’s type now…


[Sports by Brooks]


The Laker Girls Want YOU

Over 500 women came out for the opportunity to become a vaunted Laker Girl the other day and LAist was there, complete with camera crew to get all the hard news. It being LA, there was more plastic at this audition than a Lego factory.



Beckham Knows What He Likes

We know that David Beckham loves himself some cheerleaders, after all, who could forget this hilarious photo of him staring at cheerleaders’ butts until his wife gets mad? Or this one of him staring at some ass with his son sitting next to him? Prior to being sent back to European soccer and his off-season transfer to AC Milan, Becks took in the Los Angeles Lakers’ opener last night, and made sure to take in the view. I love how concentrated he is on the booties, it’s like this is one the moment of happiness he is able to get in his life. Hold on tight Becks, never let go.

[Celeb Slam]


Lakers Looking to Change Up Their Team

The Los Angeles Lakers were unable to deal effectively with the Celtics in the finals this year, being simply overmatched. To fix that issue, the Lakers are taking this off-season to retool and prepare for next year. Over the weekend they brought in a slew of hot, new prospects for a try-out.

Oh, did I mention that the try-outs were for the Laker girls?

Ah, those plastic-y dye blonds of LA, what a land! Looks like Jack Nicholson will have a slew of new prospects next season. There’s plenty more over at the Lakers Blog so feel free to check them out, I won’t take offense.

[Lakers Blog]

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The NBA Finals: Where Craigslist Blowjobs Happen

It’s championship time for the NBA and of course, that leads to some fun craigslist postings. For example, a Medford, MA man posted an ad asking for tickets to an upcoming Celtics game, in exchange for his “hot” wife. Kyle Carter, the classy man in question said in a local interview that this is merely for a dinner date–no promises of hot wife-y action. Carter apparently has a very relaxed wife. “At first she said, ‘Oh, no, there’d be too many crazy people calling us. But she said she’d be open to it. And some of the guys who responded seem pretty normal.” Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar with Medford, the first thing to know is the way to pronounce it. Anyone from there would never pronounce the actual word as it is spelled, instead it comes out more as “MehFuhd.” Also, the stereotypical Bostonian with the accent, every group of friends with a Murph or a Sully, etc. is from the “lovely” town of Medford.

For Carter, this is less about pimping his wife out to strangers as it is about as the opportunity to support the Celtics. “I was a fan ever since I was a kid and I’m in my 30s now. I remember watching them play the Lakers in the ’80s. Now with them in the finals, you get caught up in the excitement and you want to go to the game, but you can’t get a ticket. You can only afford a couple of games anyway if you’re an average guy and that’s quite unfair.” I totally agree, ticket prices have served to price the average fan out of most major events these days. However, at the same time, I don’t know that pimping one’s “hot” wife is the proper way to get around those prices, especially because every girl I know from Mehfuhd attended classes at Busted University and all of them graduated Sigma Cum Laude.

Mr. Romantic and his wife are hopeful that a normal, nice man will step up and give him tickets. After having waited in 12 hour lines and attempting to win tickets in other ways, this might be Carter’s last chance. “I’m just a hardworking guy who wants to get out there and support his team.”

Celtics fans are not alone in playing around on Craigslist regarding the basketball games though. LA fans are apparently hungry and eager for blowjobs regarding the game.

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