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Omar Vizquel is the “Most Interesting Man in the World”

Vizquel Bull FightTexas Rangers shortstop Omar Vizquel is a man of diverse interests; one of the smoothest fielding shortstops in baseball history with 2700+ hits to boot, kangaroo owner, semi-accomplished oil painter and last winter he added anaconda hunter to his resume. This winter’s new challenge: bullfighting.

“Just go and learn the basics and stuff,” Vizquel said. “It’s one of my things on the to-do list. There’s a lot of things still to do.”

Among the other items on the 42-year-old Vizquel’s to-do list: flying in an F-16 jet, parachuting and attending the Triple Crown horse races.

His adventure last winter involved heading to a wildlife refuge in his home of Venezuela to find an anaconda; 4 hours into their trip they found one. The 5′ 9″ Vizquel showed a video to his teammates during spring training showing him holding the 11 foot snake by the tail and then holding the head of the reptile, mouth agape and with it trying to coil.

“Anacondas already done, that’s a dream I’ve already conquered,” Vizquel said.

“Bullfighting? You are the most interesting man in the world,” said first baseman Chris Davis after hearing the news.

Vizquel isn’t done with baseball though, hoping to return with the Rangers next year for what would be his 22nd year in the bigs.



We’re All Better Off with Doppelgangers

The Texas Rangers have progressed greatly this season, propelling themselves right into the thick of the wild-card race. At the beginning of the season and last year there were rumors that manager Ron Washington’s job was on the rocks. With the team’s success this season though, it looks like he’ll receive a well-deserved stay of execution. Malcolm Barrett plays Lem on the ABC sitcom Better off Ted, a show that I have never heard of and never seen. In fact, I have never knew Barrett existed until loyal doppelganger spotter the sister pointed this one out to me the other day. I buy it. Do you?

Please vote in the poll below to let this doppelganger venture into the magical land that is the permanent doppelganger page.




Omar Vizquel, Kind of a Weird Dude

omarkangarooWe’ve seen Omar Vizquel’s prowess with the glove on the field and his “skill” with a paintbrush but I was never prepared for this little item in a notebook from Phil Rogers;  “Rangers infielder Omar Vizquel has three pet kangaroos at his home in Seattle.”

The marsupials don’t spend all their time at his home, he apparently brought them to the clubhouse last week. No word on whether or not Frank Francisco went a couple rounds boxing with them…

[Chicago Tribune via With Leather]


Bush Participates in Naming Ritual For Hicks’ Box

Bush1-thumb-547x410-1259791Former President George W. Bush stopped by to take in the Rangers/Astros battle for Texas last night. W, who prior to becoming Governor of Texas was the principal owner of the Rangers was honored before the game by current Rangers owner — and recent defaulter of loans leading him to seek out new partners to buy 49% of the team from him — Tom Hicks who renamed the owner’s box to the President George W. Bush Owner’s Box.

Prior to the game, Bush also visited the Astros clubhouse, stopping in to congratulate Ivan Rodriguez on setting the new record for all-time games caught. Rodriguez who was on the Rangers when W was in command gave the former C-in-C one of his bats from the record-setting game.

Another Astros player, pitcher Tim Byrdak asked Bush if he could get a hug, a request Bush granted, Byrdak then yelled out to his teammates, “And you said it couldn’t be done!”

Bush responded with, “Just as long as he didn’t kiss me.”

It’s times like this that remind me how if only Bush had become the Commissioner of baseball instead of Governor of Texas how much better this entire world would have been. It’s not often you can say you would have changed the world, but no Bush presidency would have made everything better. Sigh.

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Oh What a Day for Darren O’Day

The old adage in baseball is that you can NEVER have enough pitching, unless you’re the New York Mets and your pitching rotation after Johan is a mess and so you drop two useful pitchers over a couple days. First, the Mets put Darren O’Day on waivers; now O’Day isn’t going to remind anyone of a young John Wetteland, but he was a serviceable bullpen arm, and had pitched solidly in the spring and to start the season.

odayO’Day, after being picked up by the Texas Rangers off waivers had quite the day yesterday, at home in Panama City, FL, he received a call from his agent that the Rangers had picked him up and wanted him to make his way to Toronto to meet the team. Getting onto a flight to Memphis and then a connecting flight to Toronto, O’Day landed around 9:45 pm, expecting to go to the hotel and meet up with the team after their game. The plans changed though, “The travel secretary was texting me back and forth,” said O’Day. “The original plan was to go to the hotel, but he said, ‘Go to the field, we might need you.'” As the game went into extra innings O’Day arrived at the stadium at the beginning of the 10th, except there was another problem, the team didn’t have a jersey waiting for him.

Apparently, the club’s equipment manager doesn’t bring blank uniforms with him, but does maintain a stash of uniforms for players who MIGHT be called up. So, O’Day donned a spare Kason Gabbard uniform — who is currently in AAA — and headed to the bullpen. Alas, O’Day only got the chance to face one batter, Kevin Millar, who promptly welcomed O’Day with a hit to the left-field gap, winning the game.

Then, to show that the Mets are the smartest team in baseball, today they designated Nelson Figueroa for assignment, I guess because he was too useful in his role as a spot starter on Sunday. Don’t worry though, come June the Mets won’t be desperate for pitching… Blech.



Rangers’ Owner Defaults on Bank Loans

84579878It must be tough being Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars owner Tom Hicks, after all, he is only the 701st richest person in the world and that type of thing can really stick in your craw. So, maybe that’s the reason why his holding company, which controls the Rangers and Stars has defaulted on loans totaling $525 million.

Hicks insists the move was deliberate, as a business strategy to get the banks to change the lending agreements and provide access to reserve accounts and a revolving line of credit. He also said that the whole thing is a “nonevent for the teams, fans, sponsors and vendors.” Of course, this news comes after rumors that Hicks has been actively seeking selling as much as a 49% minority stake in both teams. “We are simply asking the lenders to be reasonable. “Hicks said in an issued statement, “They need to understand that these important assets must be managed with long-term perspective and a commitment to winning.” That’s an interesting strategy, one the Rangers have eschewed since about 1999…

[Bloomberg and Luxist]


Mission Accomplished: STRIKE!

I can’t decide what I love more; that Fox News broke in LIVE to see former President Bush throw the first pitch for today’s Rangers game, or the look on the female anchor’s face when they are going to the shot. It’s like her entire life has been waiting for this one very special moment.

Of course, the liberal elite media is hiding Biden’s first pitch offering; it isn’t available online yet. Say what you want about Bush, but the man consistently comes in for the First Pitch and throws strikes and really what more could you want from a leader.

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