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The LFL is Expanding to Nashville, Now They Just Need a Coach

Proving themselves already stronger than the failed XFL, the Lingerie Football League is preparing for its second season already, with an expansion team opening for business in Nashville. While I’m sure there won’t be much difficulty in finding enough adequately skilled players, rounding out the coaching staff might be a bit tougher.

In order to facilitate the search, the team has posted an ad up on a startup job seekers website. From the ad:

We are looking to Hire a Head Coach for the Nashville Lingerie Football Team.
To coach and manage team. Travel and attend all games. Report to Team Manager, Tryout Players, and attend social functions as needed.
Must have in depth experience in football whether by coaching or professional play.
Very interested in Ex- NFL Players or Retired NFL Players.
Possess the skills necessary to coach a professional sports team.
A Business Management Degree a plus
Discussed at interview
The team is also looking for assistant coaches, so, if you’re more of a guy-behind-the-guy type of guy, there’s opportunities for you too.
I’m in it just for the post-game showers.



Miami Spanks NY in Latest Lingerie Football Game

The Lingerie Football League’s Miami Caliente are HOT, second in their division with a 2-1 record they are fresh off an absolute spanking of the New York Majesty 49-7. Talk about domination!



Dallas Desire Dominate Texas Football

The best pro football team in Dallas isn’t the 4-2 Dallas Cowboys, no it’s the 2-0 franchise that has outscored its opponents 60-12, the Lingerie Football League’s Dallas Desire. I for one know which team I’d rather watch, after all, Tony Romo just doesn’t do it for me, too much of a gunslinger.

Lingerie Football League2

[Dallas Observer]


The LFL Ladies Have Filthy Mouths

I didn’t even know that the Lingerie Football League was advanced enough to have sideline reporters, let alone television coverage. Apparently they do! Here’s one of the Denver Dream showing that the ladies of the LFL may need a bit more time in media classes.

[Busted Coverage]


The End is Near for the Lingerie Football League


On October 2nd, the famed Chicago Bliss were supposed to take on the NY Majesty in a regular-season contest for the nascent Lingerie Football League, unfortunately, due to “issues with NY’s facility” the game has been postponed for 6 weeks. This bodes well for the future success of the league…Particularly since the league has otherwise been relentlessly promoting itself and in this instance tried to slip this bit of news past the press; in fact there’s really been NO coverage of this at all. Strange since the most-likely reason the game was canceled was the lack of ticket-sale, it’s almost like the LFL doesn’t want anyone to know…

Stay tuned, America won’t be the envy of the world if we can’t keep our vital struggling sports leagues alive…


What a Game!

Last week the Lingerie Football League officially began play with the Miami Caliente taking on the mighty Chicago Bliss in the league’s inaugural game.

So far, the product looks awfully nice…



The LFL is Sure to Delight

46612138Sure, the NFL season is getting underway with training camps in full swing. Starting Sunday there will be preseason football being played, but why care about that when there’s an unpstart new football league to follow. No, not the UFL, which will prove to have the same shelf-life as the XFL or USFL, I’m talking about the Lingerie Football League. The season starts up in September and should serve to push the women’s movement ahead lightyears.

Here are some photos from some recent practices for the Miami Caliente and the New York Majesty, enjoy!

[Fox 13]


Teixeira Chooses Boston over New York

_49be4030a7a41In a day and age when sports players are no longer being looked up to as heroes, where every superstar is suspected of using performance enhancing drugs, our most hallowed records are tainted and the stories of athletes in trouble with the law are constant, it’s nice to see that there are still some honorable people out there. Melissa Anne Teixeira is one of those REAL heroes.

Originally slated to be the quarterback of the New England Euphoria, the region’s entrant in the Lingerie Football League, the franchise struggled to find a proper venue and are instead, relocating to New York. For Teixeira, a lifelong Massachusetts resident, that move was simply too much for her and she submitted her letter of resignation to league officials on her blog.

After careful thought and consideration, I regretfully have to announce that at this time, it is not in my best interest to switch to the New York team. As much as I would like to be a part of this league, there are just too many unknown factors that have been taken into consideration. It is not feasible for me to relocate to New York with the current economic status, combined with my personal finances. At this time, I can not financially support myself commuting to and from New York weekly, while keeping up with my regular monthly expenses as well as my job, without completely knowing what I am going to get out of it, other then PR.


While the publicity was appreciated, press can not be put in my wallet. It seems that I have already come out of pocket to be a part of this league and I can not continue to do so. This is the most honest & sincere decision that I can make. With everything in mind, I would like to say that I need to wait out the inaugural LFL season while anticipating the possible return of the New England Euphoria. Drawing a fan base from New England while playing for a New York team would not only be difficult, but it would be unfair and would take away from the team, as I would not be able to successfully contribute to the goal of ticket sales and promotion. The fans of New England are true to themselves and their teams, and I would like to remain a part of New England as this is my home. I am a New England fan and forever will be. I am sorry to have to come to this decision but it is in the best interest of myself, the New York Majesty and their fans. If there is something else within the league that I can do, please let me know and I would be glad to consider it. If not, then maybe New England will see you next year.

Unlike traitors like Johnny Damon, Wade Boggs, Roger Clemens, etc, self-respect and pride of home were much more important factors for Ms. Texeira. In a time when we have all too few real heroes, Melissa Anne Teixeira stands up for all of us and says, “You can look at my ass in lingerie, but only in New England,” and god bless her for it. USA! USA! USA!

[Hemi Girl via Sports by Brooks]


Are You Ready for Some Football and Hopefully Boobs Popping Out?

As the nascent Lingerie Football League gets ready for the inaugural season starting on September 11, the teams need players who can fill out the rosters, as well as bustiers. To that end, teams have been holding open tryouts across the country and thankfully, the local newspapers have made sure to send out many photographers to the events. There’s probably more photogs at these than the Super Bowl, and fiercer competition too. This definitely looks like a league where showing up for the pre-game warm-ups is mandatory for fans.

Anyhoo, after the jump are some of the highlights from the Seattle Mist, Denver Dream and Dallas Desire tryouts, I for one look forward to these competitions. Also, I’d like to volunteer to be the ball, especially at the bottom of a pile-up. For plenty more from these slide shows, click the links below.


[Westword, Dallas Observer, Seattle Weekly]

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Introducing the New England Euphoria

The Lingerie Football League is getting underway, and the New England franchise, the Euphoria recently picked their “players.” I don’t have much more to add her other than I would really appreciate a media pass for the locker room. Also, when is shower time?

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