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The Man Knows How to Play With His Balls

Being this skilled with a soccer ball is pretty neat, although all I can think of is the hours and hours spent mastering these moves when you could be doing more useful things. Like playing FIFA on the PS2 or something.

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Sign Me Up for the Iditarod

Apparently, racing dogs through a vast snowy landscape and through blistering cold can make you go a little bit crazy, who knew? Current Iditarod race leader Lance Mackey reported from the course that he saw an apparition the other day along the track.

Fatigue can do funny things to long-distance mushers, Mackey said. On Thursday night, he was riding the sled and saw a girl sitting by the side of the trail doing something, probably knitting.

“She laughed at me, waved, and I went by her and she was gone,” Mackey said of his hallucination. “You just laugh.”

Do you know how hard it is to find good hallucinogens these days? And these mushers are getting the good stuff, FOR FREE! I’m pissed no one told me about this until now. It turns out that Mackey isn’t the only one who this happens to, apparently it is very common among dog sledders. For instance, via Help Sled Dogs comes these other stories:

  • “I was exhausted and had already begun to hallucinate during the last hour of traveling, seeing the small people of the woods, hearing low-flying airplanes in the middle of the night.”
  • “I’ve seen villages, freight trains and cabins that were not there”
  • “I saw animals-a rock pile became a bison, a stump became a moose.”
  • “I was home from school, about 7 years old, standing in my grandmother’s kitchen with my chin just about counter height, watching, smelling while Granny slathered a slice of homemade bread with bacon grease.”
  • “And then I began to hallucinate. I saw people standing beside the trail, never anyone I recognized. They talked and laughed among themselves like they were waiting for my arrival at a nonexistent checkpoint. I turned and as the light of my headlamp swept over them they stopped talking and turned their heads to stare at me as we passed. Sometimes they were back from the trail and I only heard voices, catching snippets of conversations, never any intelligible words, but I assumed they were talking about me.”

I had no idea that all I needed to do to trip balls was go into the wilderness of Alaska and nearly die thanks to exposure. I can’t believe I’ve been missing out all this time. Continue reading ‘Sign Me Up for the Iditarod’


This week featured some pretty awesome moments captured by cameras, and the Boston Globe features a bunch of them in an awesome hi-res gallery. Check out the full thing because the pictures are awesome and big and you’ll like them muchly.

[Boston Globe]


MMM…Bacon Wall…

This has been making the rounds today, and rightly so, because it is freaking awesome. I hope the Super Bowl festivities I attend at LEAST have something this extravagant. However, I feel confident that just looking at this gives you diabetes.


I just hope the security people are paying attention, those Cheeto’s in the end zone look like they might start getting out of hand. And in case you were thinking of making this yourself, here’s the full list of ingredients:

The Field:
1 Pound of Guacamole
15 Oz. Queso Dip For The Steelers End Zone
15 Oz. Salsa For The Cardinals End Zone
2 Oz. Sour Cream for the Field Lines
The Players:
15 Vienna Sausages
Helmets – 3 Oz. Sharp Cheddar Cheese
The Goal Posts:
1 Slim Jim for Each Goal Post
1 Oz. Monterey Jack Cheddar To Anchor (each)
The Stands:
58 Twinkies
1 Pound of Bacon
1 Bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos
1 Bag of Cheetos
1 Bag of Corn Tortilla Chips
1 Bag of Chex Mix
The Blimp:
20 Oz. Football-Shaped Summer Sausage (optional) (on second thought, no, this isn’t optional. Go buy one.)
TOTAL COST: $86.47

Like Looking at Car Accidents?

The economy has destroyed newspapers, major newspapers in major markets are up for sale, the Chicago Tribune filed for bankruptcy yesterday, and based on the way the mainstream media has ignored the internet markets, it is little wonder. However, for one brief shining moment a newspaper did something wonderful, the NY Daily News features a gallery today of some of the finest, horrific sports injuries ever. Finally, a story I care about!

Check out the full gallery here, some of the images are gruesome, others are merely after the fact, but all are enjoyable, providing you aren’t the one being hurt.

Alabama receiver Tyrone Prothro has his leg snapped during a 2005 game.


Boom Shake Shake Shake the Room

This gallery has some amazing still photos of some big ass hits from the NFL. These are not all from this year with many from seasons past, but frankly, who really cares when you get to see some big men knocking the shit out of one another. Look at Ocho Cinco’s face when he gets popped here, don’t you wish that could happen EVERY time he catches a ball? Check out the full gallery here!



What a Dam Ride

England being so dull and boring, some adventurous kayakers went by a 300 foot high dam in Wales and decided that, yup, they needed to go down it. So, courtesy of the BBC here are some strangely really small images of them doing it. Looks simultaneously awesome and terrifying.



It’s All Academic

Here’s something you never hear in college sports, an athlete choosing academics over sports. Myron Rolle, a safety on FSU’s defense won’t be playing in Saturday’s game against Maryland, which could decide the ACC’s Atlantic Division because he has an interview in Birmingham, Alabama to become a Rhodes Scholar. Rolle, who has a GPA of 3.75 and wants to be a medical anthropologist (someone likes watching Bones!) thought that this situation might come up, but for him, there was no hesitation, “this is a priority to me and my family. This is something really special.”

FSU officials are being especially supportive of Rolle, even trying to switch the game time to an evening game so that, with a private plane he might be able to leave Birmingham and possibly make the game’s second half and still play. The school received a waiver from the NCAA for the private plane, with Athletic Director Randy Spetman saying, “It’s not a competitive advantage or disadvantage for the player. This is what the NCAA is here for, to help the student-athlete excel in both the classroom and on the athletic field.”

For once, that’s actually true. I may hate college sports, but now I officially like Myron Rolle. Go get ’em!


Them Goalie Masks Be Crazy

Because I just can’t seem to escape hockey stuff over the last week here is an AMAZING slide show of the various goalie masks being used around the league this season. I still miss Andy Moog’s open mouth Bruin mask from back in the day but these are pretty damn dope and there are plenty more in the slide show here. Check it out!


Kari Lehton - Atlanta Thrashers


You Know What They Say About Men With Big Swings

Again, not so much a pure sports story, but hey, this is just damn neat and I’m willing to say requires athletic ability. So for everyone who ever dreamed of taking the swing so high that it flips all the way around, here is the video for you. And if you didn’t think about that before, well, you’re imagination was lacking and I feel sorry for you.

[College Humor via Gizmodo]


Hydroplanes Crash Neat

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I used to LOVE playing Hydrothunder a generally lame video game almost solely because I enjoyed the opening screen with the voiceover’s loud “HYDROTHUUUUNNNNDDDDEEER” announcement. So, in honor of that, how about an awesome crash of a hydroplane to get your week started? I thought so.

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