Daddy Got a New Pair of Shoes

airwalksWhen I was in middle school I was friends with the skater kids, although I was not one myself. I’m not so good with the skateboard — although I can rollerblade like nobodies business… sigh.

I never owned a pair of Airwalks, considering buying them akin to becoming a full-on poseur, which I think we all know I’m not. Being a high-powered blogger though, occasionally offers come along to try out new items to pass along to you, my loyal readers. I was approached regarding Airwalk’s new line, from streetstyle icon jeffstaple and asked if I would check them out. Hey, I like free stuff, so I did it, poseur-dom be damned. Besides, I’m in my mid 20s, I’m not threatened by skater kids anymore…

Now, I’m a fiercely loyal person, when I finally switched back to sneakers after 4+ years of Birkenstocks only — I know, I know, I’m the fucking COOLEST! — I opted for New Balances and haven’t looked back. For the last 6 years whenever I’ve bought new shoes, they’ve been NBs, hell, I even always buy them in the same store!

These new Airwalks though are totally boss. They’re comfortable as hell, look super styling and I’ve already received compliments on them from 2 girls. So, eat it world!

I picked the “Heaven” a “California-inspired casual slip-on,” and they’ve proved their mettle already. One of my bigger disappointments though is that they aren’t making a guys version of these totally ridiculously awesome hi-tops. Girls only for now. Sigh. I’m also pissed that these shoes weren’t available for me to get, because they’re totally sick and I want them, and definitely would have chosen them instead.

Fortunately, these shoes are available as of yesterday exclusively at Payless stores nationwide for $30-$50 so, run out and get yours today. There will also be some special, limited-edition versions that will be released later in the fall so, I guess keep an eye out?

3 Responses to “Daddy Got a New Pair of Shoes”

  1. 1 RLB
    August 31, 2009 at 5:59 pm

    I do some work with Payless on this campaign – you can sign up for updates on the official STPL x Airwalk site at http://stplxairwalk.com/content/sign-stuff.

  2. 2 JPolin
    September 16, 2009 at 2:30 pm

    It’s always funny to see a product advertised for its affinity with my home state. I’m not sure what “California” means to the rest of the country, but I feel like Chuck Norris on the internet every time I see one of these ads, except with even less of an idea where they’re coming from. That is, unless these shoes are being advertised for awesome homeless people, healthy eating, and banning gay marriage despite the high concentration of LGBTQQAA individuals.

  3. 3 Funzo
    September 16, 2009 at 6:46 pm

    That’s part of it, JPolin. But mostly it’s because these shoes are made of avocado and ranch dressing.

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