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Holy F&*@ing OW!

Axel Witsel used to play for Anderlecht in the Belgishian (ed. definitely NOT what that’s called) first division but now plies his trade for the Standard Liège. While vying for a loose ball, he slides in against Marcin Wasilewski and instead of walking away with the ball, it looks like Axel won’t be walking anytime soon. This is HORRIFIC!

And awesome…

…but horrific.

Wasilewski was given a red card, although he didn’t do anything illegal. Then again, destroying a man’s leg like that should result in SOMETHING, maybe he should buy him an ice-cream or something…


Phillies Employee Flushes His Ring Away

Phillies+World+Series+Ring+front+640If your team has waited 28 years to win another World Series you think you’d treasure your championship ring, even if you weren’t on the field to win it yourself.

Well, one member of the Phillies’ marketing department has set off a big-time search by the team and Philadelphia police to find his ring which he took off while using the bathroom. Upon entering a restroom inside Citizens Bank Park, the unidentified and soon-to-be shamed employee took off his ring and placed it on top of a toilet paper dispenser, forgetting it there when he left.

Realizing his mistake he went back to find the $15,000 ring but — of course — it was gone. Ooops!

The cops and Phillies are reviewing security camera footage to try and find who might have grabbed the ring while it sat there. Talk about getting an AWESOME souvenir at the ballyard…
[NBC Philadelphia]


Golf Just Got Good-Looking

eye-candy caddies4

Eye-Candy Caddies2I don’t golf, I find the act of hitting the ball enjoyable, aiming and or following after it — not so much. Throw in the slowness of the game and I simply can’t get excited about it. However, a new service in the UK has me willing to reconsider. Introducing Eye Candy Caddies who will assign you a young female model to serve as your caddy at various clubs throughout England.

Wearing tight pink uniforms, the caddies will accompany you on the course, carry your clubs and “offer advice on prevailing wind conditions.” Finally! I’ve been waiting for YEARS for women to offer me advice on my wind.

Looking at the money men spend on golf, the Eye Candy website keenly advertises itself as “the gorgeous new solution for unforgettable golf days,” and that “other golfers will be green with envy.”

Eye-Candy Caddies1Most importantly, the caddies are “much more than just a pretty face,” having completed a golf caddying training course – which, according to the website, includes learning what ‘Fore!’ means. That must have been a tough class! Strangely, the girls’ bios don’t mention anything about their golf qualifications…

Sarah Stacey the Managing Director of the company said: “We add that extra sparkle and difference to any golf day and put a smile on people’s faces. All the girls are trained in the etiquette of golf and uniformed in appropriate golf attire. They all sign a code of conduct so everyone is clear about the boundaries.”

Those boundaries include: “Models are not encouraged to fraternize with clients after an assignment has ended. If a client asks a model to engage in social activities after an assignment has ended, it is the model’s responsibility to refuse the offer or if accepting to make it clear that he or she is doing so on a personal basis.”

Looks like I’ll have to make my move while we’re still ON the assignment then…

eye candy3

[Eye Candy Caddies and Daily Mail]

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