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Santa Doesn’t Hold No Truck With Scalabrine

Boston’s favorite professional athlete fire-crotch, Brian Scalabrine is a man who lives in the real world. He doesn’t allow imaginary characters to run his, or his families life as this story from fellow bench-warmer Shelden Williams’ Twitter shows.

This is how he explained santa to his lil girls! He took his girls to the tv and said look at dora the explorer now she is not real

Shes a made up character just like santa! I’m not going 2 lie 2 u dora and santa are not real! I was like u didn’t kill ur lil girls dreams

He also said that he told them there is no tooth fairy either!! Kill all their child dreams early scal wow

[Shelden Williams via Red’s Army]


Rondo Vs. the World, Who You Going to Take?

Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo is one of the fastest players in the NBA, able to go coast-to-coast in practically no time. Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans has quickly become one of the best running backs in football, running a 4.24 40 time and just blowing past defenders. Never one to avoid a challenge, Rondo let it be known he wants to race Johnson.

According to Johnson’s Twitter feed

America needs to see this race! I hope this happens, we could soon see a whole new era of sports competition with super-athletes matching their physical prowesses against one another.

[Red’s Army]


Chad Ochocinco Lays Down the Rules

There isn’t an NFL player more actively involved in self-promotion and social networking than the Bengals’ Chad Ochocinco. When not torching defenses, Chad is all about himself, he is able though to have some fun doing it, like this rule he posted in his locker and then tweeted.

Ochochinco Rule

That note is laminated; clearly Chad spent some time on this, this wasn’t an impromptu notice. Also, according to his Twitter, Chad is playing Call of Duty on his Xbox and wants people to play with, his XBox name is Esteban 85.

[Chad Ochocinco]


Peja Spends a Night in Sienna West *(UPDATED)*

Sienna West 2While on her way to meet New Orleans Hornet Peja Stojakovic, porn star Sienna West made this video showing her excitement to meet the Serbian stud just prior to them presumably banging. I had wanted to post it yesterday but the video was taken off Twitter, fortunately, some smart internet folks grabbed it and made a copy of the video so we can all enjoy it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I mean, hooking up with a porn star seems fun and all, but when you have a Greek model wife at home I think it’s unfair. You’re getting greedy. Maybe Peja needs to meet up with Steve Phillips at that secret sex addiction maison.


Peja Spends a Night in Sienna West

New Orleans Hornet Peja Stojakovic is married to Greek model Aleka Kamila, who is, to be blunt, a fucking SMOKESHOW, so it makes perfect sense that while in LA on Friday he met up with Sienna West (right)(link very NSFW), an adult film star who tweeted all about their encounter. Now, I believe in being friendly to new acquaintances and I know things work differently in the adult film world, but when someone tweets:

It doesn’t leave much to imagination does it. Of course, today, Sienna’s twitter account seems to be deleted, despite having posted something as recently as 9 hours ago. Then again, there is also ANOTHER account named “therealwest” that hasn’t been updated since June, so it is possible this is all a scam by some bored twitter-nerd. Regardless, now you have an image of this man’s (left) penis in your brain.

Hey Aleka, if you ever want to get back at him, I’m here for you. We can make magic together.



Ochocinco Bounces a Check to a Hooker

Chad Ochocinco loves attention, he craves it and needs it. He may not be psyched with the attention he’ll receive after word that he bounced a check to a “promotional model” (read: hooker) and she decided to tweet about it all over the place.

courtney_collins-389x226Sometime on or around 9/21 Ochocinco met up with Courtney Collins, a “promotional model” whose classy business card is rather risque and shows off her ample cleavage. She works for a service called Vivacious Models whose Myspace page doesn’t so much say escort service as SCREAM it.

Apparently short on cash, Ocho opted for the ever classy, paper-trailing showing check for what appears to be $1500. I wonder what that was for…Of course, this wouldn’t be an issue, or known, if the check didn’t bounce, clearly making Collins pissed.


Ever classy herself, Collins then tweeted  the photo to all kinds of media-types, from TMZ and Perez Hilton to Tyra Banks. I don’t have an issue with him paying for a hooker, he’s just, as Charlie Sheen famously said, paying for her to leave, but c’mon Chad, be a little bit smarter than writing a check…and one that bounces at that…

[Celebrity Clubber]


Vikings WR Accidentally Tweets Nudie Photo

Chicago-area favorite Sarah Spain — who we last looked at when she offered to bang Steve Bartman to end the Cubs curse — posted this bit of fun twitter information from Friday night. It seems that Bernard Berrian, a former Bear and current Viking was out to dinner with some friends having saki and decided to take a picture of it and tweet it. He even came up with a great caption line “1-2-3 SAAAAKKKKIIII!!”

BernardBerrian1aThe only problem was that instead of a picture of friends and saki he instead posted a picture of a naked woman in the shower. OOPS!

Fortunately for Berrian, he realized the error quickly and took the nude photo down, responding to one his fans comments that he might get fined for leaving it up Berrian said “that’s why I’m tripping, I don’t have that pic.”

So either Berrian’s account was weirdly hacked to have a naked lady photograph each time he posts a picture or he accidentally (likely thanks to the saki) posted the wrong picture from his phone. We’ve all been there. If I had a dollar for every time I sent my mom a picture of something inappropriate when I didn’t intend to I’d have 3 dollars!

Because he took the photo down nearly immediately and it was, seemingly an accident that will probably be the end of the issue. Unless one of you out there managed to save the photo and wants to send it here!



Kassim Does a Fabulous Makeover

Kassim OsgoodCharges special teams ace Kassim Osgood is an avid twitter’er and when stuck in the hotel prior to this week’s game he took to the twitter-waves to ease his boredom.

First he tweeted this message:

I wish the game was tonite so we xan hurry up and get the heck out of here. Tired of this hotel!

Love the enthusiasm, love the desire to play, but why not find some productive way to spend your time. Read a book, learn a foreign language, write a haiku for each of your teammates perhaps.

Clearly Kassim and I are different people because instead of those activities he opted for some creative new hair-styling instead.

This Is what happens when left unattended and cooped up in a hotel all day instead of playing ball!

Someone find this man some board games stat! A few more weeks like this and he’ll be the Dennis Rodman of the NFL.

[Kassim Osgood via The JockoSphere]


Where the Cardinals Become “Obscure”

Nearly lost amidst an article about Twitter cracking down on fake accounts was this gem:

“Twitter has decided to act after Tony La Russa, the coach of an obscure American baseball team, launched a legal action over a fake account. He claimed that postings in which he appeared to make light of the death of two of his players had been ‘hurtful’.

I mean, sure, St. Louis isn’t Paris or New York, but obscure? The Cardinals ain’t exactly a company softball team either. I guess to the Brits anything not having to do with getting their jubblies jollied off and fliming the flozzle-wingdy just doesn’t matter.

[Daily Mail]


Well, At Least He Has Perspective

Bengals attention-whore receiver Chad Johnson is an avid Twitterer, which makes sense, seeing as the service appeals to the lowest brain functions. Due to new rules from the NFL Commissioner’s office, players are now limited in what they are allowed to say and do on various websites.

In this clip from HBO’s Hard Knocks Chad shows that he is mature and respects the Commish’s decisions. He also says that “losing my Twitter and Ustream is just as tough as losing my johnson.”

Now, I’m unsure if he means losing his penis or losing the Johnson from his last name, but since the latter was of his own attention-whoring volition, I’m going to assume he considers his Twitter account to be the same as his penis. In which case, Goodell did a good thing in getting Chad to take his penis off the internet. Penis.


Pistons Rookie Takes on Porn Star in Epic Battle

summersluxeDrafted 35th overall by the Detroit Pistons in this year’s NBA Draft, DaJuan Summers is a 6’8″ small forward who is spending the summer getting ready for his first foray into professional sports. Following in the footsteps of such other NBA Twitterati like Shaq, Summers has begun a race with a friend of his to see who can get 4,000 followers first. Not quite Ashton Kutcher’s race to a million against CNN, but then, Summers isn’t competing with a media giant, he’s competing with a porn star, Valerie Luxe.

According to her bio on Bangbrosnetwork, Valerie

has long awesome legs that leads to a full round glorious ass. She has a goddess like body that demands attention. As a radiant woman her presence is powerful and all eyers are on her. That freckled body of hers, those effulgent eyes, and full lips are irresistible.

I’ll be honest, I never thought I’d see “effulgent” on a porno site, but I appreciate it nonetheless…

dajuansummersThe stakes between these two twitter-fiends could be a bit more interesting, considering their occupations but, so it goes. If Summers wins, they go to a water park together, and if Luxe wins, he’ll take her out to dinner and give her an “amazing massage.” Seems like really, either way he wins.

I just hope his basketball career goes well, because he can’t spell for shit.

If you’re so inclined to pick sides, or just want to see everyone happy, you can subscribe to Summers’ twitter feed here, or Luxe’s here.

[Detroit 4 Lyfe via Sports by Brooks]


The Orioles Fail at Spelling


There must be something in the water in the Washington DC/Baltimore area; first there was the disaster when the Nationals went out to play in uniforms with their name misspelled, and now the Orioles suffer from a similar error. The team’s Twitter feed may not be of the utmost importance to the front-office, but it’s pretty embarrassing to have your team name in large font prominently displayed on the screen as “Oriloes.”

Since this first got reported, the Orioles have subsequently fixed their error but that it happened in the first place is simply awful. Hey, guess what, I’m a GREAT speller, hint hint MLB teams…

[Home Run Derby]

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