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Nats Ballgirl Remains Immune to Win Streak

The Nationals are in the midst of a 8 game win streak, which coincides nicely with my Red Sox precipitious drop to mediocrity over the last week. Fortunately, as good as the players have been on the field, the ball girls haven’t transitioned to become all-stars too.

I definitely appreciate someone who can laugh at themselves though. Which, I’d imagine is a pretty important part of being a Nationals fan in the first place. Also, I want to be the ball-boy (girl) at the park, that seems like great fun.

[Barstool Sports]


Tavarez Gets Dumped by 600 Pounder

andy_fat_girlWhen Julian Tavarez signed with the Washington Nationals he dropped this great quote about what it was like signing with them:

Why did I sign with the Nationals? When you go to a club at 4 in the morning, and you’re just waiting, waiting, a 600-pounder looks like J. Lo. And to me this is Jennifer Lopez right here. It’s 4 in the morning. Too much to drink. So, Nationals: Jennifer Lopez to me.

Well, what does it feel like when you get unceremoniously dumped by that same 600 pounder? After a month where he went 8 1/3 IP with a 7.56 ERA and a 3.00 WHIP with opposing batters hitting .521 off him over that span, Julian was designated for assignment following Sunday’s depressing 11-3 loss to the Cubs.

I’ve been in this situation before,” Tavarez said. “It’s just tough. I haven’t been able lately to do my job. Just a lot of up-and-down this year. This doesn’t surprise me. There are a lot of young arms down there, they had to make some changes, and they’re going to bring some young kids over here. They have to get this ready for next year.”

This makes it at least the 3rd straight team that has DFA’d Tavarez, with the Nats following the example of the Brewers and Red Sox before them.

[Washington Post]


National Fail

2008106662How do you replace a manager who starts off his major league career going 157-251, a .385 winning percentage? If you’re the Washington National Failures you do so with a 522-652 career record, good for a .445 winning percentage. SUCCESS!

After ousting Manny Acta, who was never given a fair chance, or a Major League team for that matter, the Nationals have hired Jim Riggleman the failed former Padres, Cubs and Mariners manager. I’m sure this will lead to success.

What, Butch Hobson wasn’t available?



Hanrahan Gets the Win Miles Away

20080529-005237-pic-47351916It took until July 9th, but Joel Hanrahan finally got his first win of the season, and he did it with probably the easiest outing of his season, and on a day off no less! Relaxing in Philadelphia with his new Pirates teammates, 15oo miles away his former mates on the Nationals were taking on the Astros in the continuation of a game started on May 5.

The original game was in the 11th inning when the game was forced to be suspended due to rain. Tied at 10, Hanrahan was on-deck to bat when the game was called. The game was finally resumed last night, albeit in Houston instead of Washington. LaTroy Hawkins who was pitching when the game was originally called was back out on the mound gave up a single and then an error by Miguel Tejada led to a quick run for the Nationals and the game.

Hanrahan, traded on June 30th to the Pirates thus earned his first win of the season, for a team he no longer plays for, improving his record to 1-3.



Who is this Sharon Lady on the Nats?

!BTs2w4!B2k~$(KGrHgoH-DUEjlLlzqhLBKJ0Rjg)Hw~~_1When you play for the Nationals you can’t expect much media attention; after all, who wants to cover a team that is so consistently miserable. So, for Shairon Martis, who currently leads the team in wins with 5, it isn’t super surprising that no one is paying attention to any of your actions. At least though, you can take solace in that moment, when for the first time as a professional baseball player you can see yourself memorialized on a baseball card. Shairon won’t ever have that proud moment thanks to a misprint from Topps where they write his name as “Sharon.” Nicely done Tooops. I mean Topps.

Even worse, a misprint card is usually worth a couple bucks, but since it is a Shairon Martis card, and he’s a Nat, and Topps made thousands upon thousands of these, it’s probably not worth more than a dollar. Sigh.

[Boston Globe]


Nationals Utterly Fail Once More

rosseveltI don’t know what it is about the Nationals that makes them desire to suck so much, but this team is clearly run by people who are not paying attention and don’t care. First there was the debacle with the misspelled uniforms, and now, available at the stores at Nationals Stadium you can have your very own Teddy Rossevelt bobblehead. Whoever he is.

I can see how they would get Roosevelt’s name wrong, I mean, it’s not like he was a major force in American government like Jerry Ford. This is just more piling on ol’ Teddy, first they never let him win in any of the races, and now this!

Hey Nationals, obviously no one is paying any attention to anything going on either at the stadium or with the team. Hire me. I’ll pay attention, although, paying attention to the Nats is pretty difficult… Also, what is it about Maryland-area stadiums complete inability to use the English language?

[DC Sports]


Nationals Failures Carry Over to the Grounds Crew

Their play on the field is middling and full of miscues, so it makes perfect sense that the Nationals ground crew would have their own problems too. From the game on Saturday comes this poorly shot video of the grounds crew struggling to get the infield covered with the tarp.

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