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Jeter and Minka Take a Vacation Together

With his 5th championship wrapped up, Derek Jeter jetted off to St. Barts for a deserved vacation; while he should have traveled alone, he opted instead to bring his girlfriend, Minka Kelly with him as well. Doesn’t he know that she is supposed to be with me and not him?

The two haven’t been seen too much by the other guests but one enterprising photographer managed some shots of the two in the water. Ever the gossip-mongers the NY Post insists that the two are “coyly telling pals to be prepared for a wedding soon,” something they have touted with every single Jeter relationship. Besides, we all know that she would NEVER settle for him when there are sports bloggers available.

[NY Post]


My Favorite from Friday Night Lights

Wednesday night meant the beginning of the 4th season of Friday Night Lights airing on DirecTV. To celebrate one of the absolute best shows on television — that not enough of you are watching — here is the final of my three part series to get you more interested in the show.

FNL isn’t about football, despite the name, it’s about a city in Texas and the people and a community that defines itself by its football team. With excellent acting, particularly from Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler who are one of the best TV couples of all-time, and a strong ensemble cast, the stories are heart-felt, touching, humorous and exciting. And if you do like football, you have never seen more come-from-behind victories like Dillon High has. This show is phenomenal, every single person I have introduced it to has fallen in love with it, you will too. All you need is a desire to see quality television and everything else will fall into place.

Minka Kelly plays the role of Lyla Garrity, the former head cheerleader, super smart girl-you-always-wanted-to-be-with-but-is-always-with-someone-far-far-far-bigger-than-you. Sure, she’s not perfect, she cheated on her newly paralyzed boyfriend with his best friend in the first season, but she was only doing it out of grief and you know how that goes. Regardless, she’s so smoking hot that I can even overlook the fact that Minka is dating Derek Jeter currently. Or that she hasn’t returned any of my phone calls, replied to any of my letters and seems to have ignored all those carrier pigeons I sent her way. Sigh. So incredibly hot.

Minka Kelly 16


Just Say No to Jeter

FP_3064699_Minka_Kelly_smallGood news for those of you still interested in my desire for Friday Night Lights actress Minka Kelly; she ISN’T marrying Derek Jeter!

Of course, I thought they were already broken up so…

But, when asked about rumors that Jeter was out ring-shopping with Kelly he responded incredulously, “The what? Engagement rumors with who? I have not heard that.”

First off, there’s nothing classier than referring to your ladyfriend as “who.”

Minka, I would treat you with respect and class, because together, we’d be magic.


[NY Daily News]




2 More Seasons!

gqfeature3hSome days are harder to get through than others, but today is a good day. That’s because the best show that none of you are watching is coming back, for at least two more seasons! That’s right, Variety is reporting that Friday Night Lights will be back for 2 more seasons of 13 episodes each, with DirectTV broadcasting the season first and then NBC broadcasting the episodes in January. I CANNOT WAIT! Season 3 has been phenomenal and returns right back to the magic of season 1 which was as near to perfection as broadcast TV gets. If you aren’t watching FNL get on it right now, you can watch full episodes on, so GET ON IT, trust me, once you start watching this show you will be hooked. Everyone I have turned onto it has become a full-fledged fan. Hell, send me an email and I’ll burn you some episodes, you MUST start watching this show. Oh yeah, and in addition to the excellent writing, the fantastic performances of Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler and the natural shooting style of the show, there is also that added bonus of the ridiculously hot talents of Minka Kelly, Adrian Palicki and Amy Teagarden. So set your DVRs.



Derek Jeter Sharing Himself with the World

minka1Derek Jeter is taking his well-traveled body to a new target, a 22-year old FIT marketing student who has been telling her friends that she and Jeter have been waitingdating “for a while.” The young lass, master of being subtle has been playing his voicemail messages for her friends, also reportedly told Jeter that “she wanted a tighter butt, so he got her a friends-and-family discount to a gym he goes to and offered to help her work on it. The next day, she was telling everyone how sore she was from their workout.”

  • A) I’m excited because this means that Minka Kelly is BACK on the market.
  • B) Jeter and Minka Kelly were seen out together in January, this girl said Jeter gave her a signed ball (I bet! woooo!) for her mom for Christmas
  • C) Jeter definitely cheated on Minka
  • D) Jeter remains scummy
  • E) Jeter must have or at least have had multiple STDs right? When you’ve plowed through as many celebrities (and bar waitresses, and students and strippers and other rando girls) as he has you have to catch SOMETHING along the way right?

[NY Daily News]


Please Watch Friday Night Lights

You wouldn’t know it, because NBC never markets it, but Friday Night Lights is back and is as great as it was the first season. The writing is excellent, the acting real and honest and the overall package is compelling. It airs Fridays at 9 pm, watch it. PLEASE. Need more reasons than that keeping it on the air will provide me with happiness in an otherwise despair-filled world? Remember, Minka Kelly is on the show. Sure, she’s Derek Jeter’s paramour currently, but that’s only because she hasn’t met me yet. Although, anyone who was with Jeter needs to be tested, a lot.

Also, NBC does the absolute WORST marketing of their shows. Ben Silverman, HIRE ME, I know how to actually get people to watch the several quality programs you have, instead you seem content to drive people away. The fact that 30 Rock and FNL are not being watched by everyone in America is a failure on NBC’s part and one that I can fix. DO IT IT NOW!

Anyhoo. Minka, you fine, call me!

J.C. Penney Presents 'Style Your Spring'


I Still HATE Derek Jeter

Leave my Minka ALONE!

It’s simply not fair.


No One Wants to Be A-Rod’s Friend

Alex Rodriguez is a very popular man, his teammates love him and would walk through a brick wall to help him. That’s why when he threw a party at Jay-Z’s 40/40 club, none of them showed up.

It’s sad when no one shows up to your party and, according to the NY Post, you are left throwing back shots sitting next to your mommy.

Meanwhile Derek Jeter continues to torture me by dating Minka Kelly, as she came to his party at Marquee. STAY AWAY FROM HER JETER, YOU’VE HAD ENOUGH, LEAVE SOME FOR THE REST OF US!

Sigh. At least Alyssa Milano and I are still dating

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Friday Night Lights Cuts Street and Smash

Friday Night Lights had one of the greatest first seasons in television. The show was awesome, every episode felt real and earned, and other than that every time the team won they did so in incredible fashion, it had nearly no flaws. The second season was a disappointment, with NBC execs meddling and trying to change the show into some Gossip Girl shlock that simply didn’t fit with the show’s vibe. Fortunately the show was saved, and will return for a 3rd season in the fall and until it proves it no longer is good, I am counting on you out there to watch it, so that I may continue watching it.

Alas, according to Entertainment Weekly, the show will be returning without two of it’s stars and more compelling characters, Jason Street and Smash Williams. Street was the star quarterback who was paralyzed in the first episode and Smash was the star, cocky running back. Sure, Tim Riggins will return to drink and chase chicks, and for that I am thankful, but the loss of Jason Street, whose subplot was one of the most compelling on the show, and the large personality of Smash will be sorely missed. Both characters will apparently be given 4 episode arcs to close their stories which is nice, but means that the show better find some suitable replacements. I just hope they don’t do some stupid casting and just remake the characters with new younger actors.

Season 3 will be on a short leash for me, if the show returns to it’s beginnings and takes away the teeny-bopper crap, then it should be just as good as ever, after all, all the Taylors are returning…

Also fortunate, the show is retaining it’s most important assets, the fine trio of Amy Teagarden, Minka Kelly and Adrian Palicki:


Jeter, Keep it in your Pants

Derek Jeter is a well-renowned cocksman, he has bedded 6 of Maxim’s Hottest 100 Women, amongst his many other conquests (cough, cough Robinson Cano…) not to mention he is grossly overpaid and has made millions and millions of dollars as a professional baseball player and 4-time World Champion.

So, Derek, you’ve already had Jessica Alba, you’ve already had ScarJo, I beseech you, please stop stealing my fantasy women. The latest, is a rumor reported in the NY Post that he may be getting involved with Minka Kelly. For those of you not familiar with the uber-hot Minka, check out the photos below. Minka is one of the stars of Friday Night Lights, a show whose first season is one of the best things I have ever enjoyed on television, although the second season left a lot to be desired. However, that wasn’t Minka’s fault. Also, her Dad is Rick Dufay a former guitarist with Aerosmith, so that’s pretty cool too.

All I can do is hope that Jeter isn’t spreading his oats with her because he’s already despoiled too many of my dream women and I don’t know if I could take any more losses. Derek, you’ve had enough! Isn’t it enough that you have three Gold Glove awards and you are one of the worst fielding shortstops in the Majors? How many more trophies must you lock up? Leave Minka alone, because I’m pretty sure she’d be totally into me. I mean, she once dated John Mayer and he’s a total douchebag, and I’m a nice guy, so therefore she’d be down with me.

Call me!

And because why not, here are a slew of pictures of the future Mrs. Slanch after the jump.

(h/t to Big League Stew for the Jeter collage) Continue reading ‘Jeter, Keep it in your Pants’

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