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WTF is Right

I don’t have any idea what’s going on in this video, sent to me by the ever loyal the roomate, but it’s amusing and weird. Then again, I would expect nothing less from the Japanese, a people who think eating RAW fish is a good idea…

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Who Says Girls Can’t Brawl

batfaceDuring a softball game in Colorado Springs last night a brawl broke out that required the police to come and contain the situation. According to the Colorado Springs police department criminal blotter the police were forced to come out to the Four Diamond Sports Complex as up to 30 people, some with baseball bats were fighting.

The brawl, between Cheyenne Mountain and Wasson High School girls’ softball teams, started when one player was hit with a pitch and then charged the mound. That girl was ejected and subsequently one of the coaches started ranting at the ump, who then stopped play.

Then, as players and fans were leaving there was another “physical confrontation” in the parking lot. Among the arrested includes a woman charged with third-degree assault and two juvenile girls being investigated for fighting.

As players and spectators were leaving an argument and “physical confrontation” took place in the parking lot, police said.

Sounds like a fun night!

[Denver Post]


Now THAT’S a Brawl

Vodpod videos no longer available.

When a brawl breaks out at a rugby match is it really that different from a normal game? I guess so, because 8 minutes into a game between Dinamo Bucaresti and Farul Constata of the Romanian Rugby League a full on brawl broke out. 9 players were eventually taken to the hospital, also 9 players (possibly the same ones) were banned from the Romanian Rugby League for their participation in the fight with the league saying it “condemned the players for conduct devoid of fair-play.”

And now, for fun, the fight in slow-motion.

[Fan IQ]


Alabama High School Basketball Game Gets Nuts

Nothing says high school basketball funtimes more than a crazy brawl starting with two players punching one another that then leads into a full-on melee with the crowd getting involved too. This video is pretty ridiculous, especially when you consider that most if not all of the people fighting are high schoolers, but they really go at it. Ah, sports.



How Much Did Beer Cost at Gladiator Games?

nutsOne of the great things about minor league baseball is the never-ending stream of great promotions. For the Modesto Nuts, a class A affiliate of the Rockies, they’ve made beers during the 5th inning of every game cost only $1. In terms of wacky promotions, this isn’t anywhere near the top but for the fans in attendance it was one of the better recent promotions.

You see, the fearsome Modesto Nuts were down 9-1 and looking for some fire, so their pitcher, Aneury Rodriguez, buried a 91 mph fastball into the ribs of one of the opposing Stockton Ports (even MORE fearsome!) who strangely took exception to that. Then on a potential double-play ball,


the hit batsman slid spikes up into second, had the second baseman fall on top of him and get all tangled up. One thing leads to another and then the two are throwing punches at one another. Of course, the dugouts empty after that point and the brawl is on. One of the Ports’ relievers had to be taken to the hospital where he had his two facial fractures looked at that should probably keep him out the rest of the season. All told, 8 players were ejected and it took nearly 50 minutes for order to be restored and the inning to finally end.

Fortunately for the crowd, this all took place during the 5th inning, meaning that for nearly an hour, as the two teams showed off their pugilistic abilities, the crowd was able to get totally hammered for cheap. Maybe that’s the reason this is our national pastime! If there is a better way to spend an afternoon, watching baseball, seeing a brawl, and getting drunk for under $10 than I’d like to find out about it.

h/t to Inside the Shell your one-stop for all Modesto Nuts stories


Coco Gets a Code Red

Last night’s Red Sox/Tampa Bay game featured so many crazy things going on that the actual action of the game was overwhelmed and pushed to the side. After Wednesday’s unnecessary hard slide and then subsequent yelling match between Coco Crisp and Rays hipster manager Joe Maddon (my favorite part was when Coco pointed at his uniform and yelled, “We’re the Red Sox motherfucker!”) there seemed little doubt that Coco was going to get plunked the next time he was at bat.

So, yesterday, in his first at-bat, first pitch, James Shields throws and hits Coco on the thigh. Then, as Crisp said,

I charged the mound. I feigned it like I was going to go to first base, just to get Navarro off me a little bit, and just charged the mound. He tried to hit me with a haymaker. He missed. I threw a punch. I pretty much missed. And the rest, went down to the ground… like the scratches on my face were people trying to scratch like we were playing football or something, like little girls, trying to scratch out my eyes. I move one hand down, scratch me right here [points to scratch to the right of his nose].

Now, as a Sox fan, I can admit that A) Coco shouldn’t have done the hard takeout on Wednesday, B) should have taken the hit-by-pitch and just gone to first. The brawl was unnecessary and Coco is definitely going to get a healthy suspension, (my guess 10 games.)

Continue reading ‘Coco Gets a Code Red’


Bring Me the Head of Big Sexy

The Seattle Mariners might as well go up to the plate without their bats right now, they might have a better chance. Mired in the midst of a 22 inning scoring drought nothing seems to be going right for the currently hapless M’s. Richie Sexson, a giant of a man, albeit one who is hitting .209, had a hunch he might get hit when he went up to bat in the 4th, after Felix Hernandez had previously plunked two batters. Kason Gabbard threw his first pitch, high and inside, but not hitting Sexson and Big Sexy lost it. He tossed his bat down immediately and charged the mound throwing his helmet first at Gabbard and then wrestling him to the ground.

As far as brawls go, this one ended up with little else exciting, sure Eddie “Please Retire” Guardado restrained Felix from joining the melee, (for which the Mariners franchise owe him dearly), and then there was Gerald Laird being carried out of the fray by noted peacemaker Milton Bradley. Otherwise, relatively tame. Sigh.

Rangers manager Ron Washington after the game denied that there was any intent. “If we were trying to hit him, we would have hit him. If you go look at the replays, Gabbard didn’t even come close. Sexson was just frustrated, and things got out of control. You look at the replay — that ball was over the middle of the plate. He overreacted.” As for throwing the helmet, Washington said, “I thought that was bull. How tall is he? Six-foot-13? Run at a little guy and throw a helmet, that’s just frustration. The guy, he’s a competitor; he’s just frustrated.”

Expect to see Sexson in the clubhouse for a couple games as MLB is sure to send him off with a suspension. And of course, it still made no difference as the Rangers housed the Mariners once more. Is there a team that needs Bonds more than the Mariners? (OK, maybe the Blue Jays)


Duncan Chasin’ Waterfalls (UPDATE)

Frankenstein Duncan doesn’t think he did anything wrong with his slide and doesn’t understand why he was thrown out. The money quote, “I go out there and I try to play the game the right way, I told [Girardi] what I was doing, how the play went through my eyes.”

Well, did the play go through your eyes this way?

Because that’s you sliding into Akinori Iwamura’s junk…


Duncan Chasin’ Waterfalls

Over-eager uber-douche Shelley Duncan started what became sort of a brawl yesterday in a game between the Yankees and the Mephistophelian Rays when he, for no good reason, slid spikes up into second base. Duncan, who came up last year and showed all the exuberance of a kid straight after eating 37 pixie sticks and shooting up some ‘roids–not to say he does or is even rumored to do steroids, because that isn’t the case–was best known last year for being overly excited to punch his teammates in their forearms the moment they did anything noteworthy.

"Maybe later we could h

"Maybe later we can slam together other parts of our bodies..."

Duncan also earned notoriety last season when a 10 year old Red Sox fan asked for his autograph and he signed it “RED SOX SUCK, Shelley Duncan” so obviously there are few limits to his douchebaggery. Shelley is like that overly drunk guy at the party who keeps punching his passed out friend on the couch to wake up and mumbling about playing quarters or else his friend is a total pussy. Continue reading ‘Duncan Chasin’ Waterfalls’

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