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Kevin Garnett Has Some Deep Range

In the waning seconds of the first half in Wednesday’s Celtics/Warriors game Kevin Garnett grabbed a rebound and, after a nifty spin move, launched up a 75-footer. The ball was definitely still in his hands when time expired and the refs rightly waved off the basket, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t totally cool. Because it was. Watch.


Big Baby Knows He Can Dance

BigbabyIt took some time, but finally during the off-season Glen “Big Baby” Davis was resigned by the Celtics and he’s intent on showing off all his skills this season, including his self-professed stellar dancing abilities.

“I am very versatile – ballet, salsa, swing dance. I can do it all,” he told the Boston Herald.

The Celtics may have moves on the court, but according to Davis two of the worst offenders off the court are Ray Allen and Brian Scalabrine.

“Ray Allen is horrible,” he said. “He has no rhythm. But he tries, I gotta give him points for that.”

Scalabrine argues though that his reputation is undeserved: “Look, just because of my appearance and the pigment of my skin doesn’t mean I can’t dance.” Yes it does Scal. Yes it does.

[Boston Herald]


Big Baby Cries Whenever He Wants

I always assumed Glen “Big Baby” Davis’ nickname was more of a joke nickname, an ironic one, like calling a fat guy “tiny” or something similar. Turns out it is all too apropos. Here’s a clip from Friday’s game when, after getting called out by Kevin Garnett during a huddle, Davis doesn’t take it too well, sulking off to the end of the bench and throwing a hissy fit. Because that’s how a professional should act. Sigh.


How About a Great Pickup Game

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Normally I don’t like posting these type of ad promos but this Adidas commercial is pretty damn dope. With the NBA season opener coming upon us, it can’t hurt to start thinking about basketball once more. I would LOVE to be at this kind of pickup game, where all the players just go nuts and do some ridiculous moves, sign me up! Also, is it me or is Dwight Howard’s body simply ridiculous. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone with that big and wide shoulders and crazy shoulder muscles with such a tiny lower body. It’s pretty goddamn intimidating. I don’t think I’ll be driving to the hoop on him anytime soon.

[The Sporting News]


Rajon Rondo Wasn’t Very Friendly

So last night I was at a media event and Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo where there amongst other people, hence why I was there. Kevin Garnett couldn’t have been nicer, he was totally down. However, I am VERY VERY disappointed with Rajon Rondo who was a total dbag to me. I first went up to him and tried to introduce myself as a Celtics fan and he blew me off. Fine, whateves, it’s a party. Then later when he was standing alone off to the side, I approached him again and asked if I could get a photo with him. He reluctantly agreed and then when I took my phone out of my pocket to take the picture he refused, saying “NO camera phones,” and then turned his back on me. It wasn’t like I was trying to take a video of him nailing 6 hookers or something, I just wanted a picture of me and him. Needless to say I am GREATLY disappointed. First off, Rondo was barely bigger than I am, and I ain’t the biggest tree in the forest, and second, BE NICE TO THE FANS! Especially since I used to be a minority owner of the Celtics. I once was VERY very tertiarily involved in the paying of salaries! So, here’s the worst camera phone picture of Rondo that I got last night. This one DEFINITELY makes him look like an alien.



O Say Can You See

Last night the Celtics met up with the Houston Rockets, owners of the second longest win-streak in NBA history, and when the game was over the Rockets had been shot down. It only makes sense that the Celtics would be the ones to beat them, after all, our football team from New England? The Patriots. Those awesome missiles that shoot down rockets? The Patriot. Made by? Raytheon. Home base? Massachusetts.

It was preordained by God. Or, if we want to use his real name, Red Auerbach.

The first half was somewhat exciting, ending up in a 40-40 tie with neither team having a real advantage. For a little while the Rockets made a run, at one point going up by 8 but the Celts came back and tied it up.

Once the second half started the Rockets had no chance. Their star player shot 4-11 from the field, and no one on the Rockets had more than 15 points. Meanwhile the Celtics defense was RELENTLESS, holding the Rockets to 33% shooting. Final score? Celts 94, Rockets 74. If it weren’t for a last second shot, the Celts would have won by 23, the number of games that the Rockets were going for, hows that for symmetry. Continue reading ‘O Say Can You See’

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