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Having Lost Their Putz, Mets Should Look to Play With a Wang

The Mets offseason so far has been simply baffling, do they have a plan, are they aware they have multiple holes and need to improve their team? They know they play in NYC and have loads of cash and thus can, with shrewd moves change their recent misfortunes quickly right? Bueller?

So far the biggest moves the Mets have made involved signing not one, but TWO backup catchers, I guess because you can never be TOO comfortable with your emergency catcher. Never mind that Omir Santos had a decently solid rookie campaign and that was probably the LEAST needed position.

Currently, the Mets rotation consists of Johan (and his fraying elbow), Oliver Perez (woof), John Maine (eek), Mike Pelfrey (s’ok) and…

And that’s the problem. There is simply NO way the Mets can or should enter next season without at LEAST 7 starting pitchers on their 40-man roster because I think we all know that there is zero likelihood that Perez and Maine can get through a full season without imploding or getting injured.

So, it makes perfect sense for the team to pursue some of the free agents out there like Joel Pineiro, if only to prevent him from ever dominating them again. They should have made a play for Randy Wolf but he signed with the Brewers instead, and not for very much money either…

On the scrap heap, the Mets should be signing as many reclamation projects as they can; people like Ben Sheets and Chien-Mien Wang should be high atop the Metropolitans’ wish lists because the required commitment wouldn’t be too many years and the hope that at least ONE of them performs up to his past level would make the deals a bargain. Wang in particular would be a great pickup, he’s shown no problem with playing in NYC, his power sinker would play well in Citifield and the strong defense on the left side of the infield should help him get tons of outs. If Daniel Murphy ever learns how to catch a ball Wang could be REALLY effective. Because of his recent injuries and down year last season, Wang’s cost isn’t going to be prohibitive and from all accounts, Wang is PISSED at the Yankees and anything he can do to shove it up their asses is a bonus for him — and the Mets.

But of course, that won’t happen. After all, the Mets are too busy hot in pursuit of fat Bengie Molina because really, the chance to sign three catchers in an offseason is just too good to pass up.

If I were a Mets fan I think I’d kill myself.


OK, One More Item on Steve Phillips’ Talent Evaluation Skills

WrightCruz One of my favorite baseball writers/evaluators is ESPN’s Keith Law who writes extremely well, is smart, witty, snarky and an excellent judge of talent (even if he doesn’t like Anna’s Tacqueria); I trust his eye. During his time as a special assistant to JP Ricciardi in Toronto he witnessed any number of interesting and bizarre choices by his GM, including passing on Troy Tulowitzki in favor of Ricky Romero. Sure, Romero has come on recently and looks to be a good pitcher, but Tulo is a 30 HR Gold Glove shortstop and those simply don’t grow on trees.

Anyhoo, in his chat yesterday on ESPN, Keith Law dropped this little nugget that absolutely FLOORED me:

Eddie (Milwaukee): What was Steve Phillips thinking? Almost trading a 19 year old David Wright for Jose Cruz Jr.? Ridiculous.

Klaw: I’ve been asked about that trade rumor for three years but never answered while Ricciardi was still GM. The offer was made, though; I was there when the call came in. It was the first time I’d heard of Wright, since I wasn’t with Toronto in 2001 nor had I followed the draft when Wright was in it. JP’s reaction was, “I’m not trading a major league player for some guy in the Sally League.” And that was pretty much that. We had a chance to trade Cruz after that for Rafael Soriano, but JP refused to do it unless Seattle included Clint Nageotte, who, at the time, was a pretty hot prospect. It’s weird; I can’t remember some things that happened last week but I remember those conversations (over seven years ago now) like they just took place.

This makes BOTH Phillips and Ricciardi look bad. I can’t believe Stevie-boy offered D-Wright for Jose Cruz Jr. who had his best year as a rookie and then never followed up on it. This is the same Jose Cruz Jr. who is OUT OF THE LEAGUE, and the David Wright who is a regular pre-season MVP pick and one of the best young players in the game (if he ever gets his power stroke back.) Wow. WOW. WOW.



The Mets Begin Preparations for Next Season’s Collapse Early

Luis Alicea - MetsIn 2007 and 2008 the New York Mets tortured their fan-base by choking away the division, and a chance in the playoffs, in the waning weeks of the season. This year, the team was more generous, choking away any playoff chance around June, so the fans wouldn’t be so tortured.

Never fear though Mets fans, there will be wholesale changes with this team; after all, the architects of such a continual failure can’t be kept around, right?

Instead of getting rid of the people making the poor decisions, instead the Mets — showing that all they do is make bad decisions — announced that first base coach Luis Alicea (right) won’t be back next season and that bench coach Sandy Alomar Sr will be offered a different position. PHEW! Now that’s settled there’s nothing left to hold the Mets back!

Thankfully, third base coach Razor Shines remains with the team because with this franchise it’s always important to have something to slash your wrists with nearby.



Should the Mets Trade Jose Reyes?

JoseReyesLast night the Mets continued their efforts to completely demoralize their last remaining fans by closing out their season series with the Nationals, and of course, did so with another loss. After the game team officials confirmed that Jose Reyes’ injured hamstring had actually gotten WORSE and he suffered a tear that will probably require surgery.

So, here’s a crazy idea and I wonder who blinks first on this one. The San Francisco Giants are desperate for offense, and while they primarily need power bats, more than anything else they need OPS men. Besides Pablo Sandoval (.930) they don’t have a single regular player with an OPS above .743. Ignoring this season’s largely injured season, Jose Reyes OPS the last three full season years has put up an average OPS of .816, certainly not amazing, but better than anyone else on the Giants.

For a long time there have been rumors of a deal that makes too much sense for both teams, the Brewers trade Prince Fielder to the Giants for Matt Cain. That deal definitely works for both teams, but what if instead the Giants traded Cain to the Mets? Would the Giants or Mets hang up first? Reyes is signed to a much more affordable contract than Prince (whose agent is also Scott Boras) and for more years, he plays a premier position and is a dynamic lead-off man (presuming that he’s healthy.)

So, what do you think, am I crazy? Which team would be more scared/willing to make this deal? Chime in!


Family Game-Night Just Got Way More Fun

I wouldn’t be the Mets-hater that I’m accused of being if I didn’t post this absolutely fantastic interactive graphic from that bastion of baseball, The Wall Street Journal. So, without anymore ado, here is MetsSloppily! Click on the image to go to the full-size version and appreciate it in it’s full glory.



The Mets are the Best Run Organization

failureThey moved into a tax-payer financed $1 billion stadium with incredibly high ticket prices but the cost of featuring the second highest payroll in the majors and being bilked out of hundreds of millions of dollars by Bernie Madoff has left the Mets DESPERATE for cash.

Amidst rumors in the last few weeks that the Wilpons may be forced to sell the team, another example of the team’s anemic finances came when former GM Jim Duquette reported that the team has canceled their normal off-season instructional league.

Makes sense, after all the Mets prospects have been thriving recently… And if their current AAA lineup — excuse me, that’s their MAJOR LEAGUE LINEUP! — is any sign, things are robust down on the farm…

“There’s a lot of talk and I believe this is information that has not gotten out,” said Duquette, [on his XM radio show] “… The Mets have made a decision, and some organizations do this, but they’ve decided not to have what’s called their instructional league, which is, for their minor leagues, it’s an opportunity to develop [and] continue to develop your young players. And there’s some debate within circles over the past couple years the true value of instructional league but most organizations have a version of it. They’re not going to do it. Now the rumors within the scouting circles are that they can’t afford – which it roughly costs about 300 grand to staff and to invite and fly down all the players, to having meals throughout for about, it’s like a 4 to 5 week program. It gives you a chance to extend the development of your young players, of your prospects. And they’re not gonna have it.   They have cancelled it for this fall. And to me, being a development guy, that’s big news. If you’re development oriented, it’s not a good decision in my opinion.” 

Look, I get that the Wilpons lost a shitload of money, but to not be able to afford a couple hundred thousand dollars? Maybe if they didn’t have AWFUL management who outlays millions upon millions of dollars on wastes of roster space like Oliver Perez and Livan Hernandez or Omar Minaya they’d be able to develop young, cheap talent.

Quick, name the last successful Mets prospect to last a full effective season, I’d say no one since David Wright. And that was YEARS ago. But sure, cancel the instructional leagues…

The Mets are pretending that they will be doing a similar camp in the Dominican instead saying in a statement:

In a reevaluation of the Mets minor league operations, the club made the decision to move our Fall Instructional League to our new Dominican Academy in Boca Chica from Port St. Lucie, Fla. We believe that by housing our minor league players in the Dominican, we will have more opportunities to have competition against opposing teams that have training facilities nearby.

Say whatever they want, I firmly believe this is because the Mets were too cheap — or too poor — to go about the process of actually developing their own players.

But then, I’m a Mets hater right…

[NY Daily News]


The Mets Want Your Booty

ggOn July 25 and 26 the New York Mets want to let their fans come and meet some of the greats from Mets teams past, but Ron Swoboda don’t come free, you better bring some gold. In partnership with, who are one of the team’s sponsors, fans can come early to the game, check out the Modell Clubhouse and meet former Mets such as Mookie Wilson, Ed Kranepool, Swoboda, George Foster and Darryl Strawberry.

More importantly for USCOINS’ mindset, the fans can bring their gold items to trade in for cash. As the press release says, “Don’t miss this opportunity to sell your valuables and meet the Mets,” because THERE’S a deal worth paying right now…

In order to get in to the event you must have at least $300 in merchandise and there will be screeners on hand to assess your items before allowing admission. I would love to be outside the gate when someone gets turned away, that has to be the saddest moment in a person’s life.



I’m Keith Hernandez

Forced to sit through another abysmal Mets game — the last time a position player drove a run in was FRIDAY — these fans at least are in good enough spirits to bring a kick-ass sign to the game. Unfortunately for them, they picked a day where Keith Hernandez wasn’t at the game, so they were unable to share their awesome drawing with him. Regardless, SNY picked them up and gave them a brief moment of fame to honor their artistry.

KeithYou mess with Keith, you get the horns.


Mets + Furries = A Beautiful Combination

In the movie Major League, team owner Rachel Phelps, in an effort to cause the Indians to play worse, starts removing the amenities that big leaguers are used to; I wonder if the Wilpons are doing something similar with the Mets. Either that, or they lost a whole lot more money than they are admitting to Madoff, because the Mets rolled into Pittsburgh last night and arrived at their hotel, they found out that Anthrocon 2009 was ALSO being held there. Anthrocon, being, obviously, the big convention for furry fetishists.

Kevin Burkhardt of SNY, delightful scamp that he is tweeted about it when they arrived at the hotel, and managed to post an incredible picture of “a person who was dressed like Ralph Wigam as a Beaver.”

Look for the Pirates to sweep the Mets now…



I Got It—- I Don’t Got It

Now, this isn’t so much to hate on the Mets, this time, for their poor play last night. Sure, there were a couple of errors, this one by Fernando Martinez was pretty embarrassing, but none was worse than Johan Santana’s throwing error at third following Ryan Braun’s bases-clearing double that enabled Braun to SCORE. Regardless, this misplay is just a nice addition to any future bloopers clip.


Jose Gets Rear-Ended

ReyestruckDecimated by injuries — last night the Mets starting lineup featured 3 members of the team’s Opening Day starting lineup — the last thing the Mets need is to have anything upset the recovery of their walking wounded. Yesterday, while heading to the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan for a check-up, Jose Reyes and team trainer Ray Ramirez were rear-ended on the RFK Bridge by a firetruck.

While fortunately no one was hurt, what is even more interesting is that the Mets initially had no intention of announcing the accident had happened until last night’s starting pitcher, Tim Redding accidentally told reporters about the incident. Ooops!

“I got here about 10 after 4 and a lot of things were going on,” Redding said. “Apparently a lot of things were going on all over the city. Our shortstop and our trainer, who’s been working his butt off to keep us on the field, got into an accident. Carlos was getting an MRI and being placed on the DL. And people were being moved, brought up and sent all over the place. So it was a whirlwind day.”

The Mets then were forced to issue a statement and explain what happened so as to not cause even MORE panic amongst their fans. In the meantime, from now on Jose Reyes should be transported in a truck filled with mattresses.



Things Not Great in Mets-Ville These Days

The Mets have suffered a rash of injuries recently, seeing some of their best players like Jose Reyes and Carlos Delgado forced onto the DL; it looks like the loss of Reyes is really going to hurt the Mets, since they apparently have decided to forgo the shortstop position and realign their defense. It’s radical but it just might work…


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