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There Ain’t Nothing Pedroia Can’t Do

Peter Gammons spoke with Dustin Pedroia recently and his most recent comments only endear him to me more. After mentioning that the Red Sox had approached Pedroia regarding whether he thinks he could play shortstop he had nothing but confidence.

“When the idea of moving back to shortstop was floated to me, I welcomed it,” Pedroia says. “I’m excited. Tell Derek [Jeter] to enjoy the gold glove and silver slugger awards while he can. Obviously, I’m not serious about the fun I have with Derek, but I’m never stopping believing in the goal. I believe I can play shortstop and help get the Red Sox back where they belong.”

Goddamn I love that cocky son-of-a-bitch.



Red Sox Only Play for Two Outs

As bad as Fernando Martinez’ play was, it pales in comparison to the absolute collapse of the Red Sox last night, best exemplified by this clip from the 6th inning when the entire Red Sox infield leaves the field, despite having recorded only two outs. Contrary to what MASN’s Gary Thorne says in the clip, Terry Francona this morning in an interview with WEEI said that it was all Pedroia’s fault, that he started running off and the rest of the infield followed.

I guess it’s a nice example of how much the team respects and follows the lead of the MVP, but you’d hope that he’d know the outs in an inning… Otherwise, I have nothing else to say about that loss. It fucking SUCKED. It happens. It better never happen again.


He Did What?

pedroiafireNow I’m the last person to be criticizing people about grammar, but then I’m not a professional journalist-type. When I read this sentence from’s recap of yesterday’s frustrating Red Sox loss against the Angels I, for one, find it a bit confusing:

“Pedroia, who had caught fire before the injury, was glad the momentum seemed to carry over.”

Uh. What? I thought Pedroia’s injury was to his groin, did someone light his groin on fire? I’m confused. How was this not more reported, last year’s MVP catches FIRE and NO one talks about it? That seems strange. However, it’s impressive that he bounced back so quickly…



Pedroia Can’t Stop Winning Trophies

pingpong71Now an annual event, the Red Sox held a ping-pong tournament yesterday for a segment on Comcast Sportsnet. Last year’s winner was Mike Lowell but unwilling to not acquire more hardware, Dustin Pedroia took home the “coveted” golden paddle award besting his double play partner Jed Lowrie in the finals. Look at that maniacal grin on Lowrie’s face though, that’s the look of a man possessed, watch out Julio Lugo.




Pedroia Pedophilia

Dustin Pedroia ‘s older brother Brett, 30, was taken into custody on January 9th after being charged with two counts of oral copulation and lewd acts with a child under the age of 14. Yikes!

The alleged events happened nearly 4 years ago, the purported victim only recently telling one of his parents. Pedroia was released on $50,000 bail and has been back at work at the family’s tire store since being in custody. The news has apparently shocked many neighbors, most of whom were reserving judgment for the moment. “I do find it very, very hard to believe,” next-door neighbor Kay Beruny said. “They’re wonderful people, and we’re very shocked and surprised, and can’t believe it.” Of course, that is the response whenever a similar type story comes out so take that for what it’s worth…

KCRA, a local station in the Woodlands, CA area reported on the story and has video of it here, unfortunately, I can’t embed it, but I recommend checking it out for some of the best local news “It’s just shocking”-type interviews with neighbors who are surprised but have nothing useful to say.

pedpedoThis isn’t really news, and normally no one would pay attention, but since it’s Pedroia’s brother, here we are, it’s a shame had Brett’s little bro not been so good at baseball the stories would have just read, “Local Tire Store Man Accused of Child Molestation.” Then of course, there is this image (left) that I’m sure both Pedroia’s and the Red Sox front office will be excited to have linked to this story. Rats!



El Caballo Gets Locked Up!

Dustin Pedroia, the reigning MVP, (that sounds AWESOME to say) has, according to Peter Gammons, signed a 6 year, $40.5 million contract extension. Without full details on bonuses and such, the information isn’t complete, The full details are below the jump, it looks like the Sox made a great deal getting Pedroia for an AAV (annual average value) of 6.75 for the next 6 years. Sounds like a great bargain to me! Considering the production the team has received from Dustin already, including some nice hardware, (RoY, Silver Slugger, Gold Glove, MVP and that handsome World Series trophy last year) it looks like the Sox will be getting great value from this contract through the length of the deal. Can we just please please please make sure of two things, one, he never poses shirtless on the cover of SI, in fact, how about never posing on the cover, ever, and two, that the Orioles never ever EVER hit him on the wrist.

Sure, Dustin won’t ever hit 30 homers or drive in 140, but all the other things he does are so important, so valuable, that this contract will look like a bargain I believe by the time it is over.

Also, don’t be surprised when in the next 2-3 years despite being so young, Dustin gets awarded his own C to go on his uniform. Continue reading ‘El Caballo Gets Locked Up!’


Ride That Little Pony

ALCS Rays Red Sox BaseballDustin Pedroia did it! In his first year he gets the Rookie of the Year, in his second he adds a Gold Glove, a Silver Slugger AND the MVP. That’s a hell of a way to start a career for a guy who is the same size as me. When you think about how the initial comparisons to Pedroia when he was drafted was a slightly better David Eckstein (mostly because he was a small scrappy white guy) to where he is today, pretty damn impressive. Beyond the stats, which were impressive, watching him play every day is a delight, Pedroia is the tough as nails guy that we all know who goes all out in everything he does and somehow succeeds despite never being the best. When the Red Sox needed him, Pedroia carried the team, hitting a ridiculous .350/.398/.485 for July and then, when the team needed offense after the trade of Manny Ramirez, Pedroia hit a RIDICULOUS .374/.425/.635 with an OPS+ of 177(!) in August. Wow. The only thing I simply don’t understand is that one of the writers somehow didn’t list Pedroia on his ballot AT ALL. OK, you don’t think he’s the MVP, fine, but you’re saying that he’s not even on the BALLOT? That’s ridiculous. According to WEEI and Lou Merloni, the writer who left him off the ballot was Evan Grant from the Dallas Morning News is the guy who didn’t list him. WTF? UPDATE: The Boston Globe confirmed that it was Grant who left him off, and he responded with his reasoning, most of which is lame, but at least he knows what OPS is, so that’s something…

With the possible departure of Jason Varitek, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Pedroia, despite only being a big leaguer for 2 years become the next captain of the Red Sox. Also, for fun comparison sake, after the jump the last Red Sox MVP.

Continue reading ‘Ride That Little Pony’


AL Gold Glove Winners, EARLY!

Ooops! Looks like no one told the Sporting Goods Newswire that the AL Gold Glove winners weren’t being announced until 4pm, because they released the winners early.


No real bones of contention here for me, I’m obviously psyched to see Pedroia win his first of many Gold Gloves and it hopefully won’t be the only hardware he takes home this off-season… The choice of Pena over last year’s winner Youkilis is disappointing but not egregious, especially when considering how many games Youk played at third this year and that Pena can definitely pick it. The only player who stands out to me as somewhat iffy is Michael Young, but looking at the rest of the league there isn’t anyone else that really stands out besides maybe Orlando Cabrera as equally deserving. That Derek Jeter DIDN’T win is a sign that I may start to believe in this award as being almost legit once more. Torii Hunter continues to ride his reputation more than the reality that he isn’t as good as he once was but again not an egregious choice. I’d have preferred to see Carl Crawford win it, or perhaps Nick Markakis but then again, I have no vote so I guess I don’t matter.


Who the Hell is “El Caballito”

I watch a lot of Sox games, I listen to even more, I read the newspapers every day and follow the team in multiple formats, so it was with some surprise that I heard Chip Carey Caray last night refer to Dustin Pedroia as “El Caballito.” Caray stated during the broadcast, “How many times over the summer when we saw the Red Sox would we hear them talk about about ‘el caballito,’ the ‘little pony,’ Dustin Pedroia…” Um, what? I have never EVER EVER heard ANYONE refer to Pedroia as that. And yet, according to Chip Caray all summer long everyone refered to Pedroia in that manner. Methinks someone is screwing with Caray and fed him some bull. My money is on David Ortiz having told this to Caray as a joke and Caray, being an idiot, believed him and then decided to make it like he knew more about the team than he actually does and so said it like he did.

Continue reading ‘Who the Hell is “El Caballito”’


Why I Love Dustin Pedroia

From the Boston Globe’s Red Sox blog today:

“The answer is: Carlos Baerga, 2002.

The question: Who was the last Sox second baseman to bat cleanup?

Dustin Pedroia gets the honor tonight. The reason? Terry Francona indicated with Kevin Youkilis suffering from the flu to go along with Coco Crisp and Josh Beckett on the team sick bed, that he wanted to create a lineup that would be tough for the White Sox bullpen to counter. Francona said he’s taking a lot of grief from both Pedroia and David Ortiz over the lineup, Pedroia who keeps saying, “It’s about time” and Ortiz, who jokingly said he will retire.

Francona said he won’t make a habit of batting his little second baseman cleanup, but White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen did indicate after an 8-0 loss to the Sox that Pedroia was currently a tougher hitter to get out than Ortiz.”

Pedroia, who is the exact same size and weight as me, gives me hope that MY major league playing career is not a lost cause.


Lost in Castiglione

The Red Sox are in Japan and along for the ride is Joe Castiglione, the voice of the Red Sox. Castigs, 61, isn’t just in Japan for baseball. With plenty of off-time expected, the high-pitched vociferator has a full itinerary during his time in the land of the Rising Sun. Due to some clever detective work on our behalf, we managed to steal a copy of it for you to peruse.

Friday 3/21 – Red Sox train at Tokyo Dome in the morning, afternoon to be spent visiting a Buddhist temple, participate in 6:30pm Dance Dance Revolution tournament followed by an evening of libations at the Absolute Ice Bar.

Saturday 3/22 – 5am – Tsukiji Fish Market, wander through the booths, checking out all the fresh poisson, participate in fish auction, available budget: $750. Afternoon – return to hotel, drop off giant 6 foot tuna, quick nap and head to the Maid Bar.

"These women will do anything...Can YOU believe it?"

"These women will do anything for me... CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!"

Sun 3/23 – Breakfast with the team at hotel, afternoon and evening to be spent with Dustin Pedroia, Curt Schilling and Manny Ramirez sharking on the many subway lines around town. Dinner at Ninja Akasaka.

Continue reading ‘Lost in Castiglione’

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