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Rugby Player Runs Until He Pukes

Rugby is a pretty neat game, people get hurt real bad and it’s awfully violent, plus the teams are hard-drinkers. This clip from a Canadian Montreal team vs. a North Shore MA team only adds to me liking this sport. Anytime you run yourself so hard that you start throwing up, I’m a fan.

[Barstool Sports]


Once Prince William Goes All-Black…

After a recent international match against his native Wales, future King of England, Prince William stopped by the locker room of the New Zealand rugby team whose nickname is the All-Blacks. He didn’t give them much time after match was finished, I guess royalty doesn’t have patience because when he came into the locker room most of the team was still butt-naked.

An All Blacks source said: “The Prince did a bit of a double-take, but actually dealt pretty well with what could have been embarrassing.

“Some of the boys were more awkward. I think they’d have felt more comfortable being dressed more appropriately – or being dressed at all!”

[The Sun]


“This is the Second Best Day of My Life”

One second Stuart Tinner was sitting in the stands watching the St. Albans, UK-based Saracens rugby club against South Africa at London’s famed Wembley Stadium, and the next he’s won $420,000 and everything in his life changes.

The 24-year-old who plays a bit of rugby for a local club team was one of three fans who sent a text message to an in-stadium promotion; if any of the three could hit the crossbar of the uprights from 30 meters away they’d walk away with £250,000. Standing only in his socks, with just once chance, Tinner boots the ball and NAILS the crossbar dead-on.

“I guess I just kicked it as hard as I could and I don’t really believe what happened.”

After the game Tinner joined some of the Saracens for some drinks, still amazed at the complete turn his life had taken, after speaking with his parents he said he intended to buy an apartment and a car but otherwise intended to live his normal life.

Tinner acknowledged that this was a truly momentous occasion in his life; “This is the second best day of my life – the best was when I lost my virginity.”

[Sky News]


My, How Manly You Are

Rugby is a game with plenty of room for physical violence, and not just for the players on the field. The Manly Sea Eagle, team mascot for Manly Warringah in the Australian Rugby League decided to get in on the action when a fan tried to make his way onto the field. The security forces pounced on the errant fan, but watch the Eagle as he gets in a series of good punches as the fan lays prone on the ground. Way to live up to your team’s name!


Now THAT’S a Brawl

Vodpod videos no longer available.

When a brawl breaks out at a rugby match is it really that different from a normal game? I guess so, because 8 minutes into a game between Dinamo Bucaresti and Farul Constata of the Romanian Rugby League a full on brawl broke out. 9 players were eventually taken to the hospital, also 9 players (possibly the same ones) were banned from the Romanian Rugby League for their participation in the fight with the league saying it “condemned the players for conduct devoid of fair-play.”

And now, for fun, the fight in slow-motion.

[Fan IQ]


A Solution for the Marlins

If the fans seem a little bit more subdued than usual at Nottingham Rugby games recently, there’s a good reason for it. Suffering a severe economic crisis and with few fans in the stands, the Nottingham Rugby club decided upon a interesting solution to drum up fan interest, inflatable fans.

_45570890_ml466Reaching out to a local company, Airheads, that specializes in artificially creating crowds for TV and movies, the club had 1,000 inflatable fans placed around the stadium, dressed to make them seemingly indistinguishable from the live fans. Which says a lot about the British people but that’s a whole other story…

Airheads’ director, Lee Harris was excited about the whole thing:

“As a local firm we are really keen to support Nottingham Rugby in their quest to raise the profile of the club. We are hoping an extra 1,000 ‘people’ in the crowd against Exeter, will encourage supporters of both rugby and sport to come and get behind their successful local team. Hopefully it will add to the atmosphere, and inspire people to come back again next week and help the team qualify for the Cup Final by beating Leeds.”

Fitting in with the 1,305 real fans in the crowd, the inflatable fans helped spur the Nottingham side to victory and continuing on in their pursuit of the National Trophy. Reportedly, the cup run might help stave off disaster for the club, although fan attendance has still remained a problem, hence of course, the inflatables.

I can’t wait for this to come to the US.

[BBC via Fan IQ]


Rugby Be Violent

Rugby baffles me still, I understand the rules and all but I just don’t see the appeal. Then again, maybe I’m more of a delicate flower than most rugby players. By which obviously I mean that I’m super tough I just don’t want to play. Yeah!

Anyhoo, here is some rugby game with a prime example of why I have nothing to do with this sport. Fast forward in the clip to about the 50 second mark to see a rocking take-down that leaves the opposing player on the ground quite dazed. Enjoy!


Rugby Can Be Entertaining if You Change the Commentary

Here’s another long clip, there isn’t a lot worthwhile in watching the whole thing unless you really dig rugby or are a huge fan of the New Zealand team, but there are a few funny moments in this “alternative commentary.” For one thing, the theme music is especially catchy, then the anthem and organized demonstrations are pretty amusing, but there isn’t much else exciting afterwards. However, the commentary immediately after the teams do their ceremonial dances before the game is pretty hilarious and is the main reason I posted this, so after about 2:50 don’t feel you need to continue along the long journey.


Why I Don’t Play Rugby

Here is some guy named Josh Graham having his testicles grabbed and yanked while playing in a rugby game (match? contest? battle of wills?) in Australia.

According to Graham, the captain of the Cornulla Sharks team Paul Gallen “…grabbed my ‘wheels’ (testicles) and gave them a bit of squeeze, 100 per cent. I looked at the ref and said: ‘What’s doing’. I wasn’t so much cranky but shocked. It’s never happened to me before. He didn’t just grab one ‘wheel’. He grabbed the whole package and it hurt at the time.”

Gallen vehemently denied touching or grabbing Graham’s genitals.

I’d play rugby if I wasn’t short, slow and uncomfortable being in a scrum with lots of sweaty men. This picture reminds me why I used to play tennis instead, at least then my wheels were safe with my power-train axle guiding us along.


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