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“Sign My Panini So I Can Absorb Your Power”

Andrew Long, one of the bloggers responsible for Packs to the People, a sports memorabilia blog, has outdone himself. Hearing about a signing event at a local Upper Deck store, he went with one intention, to absorb #1 draft pick Blake Griffin’s power. To do so, he brought a panini to be signed by Griffin.

The grilled panini (turkey and cheese) was signed on both halves by Griffin, with the blogger eating one half to “absorb Blake Griffin’s power” and is putting the other, now-frozen half up for sale on eBay. He even managed to get a certificate of authenticity from Upper Deck , labeled as “Panini,” which they then immediately voided.

Look at Griffin’s face as the sandwich is placed before him, his reaction is priceless, simultaneously amused and terrified by what this fan might do. The part where he’s eating is priceless to me, and I am going to have to try out that Ford Focus pick-up line next time I’m out.

As of this posting, the bidding on eBay is up to $123, which is dirt-cheap considering the power presumably contained within the sandwich.

[Packs to the People and eBay]


Sex Helps Cricket Players Perform Better

cricket-ballCoaches and managers often ban their players from having the sex before important matches with the worry that players might tire themselves out too much. India’s cricket team coach Gary Kirsten feels the opposite. The training manual he handed out to the team recommends they have sex prior to matches and if they don’t have a special friend that “one option is to go solo whilst imagining you have a partner, or a few partners, who are as beautiful as you wish to imagine. No pillow talk and no hugging required … just roll over and go to sleep..”
“From a psychological perspective, having sex increased testosterone levels, which causes an increase in strength, energy, aggression and competitiveness,” the manual reads.
After word of the manual broke, the entire country has exploded in debate. Despite inventing the Kama Sutra (Thanks!) India is very conservative, even sex education has been banned in schools. For his part, Kirsten claims that he didn’t write the part about sex, blaming it on team trainer Paddy Upton. Classy!
In recent years the Indian cricket team has become much more popular, with its stars gracing commercials and the gossip pages, constantly being linked to various Bollywood actresses, the players have become seen much more as sexual objects. The day before breaking this story, the Hindustan Times’ Sunday magazine cover showed batsman Manish Pandey with his shirt off and the headline: “What do cricket and Bollywood have in common? Young men who would get nowhere without perfect bodies.” Today the men on the Indian team are national idols complete with groupies and it seems possible that this story will help move India away from their conservative past and into a more modern, open society.

Plus, getting some rich cricket dudes laid.
[Global Post]


“Where Are My Pants?” “Let’s Go to the Lake!”

The Dallas Stars’ Ice Girls know how to promote themselves; hockey may be cold but these ladies are HOT. Skating around in bikinis may not be great for ones health, blood can rush to all the wrong places. Regardless, I think I may become a season-ticket subscriber, and I don’t live anywhere near Dallas.

This video has it all, bikini ice babes, boats, 70s-style porn music, we just need some mustachioed man to enter with a pizza and I will know EXACTLY where this video is going.


[Puck Daddy]


Stadiums Pitch in to Feed the Hungry

sydmandelbaumIn 1994, Syd Mandelbaum (left) — a biker-looking heavily-tattooed scientist, and the son of two Holocaust survivors — started a group with a simple mission, providing food that was otherwise wasted to the hungry. He did so initially by approaching rock groups and asking them to donate their unused backstage food to his organization.

In 2003, after reading an article about Mandelbaum, Detroit Tigers pitcher Mike Maroth’s wife, Brooke started thinking about what the Tigers do with their leftover food.¬†Amidst one of the franchise’s worst seasons, and her husband losing 21 games, the Maroths and the Tigers got together with Mandelbaum to begin donating all their leftover concession foods and other perishables that otherwise would just have been thrown out. The Tigers became the first organization to do so; currently, 31 sports franchises are involved in the program in addition to rock bands, movie studios and school cafeterias.

“Our thinking was, ‘With all of the hungry people out there, why throw this food away?’ ” said Mike Maroth, “What we found was, it was such an easy process to get it to people who needed it. All someone had to do was wrap it up, and Syd sent one of his local reps around to pick it up.”

On average the sports teams and stadiums donate anywhere between 500-1000 items — all of which previously just were tossed into a landfill — worth between $5,000-10,000, to those most in need the food goes a long way.

“Gandhi said, ‘Poverty is our worst disease and hunger is its worst symptom,’ ” says Mandelbaum. “Hunger is a sidebar to poverty, which explains why some children have trouble learning in school, or why some adults engage in antisocial behavior. But we can end that.” Mandelbaum believes the remedy lies in “logistics, finding a way to get from Point A [where the unused food is located] to Point B [the hungry].”¬†Mandelbaum’s group estimates that in spending only $15,000 a year to arrange for meals that they reach over 2.5 million hungry mouths every year.

The group has a very simple and elegant motto: “Just take it and use it.”

Relying solely on volunteers for its staff, Rock and Wrap It Up always can use more people to help out, if you’re interested you should contact them directly via their website.



Bikini Golfer Strokes Her Way Out of Trouble

I’m only posting this video as a public service to remind people how helpful and important it is to receive proper instruction in golf. Look at how her coach has helped this young bikinied¬†lass to work through her issues with sand traps and improve her lay.

Just say what she needs to do to make it better and she’ll do it.

[With Leather]


A F$#ked Up Way to Honor Their Teammate

85131457KD040_TEXAS_RANGERSI totally get and appreciate the way the Angels have handled the loss of Nick Adenhart all season long; his death was unfortunate and he clearly impacted his teammates. Maybe I’m obtuse, but it seems to me that if you want to honor someone who was killed in a DRUNK-DRIVING accident maybe you don’t POUR BEER all over his uniform and photo on the outfield wall. I mean, am I crazy? I love that they wanted to celebrate “with” him as though he were there, that’s a really wonderful sentiment, but the execution is totally messed up.

[LA Times]


ESPN to Air 300 Hockey Games This Season!

espnAfter ESPN stopped airing NHL games they did everything possible to ignore the sport; highlights were few and far between, analysis was non-existent and for most Americans the sport faded from consciousness. Well, hockey is back and making an attempt at a resurgence, the first step was today with the big news from ESPN: starting October 1st ESPN will air over 300 hockey games on its various networks. HOORAY!

The only catch? The games will only be broadcast on the family of ESPN networks residing in EUROPE, primarily in the UK.


Looks like hockey will never get another chance…

[Biz of Hockey]

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