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We Can All Rally Around the Rally Head

rallyheadTrailing the Rockies by 4 games in the wild card race, the chances of the Atlanta Braves making the playoffs aren’t great. That isn’t stopping Braves reliever Peter Moylan though. The burly Aussie righthander who has had 75 appearances this year without allowing a home run has shaved his head, well, part of it, in what he’s terming the “Rally Head.”

He’s not worried that he looks like a bad James Lipton or John Smoltz impersonator, “”I would do anything appearance-wise to get into the playoffs,” he told

While his hair efforts aren’t likely to make much difference, he intends to keep the new ‘do, at least until September 20, when former teammate John Smoltz and the Cardinals come to town.

[Big League Stew]


Disco Hayes Coming to a Big League Park Near You?

discohayesUndrafted out of Northwestern, Chris Hayes paid his own way to Arizona for the possibility of some open tryouts with a few MLB teams and living his dream of playing in the big leagues. Someone mentioned to him that the Royals were also having a try-out.

“Where?” Hayes asked.

“Surprise,” the guy said.

“What’s the surprise?” Hayes asked.

“The town,” the guy said.

“The tryout is going to be in a surprise town?” Hayes asked.

“Exactly,” the guy said.

Amazingly, he went to the try-out and the Royals offered him a minor-league contract. Hayes, nicknamed “Disco” because his sidearm-flung fastballs all are in the 70s, doesn’t light up the radar gun, obviously, and had never in his life ever made an all-star team, at any level of baseball.

After his first year in Single A, Hayes finished the season with three times as many strikeouts as walks, and a 2.66 ERA. The Royals were unimpressed and sent him back to A ball the next year. His numbers were again impressive, again he struck out 3 times as many as he walked. They offered him a job in the front office but he wanted to keep trying for his dream. Finally, they promoted him. He pitched with a 1.64 ERA and again 3 times as many strikeouts as walks. They didn’t believe in the numbers and so held him at AA for another year. He repeated his stellar numbers AGAIN. Continue reading ‘Disco Hayes Coming to a Big League Park Near You?’


Fat, Drunk and Asleep is No Way to Get Through a Chess Tournament Son

drunkchessPlaying chess isn’t a very physically taxing activity, but at the highest levels apparently you need to have all your faculties with you if you’re going to play. Grandmaster Vladislav Tkachiev learned that lesson the hard way when he showed up to an international tournament in Kolkata, India.

After just 15 moves he lost his round on technical grounds when he fell asleep drunk in the middle of the game. Playing India’s Praveen Kumar the highly inebriated  Tkachiev couldn’t sit still and then, like your uncle at Thanksgiving, passed out with his head on the table.

Ranked 58 in the world, despite tournament organizers’ best efforts, Tkachiev wouldn’t wake up.

Because it’s chess, he lost the match for being unable to finish within the time limit. However, while he was warned and slapped on the wrist, he was allowed to participate in the rest of the tournament.



A-Rod Mounts a Mountie

During last night’s Blue Jays/Yankees game Alex Rodriguez went chasing after a foul ball of the bat of Lyle Overbay. Keeping his eye on the ball, Alex didn’t notice that he was on a collision course with a Canadian police officer seated along the line.

After the game A-Rod quipped, “I’m just glad she didn’t read me my rights … Oh my god, how embarrassing.”

Seems like a pretty sad way to just cop a feel of a cop.


[Blitz Corner]


It’s Over When the Game is Over

Last night college football’s season began. Hooray. I guess. It’s not an exciting thing for me, or anyone else who likes seeing GOOD football being played. But it happened. The game between Oregon and Boise State ended with Boise State coming out on top, much to the chagrin of the Ducks.

Senior running back LeGarrette Blount of Oregon in particular had a rough game, finishing with -5 yards on 8 carries and was tackled for a safety. Not a highlight reel game. During the spring he was also suspended from the team for an academic issue.

I would expect to see him suspended again since after yesterday’s game he went for the trifecta. He sucker-punched a Boise State player, shoved and tried to fight a teammate, then he went after the fans before he was dragged off the field by an assistant coach and security people. He’s got some FIGHT!

What he probably DOESN’T have anymore is a place on the team.

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