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Packers Head Coach Loves Blowing Things — Mainly Snow

As the weather turns colder all over, the first big-time snowstorm recently hit Green Bay. Count Packers head coach Mike McCarthy as one of the more excited people for the storm because it gives him the chance to show-off, and use, his snowblower!

“I went and did two neighbors last night because two people didn’t have their driveways done,” said McCarthy. “We have a Case IH tractor that has a snowblower on the front of it. We’re able to do the street if needed,”

“It’s more fun than work, to be honest with you.”

For McCarthy, who presumably is otherwise very busy with the business of being an NFL head coach says that plowing for him is a source of stress relief and that just using the snowblower is fun for him, to the point where he has trouble sleeping before he’s able to use the machine.

“I can’t wait to get up and get going. It’s exciting.”

[620 WTMJ]


Detroit Beats Green Bay in Popularity Contest

A poll of NFL players conducted by Sports Illustrated asked which NFL team they’d least like to play for; incredibly, despite the fact that the Lions have lost 33 of their last 42 games they weren’t the least popular team.

From the 296 players asked, more players would rather ply their trade for the Lions than for Green Bay, an actual winning franchise. In no big surprise, the largest percentage (20%) responded that they would least like playing for the Oakland Raiders, followed by Buffalo at 14%, Green Bay at 13%, Detroit with 12% and Cleveland, as ever, bringing up the rear with 7%.

I can see not wanting to play for the shitacular franchises, that’s clear to me, but not wanting to play in Green Bay? Is Wisconsin THAT bad… hmm. Now that I think about it… Even still, since when is DETROIT better than Green Bay in anything?

[Detroit Free-Press]


Maybe “Packers” Fans Shouldn’t Be Calling Other Teams Gay

When Green Bay traveled to meet the 0-7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers the general opinion was that it was going to be a cakewalk. Instead, the Bucs showed some intestinal fortitude and ended up beating the Packers to earn their first win of the season. I bet that this well-dressed Packers fan was especially disappointed.

I will say, it’s a bit surprising to see a supporter of the “Packers” making a gay joke about the OTHER team, after all, Green Bay is named after the MEAT PACKERS…

BunchaQueers T-ShirtBunchaQueers T-Shirt 2[Sports by Brooks]


Well, Fan IS Short for Fanatic…

lobster-knife-fightAfter Monday’s Vikings/Packers Favre-fest some Packers fans were noticeably on edge. Ryan Hinderaker was one of those fans. Wearing a Packers T-shirt he got into an argument with a Vikings fan at the Leaning Tower of Pizza restaurant in Minneapolis where they were watching the game.

The two men “bickered back and forth” for a few minutes and after the game Hinderaker followed him outside intending to confront the opposing fan.

Being rational, Hindraker did the only appropriate thing, he pulled a knife out of his pants pocket and stabbed the other man in the stomach.

Showing his gentler side, after stabbing the other man Hindraker then called 911 and turned himself in. What a guy! He was charged with felony second-degree assault.The victim was rushed into surgery, but fortunately the injuries aren’t life-threatening.

The police made sure to note that the victim wasn’t wearing Vikings gear.

Police said the victim wasn’t wearing Vikings attire.

[Star Tribune]


Don’t Want to Be an American Idiot

Amidst all the hoopla of last night’s Vikings/Packers Brett Favre fellatio-fest was this one fan who came out to support the local KTSP pre-game show. Sure, everyone there is talking football but — and I could be wrong here — he takes the chance to express his displeasure with the rock group, Green Day with a shirt saying “Fuck Green Day.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Sure, you might think his shirt is saying “Fuck Green Bay,” and I agree, that would certainly make more sense; but I’m a man filled with whimsy and capriciousness and prefer to look at him as a very rabid anti-Green Day Minnesotan.


Packers Fans are Taking the Loss of Favre Well

favrefireWith next Monday’s game between the Packers and the Vikings, tensions are running high in Wisconsin. Former hero Brett Favre has been vilified in the eyes of many Packers fans and his treachery will never be forgiven.
To that end, a local Wisconsin sports bar, the The Milwaukee Burger Co will have a flaming barrel available during half-time. All interested fans can burn their Favre pictures, jerseys, posters and other memorabilia in said barrel. The bar intends to donate $10 to a to-be-named charity for each item burned.
Hey, if you can’t get over the loss of a man who you never personally knew by burning the things that you bought to honor him, you’ll never get over him.


Don’t Say What You See…Don’t Say What You See…

Kenny Albert, during yesterday’s Titans/Packers duel seems to have gotten a bit distracted by the Titans’ cheerleaders while coming back from commercial. Sure, he calls the Packers the “Knockers” because he sees cheerleader boobs and that takes over his brain, I think we can all understand that. However, what is indefensible to me is who uses the word “knockers” any more? I mean c’mon there are THOUSANDS of euphemistic words to express sweater puppies, but Albert goes with an antiquated boring old man phrase. What is this, 1954? Stretch yourself Kenny, you’re a professional talker, you can do better than that!

[The Critical Fanatic]


This Huddling Up Business Stinks

The Green Bay Packers are playing awfully good football at the moment, and it looks like the concerns about Aaron Rodgers were unfounded. Is he Brett Favre yet, no, but he’s managing his games well so far and his team is 2-0 so the results speak for themselves so far. According to Greg Jennings, one of the Packers’ receivers there is very clear difference between the two QBs and it may have a lot to do with why the team is playing so efficiently thus far, “Brett’s a little more loose in there,” Jennings said. “You know, not that Aaron’s tight; he’s fine. But Brett was passing gas in the huddle.” Classy!

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