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The Marlins are ROBBING Miami

1379723371_60a1aa76faAfter years of wrangling the tax-payers, the Florida Marlins are now set to break ground on their new stadium in Little Havana, the project originally estimated to be around $1.8-2 billion has now seen cost estimates soar to approximately $2.4 billion. That seems like a lot.

Fortunately, the Marlins, awash in cash from their packed house every night are paying for the entire stadium out of their pocket.

Wait, I’m being informed that isn’t accurate. Oh, you’re telling me the Marlins are contributing $120 million towards construction and another $35 million to repay a loan from the county and that’s it? Seems to me that is a robust 6% of the ENTIRE construction costs. Wow, nicely done Marlins. I’m not quite clear how the team was able to swindle the city into giving them this deal, but it is an AWFUL one for the city. Even worse, the team is locking itself into a 40 year deal with the city, meaning that after the first season in the new park when the fans stop showing up, as they have done consistently in Florida, the city will be on the hook without gaining much back.

‘This is the sort of financing you do when you cannot afford it,” said Leo Guzman, president of securities firm Guzman & Co. in Coral Gables, who is not involved in the deal. Sounds like a ringing endorsement!

Also, the team is only building 37,000 seats, which is only a few hundred more than Fenway Park holds. The Red Sox sell out every game because their fans are passionate and so are able to contend thanks to high ticket prices and demand. The Marlins average 17K fans at their games, which is being VERY generous with counting, I simply don’t see how this will work out in the end for Miami, the Marlins or the citizens of Miami. Shame on the city managers who agreed to this deal in the first place.

Everyone would be best served by allowing the team to move to a market where the fans will actually show up to the games. Clearly the product on the field isn’t the issue because even when the Marlins were winning World Series the fans don’t show up until the playoffs.



Who Knew I’d Ever Side With a Yankee Fan

Here’s a scream-filled fight video from the game yesterday between the Marlins and Yankees down in friendly Florida. Some father, along with his young daughter intends to take in the game and instead has some crazed other fan attack him. Now, obviously, something was said earlier that set this all off prior to the video rolling but at least in the video it’s clear who was the aggressor. I will say the attacker makes a pretty crazy leap towards the dad, and the guy who is filming it makes a nice understatement when he turns the camera on himself and says “Holy shit!”

Happy Father’s Day!


The Marlins Know How to Draw a Crowd

accountantTonight’s matchup between the Florida Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals is notable not for the game itself, but because, finally, the promotional event everyone has been waiting for is here, the 5th Annual CPA Appreciation night.

Your CPA saved you some cash a couple months ago at tax time, now it’s time to reward him or her and give them the gift that everyone appreciates, a trip to an otherwise empty stadium! Hooray!

Spend that tax refund on your CPA, I bet you can even write it off as a charitable expense!

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Not the Danger I’d Expect from the Pfister

Copy of ghostsThe Florida Marlins finished out their series against the Milwaukee Brewers yesterday, and at least a couple players couldn’t be happier to get out of the Brew City. At least two pairs of Marlins players were sharing rooms at their hotel because of their fear of ghosts. It seems that the Marlins are staying at the Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee, the high class hotel is also famous for ghost sightings and other paranormal activity. Reportedly, the most popular sighting is of the hotel’s founder, Charles Pfister overlooking the lobby from the grand staircase.

The Marlins’ Josh Johnson and Dan Meyer had separate but adjoining rooms. “Every time there was a noise, JJ would yell, ‘It’s the ghosts,'” Meyer said.

“I heard a couple of noises,” Chris Volstad said with a laugh, “but I just closed my eyes.”

The Marlins aren’t the only ones to experience something scary while staying at the lovely Pfister. When he was with the Dodgers, Adrian Beltre reportedly was so scared he would sleep with a baseball bat in his bed just in case a specter came after him (the Dodgers no longer stay at the Pfister.) Last June the Twins’ Carlos Gomez got scared when his iPod, sitting on a table kept vibrating, despite Gomez turning it off several times. Sounds SPOOKY!

The players should be thankful that the ghosts of the Pfister don’t do something much much worse.

[Palm Beach Post]



Yesterday in the Marlins clubhouse, upset with the team’s new dress code, Hanley Ramirez was extremely angry, grabbed a sharpie and wrote on his t-shirt, “I’m sick of this shit.” He told reporters and teammates in the locker room “I’m angry, I want to be traded.”

All of this started because the new Marlins dress code requires him to cut off his cornrows and he won’t be allowed to play while wearing jewelry anymore. “It’s incredible,” he said later. “We’re big-leaguers.”

“We want to look professional,” manager Fredie Gonzalez said. “Nice and neat.”

After throwing his temper tantrum, Hanley met up with and chatted with team President David Samson, GM Larry Beinfest and assistant GM Mike Hill, and came out singing a different tune.

“Everything’s great, I’m fine,” he said. “My mind calmed down.”

When asked if that meant he didn’t want to be traded anymore, he said with a smile, “Everything’s going to be fine.”


Theo, call up the Marlins again, offer them Clay, Lowrie and nearly whatever else. I want Hanley back in a Red Sox uniform. We can make him happiest! I miss you Hanley!

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Attention Miami-Based Readers

The Florida Marlins’ extra large male dancing squad are holding open auditions this Sunday for next year’s squad, and I strongly urge you to try out. The only requirements are for you to be over 18 years old, arrive at the audition in Marlins gear and be prepared to learn a choreographed routine, also they are looking for “bellies with the biggest jiggle, big feet with the best dance moves and enthusiasm that will rock Marlins fans out of their seats.”

Since there are usually only 64 people at a Marlins game, getting the fans out of their seats isn’t too difficult, in fact, you can go around to them individually!



Bring Hanley Back

It seems like it’s a moot point, but I like the aggressiveness of the Red Sox brass in checking in on former farmhand Hanley Ramirez’ availability in the aftermath of the Teixeira signing. That said, the reported starting price of Clay Buchholz and Jacoby Ellsbury seem pretty high. Even still, I’m not sure it’s not worth it to get Hanley, with the condition that Ramirez comes as a center fielder and not as a shortstop. I didn’t want to give up Jacoby and Buchholz for Johan Santana but for Hanley I think it is not necessarily too much. All of 25 years old, Ramirez has averaged 27 HRs and 36 steals per season with a career OPS+ so far of 135!

Sure, would giving up on Buchholz and Ellsbury hurt? You bet it would, just as the initial trading away of Hanley did, but just like that trade, the reward would, I believe, ultimately outweigh that cost. Adding Hanley as a center fielder would add that power bat to the lineup that the Sox need, his speed matches Jacoby’s, keeping that new element in the Sox’ game and his star is rising, every year Hanley is getting better and better. If he can be moved off shortstop where he is a butcher getting by on sheer athleticism I think there is no reason he isn’t one of the most dominant players in the game for the next 10 years.

On the other hand, for the Marlins, even getting back two STUD prospects might not be enough for Hanley. That franchise has no one else to market their team around otherwise. I mean, Dan Uggla does not park fans in the seats. Then again, nobody on the Marlins seems to bring fans to the stadium…


I Want to Pay Attention But For Some Reason I Can’t

How am I supposed to pay any attention whatsoever to whatever it was Kevin Burkhardt was blabbering about during last night’s game with this in the background?

I want to pay attention, I’m sure Kevin’s conversations with Jerry Manuel were very deep and profound but I just have this one vision dancing through my head every time they would cut back to him in this segment, I think it went a little something like this:

Some quick research finds out that this is one of the lovely and talented Marlins “Mermaids”, by the name of Glenda. Thanks to their totally kick-ass interactive site, we can find out that Glenda, who terms her fashion sense as “Classy Trendy” also “would describe myself as unique, adventurous, and ambitious.” Sounds spunky!

I know that I would pay much attention to Kevin whenever he speaks if SNY made this a trend…It certainly makes watching the Mets more interesting that’s for sure.

Join us below the jump for a couple more shots of the delightfully fun Glenda, or check out her gallery here.

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That’s One Way to Honor a Teammate

Marlins pitcher Justin Miller has an incredible amount of tattoos on his body. Miller has so many that he is required to wear a long sleeve shirt every time he pitches so as not to distract batters, the rule is even referred to as “the Justin Miller rule.” Even better, Miller has quite the sense of humor regarding his tattoos, take one of the tattoos he has on his ass that reads, “I (heart) Billy Koch” because of a bet he had lost against Koch, who gave him $2000 and paid for the tattoo in exchange. Koch even ended up giving $500 to Miller’s wife as an apology.

“It was a silly bet. Honestly, at the time I was getting a lot of tattoos. [Koch and I] got traded for each other a couple of years before. I have fun telling that story, and we’re boys to this day. He’ll definitely never let me forget about it,” Miller says in an interview with Inked magazine. “I think [my teammates] wait until the shower just so they can peek instead of asking to see my ass.”

Of course, you know how baseball players get, once you get one of your teammates’ names tattooed on your posterior you need to get EVERYONE’S name tattooed there.

Fellow Marlins pitcher/troublemaker  Scott Olsen, always one to commemorate nights where things go wrong by using the ass of another man, has approached Miller with a proposition of his own, “He wants me to get his mug shot (left) tattooed on my ass. I don’t think that’s going to work,” says Miller. “I don’t think my wife wants to see Olsen’s picture there. So we’re not going to go with that.”

Miller’s tattoos have caused other difficulties, besides his friends trying to have their faces forever next to his anus. Last year, while pitching in Japan, “he was banned from the Disneyland amusement park in Tokyo because of his tattoos. He ignored that rule, walking right through the park entrance turnstiles without missing a beat.”

He’s not done yet either, but he is running out of blank space, “my wife won’t let me get my neck tattooed. I’ve wanted to get one on my head, and my wife sort of put her foot down on that,” he says. “People give me crap. [They say,] ‘Hey, you’d be out [on the pitching mound] in a turtleneck and a beanie.’ That’s something I think I’ll end up doing after baseball.”


An Idea to Make Baseball Better

Nationals Marlins Baseball

You’ve seen it at every Marlins home game. Same with the Pazuzu Rays or most Dodgers games. Nationals games definitely have the same issue; empty seats all over the stadium. There is nothing more pathetic than watching a game and seeing whole sections with no one in them, and no section is worse with constantly empty seats than the area behind home plate. Now, bad teams–although the Rays are on the upswing and the Dodgers should be good but their fans are generally some of the lamest possible–are always going to have trouble selling seats, I get that, but it would seem to me that there would be some inherent advantages in making it seem like more people are at the game.

There is probably no single shot used in a baseball game more than that of the center field camera focusing in on the plate, it’s probably used 200+ times per game. Wouldn’t there be some inherent value for the teams to at least pad their broadcast a little by making it SEEM like there are more people actually at the game?

I understand that for baseball teams the money generated by the seats behind home plate and around the dugouts can be enormous, but here’s something I don’t understand. If there is no one in those seats by the end of the first couple of innings why not have staff move around the stadium and offer those seats to the other fans that are spread out across the stadium. The premium seats are either sold and no one showed up or remain unsold and would be otherwise empty, so why not fill them up? Sure, some fans will be more than happy to stay in the upper decks or whateves, but most will jump at the opportunity to get closer to the action. For many fans, it would probably be the closest they’ve ever sat to the game and would be a forever memorable occasion.

What good does it do to keep those seats empty the entire game? The team wouldn’t be losing money because those seats are going to remain unsold or unused regardless and the fans that would be offered the seats would have already paid for their initial tickets. Furthermore, the amount of positive PR this would acquire could only serve to help the team that did this. If I knew that every time I went to a game that there was a chance I could be upgraded for free to a premium seat why wouldn’t I try and go as much as possible and take advantage of such an opportunity?

Now some of these seats include drink and food service, I could see that this might cause a financial loss for the team, so, solution, make server service unavailable for those who are upgraded and didn’t actually pay for the premium amenities. The game alone from that close would be special enough and I can’t imagine fans wouldn’t be cooperative or understanding.

Not only will some goodwill be earned with the fans who are supportive enough to keep coming to otherwise empty stadiums but it will spread out exponentially. As fans tune into the games or see recaps they will see that shot of home plate again and again, if they see lots of people in the seats the assumption would be that the team is more popular and might entice those important casual fans to make a few more trips to the stadium. Again, if those same fans knew there was a decent chance they would get a chance to sit in such incredible seats they would be even more likely to return several times.

In addition, the national media, ESPN, et al would eat this story up. Big rich company gives back to the little guy? Sounds to me like some really great PR for whatever team decides to employ such a strategy (or employs the brilliant guy who thought up said strategy…)

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Shawn Hill’s Turn to Shine

Anticipation has built for quite some time, but now, the day of reckoning comes. Favored reader April’s relative, Shawn Hill will make his season debut against the vaunted Marlins team. The reeling Nationals, losers of their last 8 of 10 games, desperately need a shot in the arm. Hopefully Hill will deliver.

My suggestion is that he avoid having any balls go towards left field and Wily Mo ” Stone Hands” Pena.

Good luck Shawn!

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