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boston_red_sox_mnv_01The NY Times (part owner of the Red Sox) are reporting that both Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz were on the list of players who tested positive in 2003.



False positive? False hope? I still love Ortiz, but if this is true…sigh…I don’t even know. Ugh.

No name surprises me, but some can still make me sad.

[NY Times]


The 2009 All Star Game

Here’s a question for you out there, currently, Manny Ramirez is the 4th highest vote getter for outfielders for this season’s All Star game, despite him being out for 50 games for testing positive for steroids. In the AL, Alex Rodriguez is likely to be the leading vote getter at his position. Both players have been linked directly with steroids in the last few months — although supposedly A-Rod’s trangressions were all in the past — but are now in a position to be feted and honored by the sport and the fans. Is this right?

The NFL instituted the “Shawn Merriman Rule” which makes a player who tests positive for PEDs ineligible from the Pro Bowl, should MLB consider something similar?

I’m interested in your opinions out there. Mine is that if you test positive in a season you should be ineligible for any All Star games or post season awards for that season. This is not a directly anti-Manny backlash, but he’s just the first player where this situation has directly come up; there wasn’t a lot of worry about JC Romero getting anywhere near the All Star game before. What do YOU think?



Manny Ramirez has been SUSPENDED for 50 games for performance enhancing drugs according to the LA Times.

Ramirez is expected to attribute the test results to medication received from a doctor for a personal medical issue, according to a source familiar with matter but not authorized to speak publicly.

With the suspension taking effect with tonight’s game at Dodger Stadium, Ramirez will not be eligible to return to the team until July 3.


The official announcement is supposed to be come later today. Manny has denied ever being linked to any PEDs before and when told that Jose Canseco believed it 90% likely that Manny had previously tested positive replied, “I got no comment, nothing to say about that. What can I say? I don’t even know the guy.”

[LA Times]


I Like Matt Kemp

“You’re late,” Manny Ramirez told Matt Kemp when he strolled into the clubhouse at 8:30 a.m.. “I was here at 6:30.”

“I was here three weeks ago,” replied Kemp.



Manny Gets a Two Year Offer!

The Worcester Tornadoes of the Can-Am Baseball league have officially offered Manny Ramirez a 2 year contract and are awaiting word from Scott Boras as to if Manny’ll accept it or not.

“I feel Manny would really enjoy playing in Worcester and hitting in our ballpark. Although I would be concerned about the cars traveling on I-290 during his at bats, it’s a risk worth taking,” said General Manager, Jorg Bassiacos.

Everything is in place for the Tornadoes to handle the circus that Manny attracts, manager Rich Gedman, a long-time major leaguer himself is well used to the media crush and should be helpful to Manny. Not only that, playing in Worcester would bring Manny back to the Massachusetts area so he can reunite with the fans he alienated when he forced his way off the Red Sox. The offer, 2 years for $24,000, is the highest offer possible with the salary-cap structure of the Can-Am league and would place Manny in the upper echelon of salaries with other veterans in the league.

I think this is the mystery team Boras always talks about!

[MLN Sports]


Why HAVEN’T The Mets Signed Manny?

The biggest surprise to me this off-season, as the days to pitchers and catchers dwindle down–14 by the way–is that Manny Ramirez remains unsigned, and most surprisingly, that the Mets have made no effort to sign him. Omar Minaya has had a man-crush on Manny for YEARS, trying to acquire him pretty much since the moment he became the Mets GM. Yet now, when the cost of acquiring Manny is a mere draft pick, Los Mets are nowhere to be seen.

Let’s look at the Mets team for next season, do they have a hole in the batting lineup for a slugger? Yes. Do they have a need for a left fielder who can stay on the field? Yes. Is Manny Ramirez latino? Yes!

How is this not a fit? In the last 8 years, he has played 140+ games 5 times, which is plenty for a Mets team who last year had to deal with approximately 18 different left fielders last season. The addition of Manny to the Mets lineup would make their team much more powerful and more likely to be able to endure all those starts that the team seems intent on giving to Tim Redding. Do you have any idea what the Mets current situation at LF is? Here is the depth chart as listed on the Mets official site: Daniel Murphy (a ROOKIE INFIELDER), Fernando Tatis (old, highly unlikely to duplicate his stats from last year), Nick Evans (at best a 4th OF), Marlon Anderson (really?), and Angel Pagan (meh). Quite the murderer’s row.

Let’s take a look at the lineup if Manny were on the Mets:
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Schilling Says He and Manny Fought 4 Times

While doing an event with WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan to help fund raise for Curt Schilling’s ALS charities, Schill took some questions from the audience and had some interesting words to say about his time with Manny Ramirez as a teammate. Most interesting, Schilling revealed that during his years as a teammate he and Manny had 4 different physical run-ins with each other. Curt also claimed that his teammates stopped him from going after Manny the first time Schilling noticed him taking a play off, early on in Schilling’s tenure as a Red Sox. None of this is particularly “news” but it’s interesting nonetheless, I have a feeling that years from now when a bunch more books are written about these Red Sox teams that we’re going to learn a lot more about who Manny Ramirez was behind the scenes and how his teammates reacted to him. In the meantime, we have the chief blowhard Schilling out there letting us know.

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