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SHOCK! Barry Bonds’ Career is Over!

Jeff Borris, the agent for erstwhile San Francisco Giant Barry Bonds is apparently the last one to realize that his client’s career is over. While Bonds is still not officially retired, “It’s two years since he played his last game, and if there was any chance he’d be back in a major-league uniform, it would have happened by now,” Jeff Borris said.

“When 2008 came around, I couldn’t get him a job. When 2009 came around, I couldn’t get him a job. Now, 2010 … I’d say it’s nearly impossible,” Borris said, “It’s an unfortunate ending to a storied career.”

Sure, it’s somewhat unfortunate, but had Bonds been willing to sublimate his ego and accept a far-reduced salary he probably could have caught on with someone in 2008. Because he was unwilling to accept that his very presence causes a whole host of problems for his club, and that those problems translate to less salary for him, Bonds was left without a job. It’s somewhat of a shame, he could probably still walk onto a field today and post up a OPS over .900 and sock 20 HRs in limited service.

That’s the way megalomania goes, I suppose.



Beware the Mighty FLYING SQUIRRELS!

The AA affiliate of the San Francisco Giants have recently changed their name via a fan contest and are now going to be playing as the Richmond Flying Squirrels. Sure it’s not a particularly imposing sounding name, but this is baseball, are people really intimidated by the Rockies name? Or the Red Sox? Or Dodgers?

While they may not have a commanding name, the Flying Squirrels do have a totally kick-ass new logo on their side.

“We feel real good about what we came up with,” said Flying Squirrels vice president Todd Parnell. “It’s kid-friendly, but has a little bit of an edge to it. Today was important because it gave us an identity. A team without a logo is like a blind date, where you know the person’s name going in but don’t know what they look like.”

[MiLB via Rob Neyer]


You Got a Joint? It’d Be a Lot Cooler if You Did

LincecumMitchIn one of the least surprising misdemeanors of all time, 2008 Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum was pulled over for speeding just over the Oregon border in Washington. His 2006 Mercedes was clocked going 74 in a 60 zone,
which frankly is a ridiculous reason to be pulled over, and when the police officer approached the window the smell of weed came out.
Lincecum, after being asked by the officer handed over a pipe and about 3.3 grams of weed, in one bud. Under Washington law any amount of weed under 40 grams is considered for personal use.
“It’s not really out of the ordinary. It happens every day,” Washington State Patrolman Steve Schatzel said of the amount of weed Lincecum had with him. “It was about the size of a thumb, the whole thumb.”

All told, Lincecum could face a $622 fine for the misdemeanor possession, paraphernalia and the speeding ticket. Despite making a mere $650,000, this shouldn’t put Tim in the poor-house.



Brad Penny Partakes in Some Smirnoff Action

Brad Penny wasn’t so lucky on the field when he played for the Red Sox this season; however, he turned his season around, and made himself some money, by putting up strong numbers down the stretch for the San Francisco Giants. Off the field Penny has done very well for himself, including dating for a time Alyssa Milano who is far far far far far far out his league. He’s done it again as noted scumbags and rumor-mongers TMZ captured a video of Penny making out with his apparent new love interest, Dancing With the Stars dancer Karina Smirnoff. I don’t get it, he looks like he was hit in the face with a paint bucket of ugly, yet he attracts these hotties. Is it just that he’s rich? It’s not like he’s some highly tuned athlete, I’m probably in better shape than he is.

Then again, she dated Mario Lopez for two years, so clearly she doesn’t have much in the way of taste…

Vodpod videos no longer available.



Should the Mets Trade Jose Reyes?

JoseReyesLast night the Mets continued their efforts to completely demoralize their last remaining fans by closing out their season series with the Nationals, and of course, did so with another loss. After the game team officials confirmed that Jose Reyes’ injured hamstring had actually gotten WORSE and he suffered a tear that will probably require surgery.

So, here’s a crazy idea and I wonder who blinks first on this one. The San Francisco Giants are desperate for offense, and while they primarily need power bats, more than anything else they need OPS men. Besides Pablo Sandoval (.930) they don’t have a single regular player with an OPS above .743. Ignoring this season’s largely injured season, Jose Reyes OPS the last three full season years has put up an average OPS of .816, certainly not amazing, but better than anyone else on the Giants.

For a long time there have been rumors of a deal that makes too much sense for both teams, the Brewers trade Prince Fielder to the Giants for Matt Cain. That deal definitely works for both teams, but what if instead the Giants traded Cain to the Mets? Would the Giants or Mets hang up first? Reyes is signed to a much more affordable contract than Prince (whose agent is also Scott Boras) and for more years, he plays a premier position and is a dynamic lead-off man (presuming that he’s healthy.)

So, what do you think, am I crazy? Which team would be more scared/willing to make this deal? Chime in!


The Giants Fail at Bobbleheads


Bobblehead promotions are one of the easiest ways to entice fans to come to the ballpark; after all, who doesn’t love free collectibles of their favorite players? Unlike the Cleveland Indians who know how to make the coolest and most interesting bobbleheads (here, here and here), the San Francisco Giants marketing staff has some work to do. That is, unless you’re some HUGE Jon Miller fan…

I know I’ve been waiting my WHOLE life for the chance to have Miller’s bobbing Hawaiian-shirted visage grace my home. And look at that smile! Now isn’t that precisely what you want staring at you as you doze off to sleep at night?

I thought promotions were something you were supposed to get you to WANT to go to the game…Do not WANT.

[San Francisco Giants]


Righty Reliever Simply Not Deceptive Enough

Julio Mateo is best known for…well, actually, Julio Mateo isn’t really known for anything on the diamond. He’s a scrub reliever who spent a couple years with the Mariners, never particularly distinguishing himself. He had one semi-solid year in 2005 and otherwise there is nothing noteworthy about his playing career.

These days he’s pitching in the SF Giants’ minor league system and was arrested over the weekend for passing counterfeit $100 bills. Mateo, no stranger to the lawman was also once arrested in May 2007 in a Manhattan hotel after he he admitted to striking his wife and was charged with third-degree assault which then precipitated his release from the Mariners system.

Reportedly, Mateo and a teammate were in a taxi on their way back to their Albuquerque hotel when he used the fake $100 to pay the $26.80 cab fare. The driver then tried to use the bill to pay his dispatcher but  after using a marking pen, they found out it was fake and so he drove back to the team’s hotel and called the police.

When police approached Mateo in the hotel and started patting him down, he immediately told them in Spanish that he “didn’t pass the bad money.” Probably not the best thing to say when they haven’t even informed you yet why they are there; methinks it smacks a skosh of guilt.

Although certainly not as much as the two stacks of fake $100 bills in his hotel room on the table that the police found upon entering his room, that more screams guilt than smacks. Mateo was taken into custody by the Secret Service and is likely to be charged sometime in the next few days. The Giants have yet to take any action against him, but it seems probable that his attempts to get back to the majors will be on hold for the next 7-10…


Is Barry Zito Biodegradable?

Have you ever thought about what you would do with a million dollars, how you’d spend it, what awesome things you could do or buy? What about winning the lottery, say, a megabucks worth 126 million dollars? Well, now imagine that you have that money and you can only spend it on one thing, a curveball pitcher who can’t strike anyone out, who walks way too many people and whose reputation is partly based on erroneously winning the Cy Young over Pedro Martinez based almost solely on win totals*. Want to kill yourself yet? Try this link that my buddy Garnold found where you can see how many years at your current salary it would take to equal Barry Zito’s yearly $14.5million. Now you’ll definitely want to kill yourself.

Only 17 months into a 7 year contract, Barry Zito has been taken out of the rotation and placed in the bullpen for the time being. With an ERA of 7.53 in nearly 29 innings, he has been ridiculously ineffective, a WHIP just shy of 2, and a K:BB of 11:15 adds up to Zito being garbage right now.

What happened to the fun-loving Zito who brought a devastating 12-6 curveball that just froze hitters? The Zito who won 40 games in his first two full seasons has disappeared from sight. The guy once struck out 200 hitters but now is lucky to get ANY swing and misses, how could this have happened?

Clearly, right now, with his control terrible, and hitters knowing this, they are keying off ALL of his pitches as he just tries to get ANYTHING to be a strike. The way he’s pitching right now, especially off his 84 mph fastball, I think even I could go 3-4 with a couple doubles off him.

Could it be that Zito misses the fun days of the crazy A’s? Back when he, Mark Mulder and Tim Hudson all lived together, everything seemed to be easy for these three stud pitchers. It seemed like they might become the new version of the Braves, with their pitchers trading off Cy Young seasons back and forth. Zito who had been maybe the most initially advanced though got passed by his teammates. Also, unfortunately, of course it bares mentioning that the offensive catalyst of that team Jason Giambi is a known steroids user and it is likely that other players on the team used them as well. Maybe Zito should call his uncle, actor Patrick Duffy for how he handled the transition from a show like Dallas to Step by Step. Or maybe Zito is out too much with the Hollywood starlets, most recently Hillary Duff. It is possible that he no longer is bringing his stuffed animal collection on the road or maybe he just needs to change his incense, maybe some Nag Champa to lighten up the room?

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“Barry Who? Never Heard of Him…”

The San Francisco Giants have purified their stadium and removed all images and remnants of Barry Bonds from the premises. Certainly now no one will ever associate the two together again.

As Barry slowly approaches trial for perjury it seems that the team wants no negative connotations to overwhelm what should be the worst or second worst team in all of baseball. It is not like, without Barry Bonds, that incredible stadium of theirs wouldn’t exist right? Or that the only reason that the team got any coverage in the last few years was because of Barry.

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