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A F$#ked Up Way to Honor Their Teammate

85131457KD040_TEXAS_RANGERSI totally get and appreciate the way the Angels have handled the loss of Nick Adenhart all season long; his death was unfortunate and he clearly impacted his teammates. Maybe I’m obtuse, but it seems to me that if you want to honor someone who was killed in a DRUNK-DRIVING accident maybe you don’t POUR BEER all over his uniform and photo on the outfield wall. I mean, am I crazy? I love that they wanted to celebrate “with” him as though he were there, that’s a really wonderful sentiment, but the execution is totally messed up.

[LA Times]


Angels Owner Knows How to Throw Down

Angels owner Arte Moreno has shown he’ll make bold moves to help his team on and off the field. Whether it’s lowering beer prices, trading for Mark Teixeira or signing Torii Hunter, if it will help the team, he’s in. With last night’s clinching of the AL West, the team celebrated in the locker room and he was on hand to join in the festivities.

If you can’t appreciate a team owner who double-fists Budweiser tall-boys, I don’t even want to know you.

Arte Moreno Double-fisting[Beto Duran]


Ervin Santana Has a Potty Mouth

After out-dueling super-ace Justin Verlander 5 days ago, Angels starter Ervin Santana can be forgiven for a brief lapse of judgement when speaking with Angels team reporter Jose Mota after the game. While his language may not have been appropriate for television, Santana, who is back with a vengeance after an elbow injury earlier in the year, is more than welcome to say whatever he wants on Angels TV if he continues pitching as he has.

And really, isn’t that the attitude you WANT from an ace pitcher?


Who Chooses ERVIN?

Tonight’s starter for the Angels, Ervin Santana, a man who helped destroy my fantasy season last year came on this year remarkably well, pitching extremely efficiently and getting 214 strikeouts. Interestingly, according to his wikipedia page, Santana’s real name is actually Johan. He’s really Johan Santana! Before 2003 Santana went by Johan but when the real Johan became so successful, the Angel’s Johan decided to change his name so there wouldn’t be any confusion. According to Santana he decided it thusly, “I just came up with Ervin…Ervin Santana, that sounds good.” Sounds scientific! Born Johan Ramon Santana, appparently Ervin didn’t like the sound of Ramon Santana and arbitrarily opted for Ervin. Here’s my question, how is THAT the name that you choose for your 21 year old self? Was he a big Magic Johnson fan? If I could rename myself at age 21 it certainly would not have been with a name like Ervin, I think I might go by Snake Oil. Or maybe Lion-O. Both would be more bad-ass choices than Ervin. That simply baffles me.

So, readers, what names would you choose?


Angels Futility

I heard these stats on WEEI and haven’t been able to track them down yet, but they are pretty ridiculous. Apparently in their last 50 some innings the Angels are yet to hit a post-season home run. Not only that, but over their last 70 some post-season innings they are yet to hold a lead larger than 1 run. Oh yeah, and of course they have lost now 10 straight against the Sox in the playoffs. Yummy!


A Wild and Crazy Night at Dodger Stadium

Generally when you go out and pitch a no-hitter, you can chalk that game up in the win column. For the erstwhile California Angels, that was not the case Saturday night. Jered Weaver pitched 6 innings of no-hit ball but was lifted in the 7th for a pinch hitter. Unfortunately, thanks to two back-to-back errors in the fifth (the first of which was somewhat questionably), Matt Kemp had scored on a sacrifice fly, making the score 1-0 in the favor of the Dodgers.

Thanks to the asinine NL lack of a DH, the Angels were forced in a one-run game to remove Weaver in order to try and generate some offense. If only his team had a player that they could have hit for Weaver and leave him in the lineup, someone whose sole job it was to hit, thus enabling the pitcher to concentrate on just his pitching. Sigh. Continue reading ‘A Wild and Crazy Night at Dodger Stadium’

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