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Rondo Vs. the World, Who You Going to Take?

Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo is one of the fastest players in the NBA, able to go coast-to-coast in practically no time. Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans has quickly become one of the best running backs in football, running a 4.24 40 time and just blowing past defenders. Never one to avoid a challenge, Rondo let it be known he wants to race Johnson.

According to Johnson’s Twitter feed

America needs to see this race! I hope this happens, we could soon see a whole new era of sports competition with super-athletes matching their physical prowesses against one another.

[Red’s Army]


Titans Owner Flips Bills Fans the Bird

Bud Adams Flipping the Bird

The Titans have gone through a difficult season; fresh off a 13-3 season they were expected to be serious contenders again this season. Instead they’ve seen their team collapse and become a door mat for the rest of the league to walk all over. Their owner Bud Adams has had his franchise since the inception of the AFL and is the senior owner in the NFL, as we get older apparently we get more ornery.

At yesterday’s Titans/Bills game at home Adams was overly enthused and started giving the middle finger to the Bills sideline. Unfortunately for Adams, many many many people captured his gesture on camera and I would imagine he’ll be fined quite handily by the commissioner’s office. Amusingly, Commissioner Goodell was AT the game, IN BUD’S BOOTH although presumably wasn’t around when Adams signed his displeasure with the Bills. I would have LOVED to see Goodell just straight up tackle Adams down as soon as he flashed the first bird.

Oh well, another time!

[Sports by Brooks]


Patriots GM’s Wife Blasts Titans Organization

Floyd ReeseThe Patriots organization is notorious for their silence on most media issues, they don’t give out information unless forced to and take pride in their secrecy. So it was a bit surprising to see Senior Football Advisor Floyd Reese’s wife Sally making some emotional statements on a Tennessee radio station regarding her husband’s departure from the organization and his relationship with head coach Jeff Fisher.

I was here in Nashville, and I was listening…and I just had to kind of set the record straight, because my husband won’t. There was no fighting between Jeff and Floyd. I will say this, if pressed, that different people called us for months before and said they were picking sides…

So bottom line is my husband just went along and did his job and everything was just fine and one day he went to work and said, ‘Gee after 21 years we’re going in a different direction.’ Floyd still kind of didn’t get that. It was like, ‘What, what’ Now what I read and I hear all that stuff. My husband was totally oblivious. All he did was his job.

While Floyd was enroute to London with the rest of the Patriots he was apparently unaware that his wife was making the call.

He won’t like it. My son just called me a little while ago, and had I told him, he would have gotten through to Floyd on the plane. So I didn’t tell him either. But it’s all good. Oh, and the last thing when the statement was issued, when Floyd issued a statement. Floyd didn’t issue a statement. Underwood made it up. That’s another thing. I don’t know if that’s a lawsuit, but being a vindictive wife, I would have done a lawsuit.

He kept Jeff from getting fired two times. So if he’d let him get fired, he’d still be there. Hello? That’s hindsight. But you know paybacks — can I say bitch? — payback’s a bitch. Sunday I was hoping they’d run it to 100. And I love Tennessee. All you Tennessee people, my dad’s from Tennessee, but when you get sucker punched, you want to sucker punch back. My husband said it would be very uncool. He said, ‘We have to play them again.’ I said I only hope.

Reese spent 21 years in the Oilers/Titans organization prior to his resignation, which Sally claims wasn’t even written by her husband. I wouldn’t expect a comment coming from him (or Sally) anytime soon.

[Nashville City Paper]


Jeff Fisher Just Wants to Be a Part of a Winner

fisherJeff Fisher is the longest currently tenured NFL head coach, guiding the Oilers/Titans since 1994 so his loyalty to the franchise really shouldn’t be questioned. However, he did make the bizarre choice while attending a charity event, Rally for Rocketown at Lipscomb University, Fisher arrived on stage to introduce his friend and former Colts head coach Tony Dungy and wore a Peyton Manning Colts uniform.

While apparently people in Tennessee are calling for Fisher’s head now, I think first everyone needs to recognize that it was a charity event and a joke, even if Fisher told the crowd, “I just wanted to feel like a winner.” The man has ably served the Titans organization and isn’t likely to purposefully embarrass the franchise. That said, I don’t think we’d ever see Bill Belichick, or Tom Coughlin or Bill Cowher ever do anything like this. I’m not sure what kind of message this sends along to the Titans players, although, considering how miserably they’ve played, I’m sure they can appreciate the sentiment of wanting to be a part of something successful. Especially considering this past week’s demolishing at the hands of the Patriots.

fisher1[Last Angry Fan]


Titans Fans Left Hungry After Patriots Beatdown

Titanscoupon3In this economy nearly everyone has been forced to cut back on the things we love; say you’re a pepperoni pizza addict but the extra charge for toppings has just become too much for you. Papa Johns decided to help, affixing a coupon to their pizza boxes to customers in the Memphis area.

Unfortunately, the conditions of the coupon are that for every touchdown the Titans score customers get the same number of toppings free; since they were shut out by the Patriots with a 59-0 drubbing, it looks like all those pepperoni addicts are in trouble.

Considering how the season has progressed so far for the 0-6 Titans, this promotion looks to leave many Titans fans disappointed.

Thankfully the promotion ends 11/8, meaning fans won’t be tortured for too much longer. Although it does mean that they’re left paying for all those delicious toppings…

[The Mac Bros]


I’m Ready for Some Football

Football is BACK! Last night was the start of the preseason games with the Buffalo Bills taking on the Tennessee Titans in the annual Hall of Fame game. Early in the first quarter, the Titans’ backup punter, AJ Trapasso came on in a 4th and 10 situation. He executes a totally awesome fake and then takes it 40 yards to the house. Football is back!


LenDale Stops Pounding Tequila and Sheds Weight

200908012003721805521-pf.rp350x350Tennessee Titans running back LenDale White (right) showed up at training camp having lost over 30 pounds during the offseason, coming in at his lowest weight since high school. Forget watching his diet or intense workout sessions, White merely cut out liquor from his lifestyle, in particular, Patron tequila.

“I really got to be honest,” White said. “It wasn’t a lot of major diet changes. (It was) watching what I drink. I was a big Patron consumer. … That’s what it was. I was drinking a lot, drank a lot of alcohol. I cut that out of my diet all the way. I don’t drink at all. I cut the drinking, I stopped drinking for six months.

“It started falling off.”

Now, White hopes to maintain his power and hard-nosed style throughout the entire season.

Meanwhile, as one NFL player moves off drinking, the league is marketing team-logoed beer pong tables to fans. Because, if you can’t support binge drinking, the terrorists have already aren’t a true Lions fan.


[NBC Sports]


Coach Fisher Chutes in to Practice

fisherskydiveThe Tennessee Titans have been flying through this season en route to their current undefeated record so, to spice things up a little, head coach Jeff Fisher decided to make a big entrance to Thursday’s practice. As the players filtered out to the practice field, they noticed 4 parachutists coming down towards them. At first the players were confused, then, as they came in to land, the players realized that coach Fisher was coming down too. Joining up with some members of the 101st Airborne Cavalry, Fisher tandem jumped out of a helicopter about 12,000 feet up onto the practice field.

“We didn’t know what was going on. We saw the parachuters coming down and then we see Coach Fish,” linebacker Stephen Tulloch said. “It is cool to have a coach like that. … Everybody was excited. To see him do that, it made practice that much more fun. We didn’t know it was him, and then we saw his blue jacket and knew it was him.”

While Fisher didn’t comment on the stunt after practice with reporters, the players said that the message the coach was giving them was about overcoming obstacles. One of the parachutists was Sgt. Max Ramsey who had lost a leg in Iraq, which left quite the impression on the players. “He has been able to overcome that adversity and still do what he does,’’ Tulloch said. “It shows us no matter what, we can accomplish what we want. That’s what I took from it. … It is unbelievable.”


Don’t Say What You See…Don’t Say What You See…

Kenny Albert, during yesterday’s Titans/Packers duel seems to have gotten a bit distracted by the Titans’ cheerleaders while coming back from commercial. Sure, he calls the Packers the “Knockers” because he sees cheerleader boobs and that takes over his brain, I think we can all understand that. However, what is indefensible to me is who uses the word “knockers” any more? I mean c’mon there are THOUSANDS of euphemistic words to express sweater puppies, but Albert goes with an antiquated boring old man phrase. What is this, 1954? Stretch yourself Kenny, you’re a professional talker, you can do better than that!

[The Critical Fanatic]

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