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Fenway Park: Robot in Disguise

In honor of today’s Winter Classic, and because I like time-lapse stuff, here is some time-lapse video of the Winter Classic at Fenway Park ice rink being set up. Viva 2010!


The Winter Classic Looks Magical

When you think of fine wine probably the FIRST thing you think of is the NHL. Or at least I do, but then I’m a classy kind of guy.

For those of you unaware, the NHL has an official special event wine maker, Joseph George, who makes special wines and bottles for “the All-Star Games and milestone player accomplishment bottles as well as the new Winter Classic bottles.”

Awesome! Now when you think varietals, you too should think of the NHL.

Me, I’m too busy scheming of a way to get tickets to the Winter Classic at Fenway. Sure, it’s going to be balls-ass cold, but think about how incredibly amazing it will be to watch a hockey game out at the ol’ ballpark!

One artist has an idea what it will be like, pretty dope if you ask me.  It’d definitely be kick-ass if it snows during the game, but Al Gore believes that won’t happen. I’d also imagine there will be a hell of a lot more NBC signage up, but otherwise, this looks pretty magical.

So, if you have a spare ticket lying around, why not take your friendly neighborhood sports blogger. After all, I already bring so much happiness into your life, isn’t it time you repay the favor?

[Puck Daddy]


Owner Bobbleheads are the Newest Collector’s Item

ebffbe1413_Henry_06302009Red Sox owner John Henry married his blushing 30 year old bride, Linda Pizzuti over the weekend at Fenway while the Sox were out on the road. Instead of boring gifts for their guests, the billionaire gave out silver picture-frames with the guests standing in front of the Green Monster or with the World Series trophies. Pretty sweet!

As well, when the friends and family streamed out of the stadium they were given an additional present, a John Henry/Linda bobblehead! Unfortunately for the Henry’s, according to the gossip hounds over at the Boston Herald, “Many, many, of the parting gifts, we’re told, were left behind.”

[Boston Herald]


A-Rod Did Steroids!

Last night’s Red Sox game featured a nice outcome for me, the Sox taking their 8th straight win over the Yankees (7th this year) but I won’t get overly confident just yet because the last few years this exact scenario has played out several times. Early in the season the Sox roll over the Yankees, later in the year, the Yankees get their turn and then, at the end of the season one team leads the season series 10-9 or 10-8.

However, I did enjoy one bit last night when, in the 9th while facing Jonathan Papelbon, Alex Rodriguez was serenaded by the Fenway faithful with some derisive heckling. As he batted the cheer went up all around Fenway, “YOU DO STEROIDS,” now, I found this very amusing, and I appreciated the elan of the crowd but I will say, I’m a bit disappointed that that was the best the crowd could come up with.

I expect more creativity from the crowd, but I do appreciate the enthusiasm.

[Barstool Sports]


Yankees Fan Smuggles Grass into Phish Show

fenway_seedsA week ago I took to the friendly confines of Fenway for the beginning of the Phish summer tour; I was there in the spirit of fun and to enjoy myself, some in the crowd had ulterior motives. Ian Ferris, 30, of Shelburne, Vermont, a manager of a Hooters in Vermont came to the concert and smuggled in some grass.

Unlike the other 40,000+ people who were at the concert and smuggled in their own grass, Ferris’ was of an evil nature. While everyone else was lighting up and smoking theirs, Ferris was maliciously tossing seeds from his bag of Yankees grass (available for purchase at the stadium and online), onto the blocked off infield grass all in an attempt to counterbalance the effects of the once-buried David Ortiz jersey in the new Yankee Stadium.

“This is payback. If even one blade of grass sprouts on the field, I feel it was a success,” he said.

Gino Castignoli, the construction worker who planted the uniform in the first place though is unimpressed.

“My curse is working,” he said. “It’s typical of a Yankee fan to think you can buy a jinx in a bag. When will they learn, you don’t win with your wallet but with your heart?”

How dare Ferris come into Fenway for a light-hearted affair like Phish and taint it. The concert had NOTHING to do with Red Sox/Yankees, it’s like chanting “Yankees Suck” at a bar mitzvah, it’s just unnecessary. Also, anyone from Vermont who is a Yankees fan is a douchenozzle of the utmost and most likely a bandwagon loser fan. Just saying…

[NY Post]


Fenway Soda Vendors Not at the Top of Their Game

Amidst the Red Sox opting to host Fright Fest at Fenway instead of a baseball game last night was this moment that the folks over at Home Run Derby captured. Usually when Craig Sager is on the screen I have to leave the rooms in order to protect my fragile eyesight, but somehow HRD managed to last through a Sager segment in order to capture a clumsy soda vendor at Fenway. This might be the only enjoyable thing that came out of yesterday’s suckfest.

[Home Run Derby]


A Room With a View

The Indianapolis Colts’ new home, Lucas Oil Stadium has been recently opened to some press for some walk-arounds, and has not overwhelmingly impressed. For one thing, the roof, which ostensibly is used to keep the weather OUT of the stadium has in fact been leaking water. Not exactly what you’re hoping for from a domed stadium.

While on the walkthrough, media members noticed certain sections of seats that present truly abysmal views. Take for instance the photo to the right. Those are actual seat views in the stadium, can you imagine paying big bucks for some rare Colts tickets and you get to the game and these are you seats. I think I might go on a three-state killing spree like during my sophomore year of college. I mean, that killing spree I DIDN’T do, yeah, that’s the ticket…

Sure, this isn’t the first stadium to have obstructed view seats that are pretty shitty. Fenway is famous for its own obstructed view, if you’re lucky, this could be your seat at a sold-out game in the Fens. Then again Fenway was built in 1912, and Lucas Oil Stadium is due to open this year. Conceivably they would realize how shitacular these obstructed view seats are and not even bother.

Reportedly, these seats may be removed for the 2012 Super Bowl to install more suites, but in the meantime the fine people of Indianapolis can look forward to the chance to seat behind any of the few dozen truly horrid seats at the stadium.

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Fenway Timelapse = Awesome!

Check out this time lapse video of a day at Fenway from setup through a game. Pretty damn awesome.


Fenway Franks, Now Without Pig Intestine!

At long last, Fenway is undergoing the necessary changes to become a modern baseball stadium. Originally built in 1912, there are some extremely outdated things about the stadium that need to be upgraded. Of course, I’m referring to the fact that for the first time, Fenway, which reportedly sells the most hot dogs of any baseball stadium is adding a new item to the menu; Kosher hot dogs, available from a vending machine.

The front of the vending machine, Kosher dogs available 24/6!

The vending machine was recently demonstrated for Aramark and Fenway execs, who wore Red Sox yarmulkes for the taste-test. “We were very impressed,” Haggerty said. “It was a very interesting and unique machine and . . . the hot dogs were very tasty.”

Wayne Feder, the creator of the machine reportedly “first eyed Kosher Vending Industries because his children’s Jewish day school, the Maimonides School in Brookline, lacked a hot lunch program.” [emphasis added]

I think it is safe to say that very few schools across the country offer the hot lunch program. Although, I definitely can think of at least one…

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