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The Phillies Ball Girls Need Your Help!

The Philadelphia Phillies need our help, after wading through thousands of applications the Phillies ball girl staff is nearly finalized, just one spot remains. In order to pick the suitably appropriate woman for the job the Phillies have done the only reasonable thing, open the decision up to the public.

The 5 lovely ladies up for the job all seem like fine candidates, each with their own qualifications and special qualities. Me personally, I’m voting for Amandah (first from left) from Temple University, but hey, to each his own.

The Phillies site has video interviews with each woman, giving them the chance to espouse why they are the most qualified for the job, and I recommend being an informed voter and going through each of the clips. Make sure you vote and help make one lucky woman’s life immeasurably better by giving her the chance to be on the field with the Phillies.



Chase Utley Listens to the Wife

Jen Utley 6For those of you who don’t watch Access Hollywood religiously you probably missed this feature they did on Chase Utley and his wife Jennifer, who is like a normal-person-version of Megan Fox. Yowzers! Remind me in my next life to make sure I go to college at UCLA because, I mean, WOW.

Jen, worked back in the day ON Access Hollywood but now spends much of her time being an animal activist.

Just before Chase heads off to the stadium for game 4 she gives him a slap on the butt and says “hit a home run.” Like any good husband, Chase listens, and to show the love, hits two for good measure.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Please give him similar encouragements tonight Jen, because I’m ready to see some Yankees fans cry.

[The 700 Level]


Now Batting for Philadelphia, at DH

Your elementary school gym teacher, Matt Stairs!

[picapp src=”2/8/4/8/PicImg_Phillies_Spring_Training_e8d0.JPG?adImageId=7005572&imageId=4024427″ width=”500″ height=”479″ /]


Almost Hooker Gets Her Own Happy Ending, World Series Tickets

102709_Susan_Finkelstein_01.jpgWho knew that offering to be “creative” in payment (wink, wink) in a Craigslist ad could lead to a happy ending!Suzanne Finkelstein, the married self-described “desperate buxom blonde” who was willing to do anything for World Series tickets received a ton of notoriety after her story surfaced.

Finkelstein insisted that she wasn’t pimping herself out but rather that “I was hoping maybe I could get a cheaper price flirting with him. You know, batting my eyes. It’s not unheard of.”

The local Bensalem Police even thoughtfully “sent out the good-looking, blonde, kind of Marine guy,” she said, once he (according to her) brought up sex in exchange for the tickets she was arrested. The story ends well though because a local radio show and car dealership are giving her free tickets to an upcoming game. I didn’t realize that all I need to do to get free tickets to an event is first get arrested for prostitution. Looks like I WILL be making that Itzhak Perlman concert after all!

[NY Daily News]


What Would You Do for World Series Tickets

102709_Susan_Finkelstein_01.jpg“I’m the creative type! Maybe we can help each other!” the ad on Craigslist read. Unfortunately, the ad attracted the attention of local Bensalem police in the suburbs of Philadelphia, who contacted the woman who placed the ad looking for World Series tickets.

On Monday after police responding to the ad, Susan Finkelstein, 43, replied saying that she was a buxomy die-hard Phillies fan and was offering to perform various sexual deeds for 2 tickets to a World Series game.

“She was willing to do anything, she said,” Bucks County public safety director Fred Harran told Philadelphia’s KYW Newsradio. “And she told the officers that she would engage in sexual activity with two individuals for two tickets.”

I just hope she made sure to try and get tickets for the early games, can you imagine how upset you’d be if you had a three-way with two guys off Craigslist only to see the Yankees get swept and you with tickets for game 5? I’ve been in that situation and lemme tell you, it sucks.

Meanwhile, Finkelstein has been charged with prostitution.

Seriously, how did we survive without the constant entertainment that is Craislist?

[NY Post]


Brett Myers Gets Shot Down

Amidst the celebration on the field last night for the Phillies win, the players’ wives and families joined them out on the field. Noted wife-abuser Brett Myers goes in for a celebratory smooch from his wife to get shot down.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“Don’t kiss me,” she clearly says to him, probably because he smells like cigars and cheap beer, plus he’s an asshole. Eat a dick Myers.

[The Fightins]


Phillies Win to the Delight of the Hometown Analysts

As the battle of attrition that are the League Championship series continues, it appears that the team to win the World Series will be the one whose closer is in marginal suck-land as opposed to full-on blow-it mode.

Here though is a great video of Comcast Sportsnet host Michael Barkann and his co-hosts for the Phillies post-game show, Darren Daulton and Ricky Bottalico, watching the end of the Phillies game last night.  I think they’re excited.

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Phillies Fan Arrested for Stealing World Series Rings

mervine_face_500It took them 28 years to win their second championship and it seems the time off has led the Phillies to being very reckless with their championship rings. First there was the team executive who left his ring in a bathroom, now there is a Mensa-like fan who was arrested for allegedly stealing three championship rings from the Phillies’ office.

Matthew Mervine is a 22-year-old rabid Phillies fan who regularly shows up to games wearing a mask and has taken to calling himself “Rockie Killer” while in the stands. During yesterday’s game he was kicked out for being too boisterous and he was taken to a team office before being ejected from the stadium.

In the office he put his mask and rally towel down on a desk, when he picked them up he took an envelope with him as well, inside it were three World Series rings.

While these rings weren’t the $11,000 premier versions, they were ticketed for three team scouts and still check in at a respectable $1,100. In addition to being caught on film taking the envelope, Mervine made it easy for the cops since he also filled out a job application with the team leaving his real name, phone number and address.

He was later arrested at his home and the rings were returned to the team. This is not the first arrest for Mervine who also has carjacking and drug possession on his rap sheet.



The Sun Doesn’t Want You to See the NLDS

Due to normal solar activity, TBS’ airing of today’s Rockies/Phillies game could be disrupted. Apparently every February/March and September/October there are certain days where the position of the sun can interfere with TV satellite broadcasts.

The period of interference is supposed to occur during 4:10 pm – 5:10 pm EST. Any disruption of service should only last two-five minutes. Let’s hope this goes better than last year’s horrific Steve Harvey disaster.

I’m still not over that. Not very funny TBS.



Well That’s Just Precious

Catching a foul ball is a great moment for a fan; for this Phillies fan with his young daughter it’s all the sweeter because he can give the precious ball to her for a memento that she is sure to treasure for the rest of her life.

Or she would have if she didn’t throw it immediately back onto the field. I guess she’s not a Jayson Werth fan?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[The 700 Level]


Phillies Employee Flushes His Ring Away *(UPDATED)*

Thanks to the security camera footage at Citizens Bank Park, the missing Phillies World Series ring has been recovered!

A janitor at the stadium found the ring and led police to it in a supply closet where he had stashed it wrapped in a paper towel.

Police are planning on filing charges against the janitor, who they believe hid the ring because he had second thoughts.



Phillies Employee Flushes His Ring Away

Phillies+World+Series+Ring+front+640If your team has waited 28 years to win another World Series you think you’d treasure your championship ring, even if you weren’t on the field to win it yourself.

Well, one member of the Phillies’ marketing department has set off a big-time search by the team and Philadelphia police to find his ring which he took off while using the bathroom. Upon entering a restroom inside Citizens Bank Park, the unidentified and soon-to-be shamed employee took off his ring and placed it on top of a toilet paper dispenser, forgetting it there when he left.

Realizing his mistake he went back to find the $15,000 ring but — of course — it was gone. Ooops!

The cops and Phillies are reviewing security camera footage to try and find who might have grabbed the ring while it sat there. Talk about getting an AWESOME souvenir at the ballyard…
[NBC Philadelphia]

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