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“Sign My Panini So I Can Absorb Your Power”

Andrew Long, one of the bloggers responsible for Packs to the People, a sports memorabilia blog, has outdone himself. Hearing about a signing event at a local Upper Deck store, he went with one intention, to absorb #1 draft pick Blake Griffin’s power. To do so, he brought a panini to be signed by Griffin.

The grilled panini (turkey and cheese) was signed on both halves by Griffin, with the blogger eating one half to “absorb Blake Griffin’s power” and is putting the other, now-frozen half up for sale on eBay. He even managed to get a certificate of authenticity from Upper Deck , labeled as “Panini,” which they then immediately voided.

Look at Griffin’s face as the sandwich is placed before him, his reaction is priceless, simultaneously amused and terrified by what this fan might do. The part where he’s eating is priceless to me, and I am going to have to try out that Ford Focus pick-up line next time I’m out.

As of this posting, the bidding on eBay is up to $123, which is dirt-cheap considering the power presumably contained within the sandwich.

[Packs to the People and eBay]


eBay Really Does Have Everything

_44936633_tranmere_226The Tranmere Rovers, who reside in Prenton area of Birkenhead, England play in League One, two divisons down from the English Premier League and are currently for sale. Club Chairman Peter Johnson however is none too pleased for the manner in which the sale is being handled. He awoke yesterday to find out that Dornoch Capital, the US firm he had hired to facilitate the sale had placed the team on eBay with a starting bid of $10m.

We were appalled,” Johnson told BBC Radio Merseyside.

It’s totally inappropriate. We immediately e-mailed them and said ‘take it off right away’. You can imagine how shocked we were to wake up this morning to find out we were on eBay. We’ll be considering [Dornoch Capital’s] mandate. It’s not a second-hand bike we’re selling.

I don’t think we want this sort of publicity and I think a lot of people knew it was for sale because the local paper mentioned it at the beginning of last season.

If they can find the right buyer then he can take over at Tranmere but its got to be the right buyer and I don’t think putting it on eBay is going to find the right buyer.

Interesting about the Rovers, they are also nicknamed the Super Whites, leading their fans to call themselves the Super White Army, which isn’t terrifying in any way…

[BBC Sports]


How Much is Eli Worth to You?

Fresh off the schadenfreude of the Giants’ loss yesterday comes this auction offering 136 autographed Eli Manning rookie cards for the low low price of $8 million. Seems reasonable to me!

Don’t worry, you’ll be getting your money’s worth, you see the cards “have not been exposed to light, excessive handling, or a smoking environment. All are currently in safe deposit boxes.” You can check out the gallery of each card here.

But wait, there’s MORE! “Should I get an irresistable offer on the collection, I will also give the buyer the following items for sale. 2004 NFL Draft Class Autographed Football Eli Manning, 2004 NFL Draft Class RC Autos Eli Manning Philip Rivers“.

Fortunately, the seller is not married to the $8 million price tag, saying “I will entertain offers on the collection, but also want Giants fans to see it.”

Because truly, all Giants fans want to marvel at the amazing collection of a bunch of crappy football cards. Because there is such a great tradition with football cards…



Couple Finds Oldest Baseball Card Ever in Box

Bernice Gallego is a 72 year old woman who, along with her husband Al, 80, runs an antiques store in Fresno, California. As she normally does, one day this summer she started listing some of their items on eBay for sale when she pulled a baseball card out of a box. After debating whether to list it for $10 or $15 to start, she opted for the lower price, saving $.20 in the bargain. Nearly immediately, she started to get inquiries on the card with multiple people seeking to have her end the auction immediately and sell them the card directly.

With her interest piqued, she removed the auction and started looking into the card. It turns out, the card, made in 1869 is considered to be the first baseball card EVER. On it are featured the 10 members of the Cincinnati Red Stockings the first professional baseball team, it was taken in 1869 as an advertisement for Peck & Snyder, a company that sold baseball equipment.

Until she was certain of what she had and to keep it protected, Gallego put the card in a sandwich bag and hung it from the laundry room wall because “If it fell off the wall, the cat would have ate it,” Gallego says. “Well, or the dog.”

Continue reading ‘Couple Finds Oldest Baseball Card Ever in Box’


Got 125K and Need a Car?

Now that Christmas is over, it’s time for all the great bargains from the retailers. Even NBA stars are getting in on the action. Tracy McGrady listed his tricked out 2001 Mercedes CL-Class sedan on eBay for a “buy it now” price of $150,000 with an end date before Christmas, to make it the perfect gift for someone with bad taste. The car, which features over $180,000 in special modifications is a BARGAIN at that price.

But wait, there’s more!

Since no one purchased the car at that price, he has relisted it, now for the even MORE bargain price of $125,000! You’re basically making money if you buy this car. And think of the sentimental value of owning something from NBA legend Tracy McGrady! He’s ALMOST won a playoff series! Think of the stories you can tell your kids.

The car comes with a custom paint job, which appears white but under direct light is actually a light baby blue. As well it has 20 inch chrome wheels, special side skirts and mufflers, spoilers and front and rear parking sensors. The heated seats are black leather with Gucci print accents as well as coming with built-in massagers, each headrest also has a T-Mac logo. The center console has a 10 inch LCD display with input for CD, MP3, XM and DVDs and in the trunk is a customized JL stereo system with 15 inch sub woofers and their own power source.

What more could you want!?! The work was all done by West Coast Customs, the guys who did all the stuff for MTV’s “Pimp My Ride.”

If all those features and special items weren’t enough, the winner of the auction will get the opportunity to meet Tracy McGrady himself and get him to sign the dashboard if you so desire. Pretty sweet no?


The Perfect Gift for Morons

Immediately after the Phillies won the World Series up comes the commercials for crap from MLB and Sports Illustrated that Phillies fans MUST own. Sure, you might be a fan if you buy a championship t-shirt or hat, but that’s not the way to show you’re a TRUE phan; that would be by bidding on this auction on eBay for lucky rain drops. These rain drops fell only MILES away from the stadium and were collected in a metal bowl for sale, they are the “tears of the Gods & Fans Rain down upon a city so hungry for victory that the Tension is palpable.”

Currently available for the low low price of $8.99, it’s a BARGAIN and you’d be a fool not to own this piece of history. As the seller notes:

You are bidding on rain from the same storm system that brought the game to a screeching halt. It was collected no more than 5 miles away from Citizens Bank Park. It will be contained in a small vial and then sent to you via priority mail. I do not know what size vial or exactly how much you will get but it will be no less than 2 ml. I took a picture of the rain that I had collected in a pan that was sitting on my front steps. That is the only collection unit that I used so a very limited number of vials will be available & once they are gone, they are gone. Some will laugh but others will covet this tangible piece of history in the making…

With a description like that I don’t know how you could possibly pass it up. So if you’re one of the coveters you better bid soon, you don’t want to miss out this limited opportunity to own history. The seller hasn’t figured out a way to authenticate this rain water as THE Phillies World Series winning rain water, but don’t worry, it’s all real. If you don’t bid now you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.


Tampa Fans 100% Not Classy

After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers “honored” Mike Alstott by retiring his jersey and reminding him that he has been a part of a dysfunctional, idiotic franchise because they weren’t able to figure out how to put a properly spelled uniform on him, you’d think that would be the end of the story. But, it turns out that Tampa fans are just as douchey as the organization. For attending the game, fans were given a special Mike Alstott bobblehead. Fans were so touched and impacted by this that DURING THE GAME they were putting the bobbleheads up for sale on eBay. Now that’s celebrating a true Tampa “legend.”

[Orlando Sentinel]


Look What I Found in the Mail


Stealing can be fun but in the modern age it never ceases to amaze me that people don’t get that you shouldn’t sell the things you steal right away on eBay. I mean, you don’t rob a Picasso from a museum and then two days later walk around to art galleries and offer it to them right? You gotta space these things out, wait some time, let the heat die down. Doesn’t anyone pay attention to heist movies anymore? Clearly Richard Trofatter Jr. (left), a mail-carrier in Maine has no idea as to how these things work.

mathewson-christy-1915-cracker-jackThat’s because he swiped a rare 1915 Christy Mathewson Cracker Jacks card that someone else had purchased on eBay. When the buyer never received the package, he contacted the seller, who had purchased $655 in insurance on the package. The seller then contacted the USPS who launched an investigation into the disappearance of the package. What they were able to find was that the exact same card had been sold on eBay, from Maine, for $1,211 and the seller was one, Richard Trofatter Jr. Smooth dude!

If you’re going to steal, be smart about it. Scams can be, and are, quite fun, but only if you’re smart about it. Continue reading ‘Look What I Found in the Mail’

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