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The Chosen One Has a Name

Despite having been born on December 8th, Tom Brady and Gisele had struggled to come up with a name for their bouncing baby boy. Well, the wait is over, the future stud/football star has a name. On her website, Gisele posted this bit of news today:

I want to thank you all with all my heart for the immense love I have received here on the website. It is a pleasure to receive messages from each one of you here.
I am living a very special moment in my life, Benjamin is a blessing and I could not be happier.
I would also like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and 2010 with lots of light!
Kisses Gisele

Did you see how she sent me kisses! I think my messages have been getting through to her!


Snowboarder Goes Off Cliff, Hangs By Fingers Until Rescued

The Moelltal glacier in Carinthia, Austria is a very popular spot for skiers and snowboarders across Europe. Featuring more than 35 miles of slopes and a special snowboard Fun Park, it’s easy to see why. One recent visitor, Austrian snowboarder Kurt Welden, 31, nearly found his funtimes turning into DEATHTIMES when he went over a cliff.

Hanging on desperately, he was able to dig some snow away and help get a better grip on his precarious position. Rescue workers came to Welden’s aid, but it took them over an hour to reach him and get him free using a helicopter.

One of the rescuers said afterwards: “The fear was that the snow that was at the edge of the cliff could have been dislodged, taking the man down with it.

“But in the end we managed to pull him to safety. He was shocked but otherwise unhurt.”

[Daily Mail]


Brazilian Beach Ball-Playing Gets Shut Down

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A new sport has swept the beaches of Brazil called “altinho” which is essentially just a fancy way of saying people are juggling soccer balls on the beaches. However, as the city of Rio starts its preparations for the 2016 Olympics, police are cracking down on the game, declaring ball games on the beach “undesirable activities.”

Among the other things being cracked down on the beach, (thanks in no small part to new consultant Rudy Giuiliani) are the vendors selling shrimp or cheese on skewers, as well as radios and coolers also being banned from the sandy shores.

Of course, Rio citizens are rebelling against these regulations and are continuing to enjoy the beaches as they have for decades. In the meantime altinho games pop up all over the place and remains a favored beach activity for skimpily-clad Brazilians everywhere.

Good thing, the Olympics are a mere 7 years away!

[Sydney Morning Herald]


Now Starting at Quarterback — D’Angelo Barksdale!

Good news fans of The Wire, D’Angelo Barksdale is BACK, this time as a high school quarterback who is committed to San Diego University. Let’s hope his career is more successful than the television character’s.

It’s all part of the game…



Santa Doesn’t Hold No Truck With Scalabrine

Boston’s favorite professional athlete fire-crotch, Brian Scalabrine is a man who lives in the real world. He doesn’t allow imaginary characters to run his, or his families life as this story from fellow bench-warmer Shelden Williams’ Twitter shows.

This is how he explained santa to his lil girls! He took his girls to the tv and said look at dora the explorer now she is not real

Shes a made up character just like santa! I’m not going 2 lie 2 u dora and santa are not real! I was like u didn’t kill ur lil girls dreams

He also said that he told them there is no tooth fairy either!! Kill all their child dreams early scal wow

[Shelden Williams via Red’s Army]


That’s What You Get for Trying to Score a Goal

The next time Henrik Zetterberg reaches out for a puck in front of the net, it’d be understandable if he’s a little skittish after taking this massive hit from Mattias Öhlund last night. I mean, there are crushing big hits, and then there’s this one.


Hottie Swimmer is On the Market — Waiting for Me

Back during the Beijing Olympics, I fell for Australian swimming sensation Stephanie Rice, and I know that if she were to meet me she’d feel the same way. She must have sensed that because, since the Olympics and her breakup with a fellow swimmer she has been linked to several men but according to her, none of the rumors are true.

“Everyone’s always ‘Steph, you need a boyfriend’ and I’m like ‘I know, but apparently I have four’. Believe me, one would be just perfect,” she said.

Stephanie also added that while she’s busy with training and being in the public eye, that isn’t stopping her from looking for a gentleman friend. “I can definitely fit it in, that’s not my problem and I’m not making that an excuse,” but it’s not always easy knowing people’s motivation. “It’s hard to tell if people like the idea of (a relationship with Stephanie Rice) or if they really like you,” she said.

Well, Stephanie, despite having never met you, I can say that I’m in it for YOU and not your fame. Sure, you have worldwide fame, gold medals, sponsorship deals and seemingly you have it all, but without the proper life-companion, it’s all useless. Let’s take this journey through life together, let’s meet up, say halfway, how about we meet in LA?

Call me!

Also, can someone buy me a plane ticket to LA?

And the rest of you, stay away!

[Courier Mail]


LeBron Teabags Allen Iverson

As the teams were warming up before Wednesday’s Cavaliers/76’ers game LeBron James wanted to pay his respects to one of the best players in NBA history, Allen Iverson. And what better way to show your deference than to place your balls over his face?

That’s how the Caesers greeted one another right?

Maybe that was  just Caligula…


Help Pick the Best Jewish Baseball Player of the Decade

All over the Internet various lists are being assembled to look back on the Aughts as the decade ends, however, none is more important than the one put together by the Jewish Major Leaguers Organization website. There you can vote in the single most important election ever: the Jewish Major Leaguer of the decade!

The ballot consists of these distinguished gentleman:

  • Brad Ausmus
  • Ryan Braun
  • John Grabow
  • Shawn Green
  • Ian Kinsler
  • Mike Lieberthal
  • Jason Marquis
  • Scott Schoeneweis
  • Kevin Youklis

I mean, with choices like that, you really can’t go wrong. I got confused for a moment and thought I was looking at the Hall of Fame ballot!

But seriously folks, I didn’t even KNOW Grabow was Jewish, and anytime you have a career middle reliever as one of the best players of a decade then you know your religion is dominating the game.

There’s nothing worse than not knowing who is Jewish in the Major Leagues and so the organization has put together their 5th(!) set of Jewish Major Leaguers baseball cards. The collection includes not just the stars of today, players like Rangers pitcher Scott Feldman and Tampa’s Gabe Kapler, but also has cards honoring Jewish “record-setters” and “firsts” as well as the “Career Leaders” and a roster of all-time Jewish players. With limited Channukah days remaining this is the perfect gift. Regale your friends with trivia such as:

Who are the only Jewish players who:
-Hit “for the cycle”?
-Hit homers in 4 consecutive at-bats?
-Caught no-hitters?
-Played the field for at least nine innings in a single game without ever touching the ball?
-Made more than 2000 consecutive fielding plays without an error?
-Won a Batting Championship?

If you want to order your own set, they cost only $36 plus $5 shipping and are mailed from my hometown and about 4 minutes from my childhood home in Newton (Jewtown), MA so, if you needed any more incentive, there you go!

[Jewish Major Leaguers]

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