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Hottie Swimmer is On the Market — Waiting for Me

Back during the Beijing Olympics, I fell for Australian swimming sensation Stephanie Rice, and I know that if she were to meet me she’d feel the same way. She must have sensed that because, since the Olympics and her breakup with a fellow swimmer she has been linked to several men but according to her, none of the rumors are true.

“Everyone’s always ‘Steph, you need a boyfriend’ and I’m like ‘I know, but apparently I have four’. Believe me, one would be just perfect,” she said.

Stephanie also added that while she’s busy with training and being in the public eye, that isn’t stopping her from looking for a gentleman friend. “I can definitely fit it in, that’s not my problem and I’m not making that an excuse,” but it’s not always easy knowing people’s motivation. “It’s hard to tell if people like the idea of (a relationship with Stephanie Rice) or if they really like you,” she said.

Well, Stephanie, despite having never met you, I can say that I’m in it for YOU and not your fame. Sure, you have worldwide fame, gold medals, sponsorship deals and seemingly you have it all, but without the proper life-companion, it’s all useless. Let’s take this journey through life together, let’s meet up, say halfway, how about we meet in LA?

Call me!

Also, can someone buy me a plane ticket to LA?

And the rest of you, stay away!

[Courier Mail]


Finally, a Swimmer Starts Talking Sense

stephanie-rice-australian-swimmerJapanese swimming phenom Ryosuke Irie is upset because the international swimming regulatory body FINA has yet to ratify his record-setting 200 meter backstroke performance from last month. FINA is concerned over the bathing suit that he wore and whether or not it unfairly aided his abilities.

“It’s sad everyone keeps talking about the swimsuits. Mentally it was a bit upsetting for me,” Irie said, “My swimming went to pieces and I didn’t want to get in the pool for a while.”

“It would be better if all the swimmers did (wear tiny g-strings) but it would be tough to make them do it,” he told a Reuters reporter.

I for one am ALL in favor of, well, at least the women, wearing g-strings. I think it will add a much needed boost to the sport and capitalize on the brief period of popularity that lasted right after the Summer Olympics and has already faded from consciousness.

I would like to be the first to suggest, obviously, that my favorite swimmer, Stephanie Rice be the first to race in g-strings. Or she can just come over to my apartment in one and work on this new training regimen I’ve come up with…



Swimmer Double Bags it, Gets a DQ

Moderately-attractive Swedish swimmer Therese Alshammar broke her own 50-meter butterfly record in Australia on Tuesday, but the record was short-lived. Officials from the Australian swimming association and FINA, the international swimming authority disqualified Alshammar because she was wearing two bathing suits, a violation of the new rules ratified last weekend.

Alshammar wears the second suit for comfort she told Swedish TV, “In case your swim suit bursts, it’s nice to have a double,” she said. “I have a regular swim suit under my performance suit because it makes me feel more secure and it covers more of my chest. It’s not something that makes you swim faster. If anything it makes you slower to have such a swimsuit underneath.”

Didn’t she know that double-bagging leads to too much friction and can cause problems?



Stephanie Rice: Just Like Us

I must be prescient, I post that picture of Stephanie Rice yesterday and then BAM, today, pictures of her partying out come out. The world must love me. It seems that Stephanie and some friends went to Thailand for a weekend of funtimes and after agreeing to let some rando dude take a photograph of her Rice noticed that he kept snapping photographs for the rest of the evening. Understandably she’s upset because she is 20 years old and wants to be able to just go out and enjoy herself like anyone else her age. I agree, she should be just left alone, with me, on a romantic date where she is wooed. But, since the pictures are out there, I’d be remiss to ignore them. The Daily Telegraph, the newspaper that bought the photos fortunately also provides two other galleries with nearly 100 other Rice photos for our visual appreciation, so there’s that too. Since the Olympics ended Rice has been keeping busy, signing an $800,000 contract with Channel 7, and recently filmed her first segment for Better Homes and Gardens. Now, after having not swum since Beijing she’s been getting back into the pool and starting her training once more. “I set goals for myself in Beijing and some (swimming) times I set I didn’t achieve, so I am looking forward to moving forward and that motivates me. But swimming careers don’t really last a long time. I really want to continue doing the TV stuff when I finish my swimming career.” Sounds like a good plan to me.

Anyhoo, the galleries are here, here and here and feature photos like the ones below. The photos from Thailand in the first gallery aren’t particularly interesting but hey, any Stephanie Rice makes me happy.

Sigh. Swoon.


Everyone Must Get Estoned

Jana Kolukanova, 27, swims for the Estonia swim team in the Olympics, although she also attended and swam for Auburn University here in the good ol’ US of A where she was a psychology major, when she’s not doing either of those things she remains incredibly hot. That is TRUE athleticism. So, continuing our Hot Olympic Athlete Of The Day progress, enjoy some of the finer moments with Ms. Jana Kolukanova, who enjoys swimming, thinking about me, and pining for our future together.


Laure Manaudou Takes Off the Speedo

I keep vacillating between deciding whether or not French swimming sensation Laure Manaudou is hot. Sure her body is pretty great, although her abs could definitely shred cheese, but the issue for me is her face. Sometimes she looks incredibly hot, like here:

and here

And then the next time I see her she looks all square-faced and like she’s getting ready for some post-apocalyptic rave in Soviet Russia. I can’t get a firm read on her and it’s very frustrating because who doesn’t love a French girl; I took 7 years of French for a reason…

Regardless, she’s been a story for quite a while as she and her now-ex boyfriend Luca Marin have had quite the acrimonious breakup, and he’s now dating her biggest rival, fellow Italian swimmer Frederica Pellegrini. Reportedly, the Italians decided to get back at Laure for something by releasing a bunch of naked pictures she and Marin took onto the interweb which seems like the true definition of classy. While I still can’t decide if I think she’s really hot or not, I figure I shouldn’t deprive the rest of you from the chance at a naked Olympian. Leave a comment below on your opinion of her so we can come to a consensus.

So, after the jump some definitely NSFW photos and a link to check out the rest of the posted photos.
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