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Female Hockey Player Manhandles the Boys in a Fight

Normally if you see a video that advertises itself as a teen girl getting double-teamed on the Internet it is for something very different than in this clip below. Instead of hot teen action, we get HOT TEEN ACTION as Exeter High School’s hockey team’s only female player gets jumped by two opposing players. Immediately her teammates rally to the cause, but this young lady doesn’t need anyone to fight her battles for her.

While #4 might be bigger than she is, she gets up and just straight up PUMMELS him. That should teach him a lesson about messing with girls.

[Barstool Sports]


Marion Jones Wants to Make a Comeback With the WNBA

For those of you of you out there who were looking for more evidence that the WNBA is a joke here comes another news morsel to throw on the fire; Marion Jones, the former track star who later admitted to steroid use and forfeited her gold medals is trying to make a comeback with the San Antonio Silver Stars.

In college, Jones started on the North Carolina team, although that was back in 1994. Now 34-years-old and 15 years (and one 6-month prison sentence) off competitive games, an NBA official recently approached Jones to gauge her interest.

“I thought it would be an interesting journey if I decided to do this,” Jones said. “It would give me an opportunity to share my message to young people on a bigger platform; it would give me an opportunity to get a second chance.”

Jones’ plan is to play some in Europe this winter and try for the WNBA when the summer season starts.

This makes perfect sense to me, I mean, when you have the opportunity to recruit someone who hasn’t played at a high level for 15 years and is coming off a prison sentence for steroids, you HAVE to take it right? I know the quality of the WNBA sucks, but if someone who can literally go from having not played, to prison and then to the league there HAS to be a problem.



The Save of the Year (So Far)

Ryan Miller has, with his early season excellence cemented his status as one of the top netminders in the NHL, he’s also likely earned himself a spot on Team USA in the upcoming Olympic games. More importantly, he was one of my last picks for my fantasy hockey team and has been one of the most valuable players I have.

Last night against the Hartford Whalers Carolina Hurricanes he just flat-out ROBS Rob Brind’Amour with what has to be the best save I’ve seen so far this season.


This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Cricket Fights

Xu Moxiao is a dreamer, after thousands of years of Chinese history he wants to change the autumn fighting season, he believes that by making year-round cricket fights both the fans, and the people who make money off the sport will benefit.

“What I’m doing is trying to expand the good things,” Xu says.

Not everyone believes as Moxiao does, “The ‘autumn pastime’ is an ancient legacy,” says Li Jinhua, co-organizer of traditional-style cricket fights sanctioned by the government of the eastern city of Hangzhou. “Just three months. There is no better time to play with crickets than the three prime autumn months.”

Cricket fights have long been a form of cheap entertainment in China; crowds gather around to watch two crickets face off against one another, battling until one runs away — or is killed. Crickets from the Shandong province are favored these days, particularly the Velarifictorus micado species.

While it is illegal to bet on crickets, the practice is very widespread and with some crickets selling for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, the stakes are rising.

Xu, a trained lawyer, who recently has been selling bathroom fixtures has given it all up in order to raise crickets. His specially modified offices stay at a constant of 96 degrees to encourage breeding and tens of thousands of crickets are breeding and growing every day, being fed special diets that enable the crickets to grow up stronger.

While he admits that he is altering nature somewhat, unlike others, Xu doesn’t drug the insects (some unscrupulous owners feed their crickets ecstasy) or insert tiny metal spears into their jaws. His crickets have found success though, one happy customer sent Xu a text message recently bragging about winning 11 of 12 matches!



Jared Allen’s Motor (and Mouth) Doesn’t Stop

I am LOVING the NFL’s recent practice of putting a mic on star players for their games and then releasing it a day or two later. One of the latest to strap it on is the never-shy Minnesota Viking Jared Allen who has been nothing short of DOMINANT all season long. This clip gives a real nice impression of what he’s like on the field. That man does not want to be blocked, he just seems to manhandle whoever is in front of him. That’s quite a load.


Rondo Vs. the World, Who You Going to Take?

Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo is one of the fastest players in the NBA, able to go coast-to-coast in practically no time. Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans has quickly become one of the best running backs in football, running a 4.24 40 time and just blowing past defenders. Never one to avoid a challenge, Rondo let it be known he wants to race Johnson.

According to Johnson’s Twitter feed

America needs to see this race! I hope this happens, we could soon see a whole new era of sports competition with super-athletes matching their physical prowesses against one another.

[Red’s Army]


Jamaica We Have a Dogsled Team

It’s a story as old as time, a Jamaican businessman, on vacation in Canada, comes across a dogsled with wheels, enabling it to run across land without snow and imports it to his home. He adds it to the options his adventure touring company offers, along with zip-lines and tubing trips and then decides he wants to participate in the Iditarod. Of course, as usual, Jimmy Buffett is a sponsor, because as we all know, Jimmy’s fans are all known as Husky-heads (ed. Yeah, that’s not true at all…Well, the sponsorship part is.)

Today, Newton Marshall, 26,  is up in Alaska, training with Lance Mackey, winner of the last three Iditarods in a 3-month boot camp. After training last year with Yukon Quest champion Hans Gatt, Newton finished 13th out of 29 mushers in the 1,000 mile race.

“He’s going to be doing everything that we do,” said Mackey, who is also a four-time Yukon Quest champion. “From cleaning dog crap to cutting meat. Prepping for the races. Obviously the training part of it. Everything that it takes to make this household run, he’s going to be involved in.”

When Marshall began the Yukon Quest, he was labeled a joke by one judge; that same judge later awarded Marshall the special Challenge of the North award given to the musher who “exemplifies the spirit of the Yukon Quest.”

Leasing dogs from Mackey, including the lead dog in his championship runs should help Marshall in his Quixotic quest. A documentary following his trip through the Yukon Quest is being released in Canada next year, and Marshall is, obviously, trying to drum up interest in a feature film on his quest to go with the book he intends to write as well.

The nascent Jamaican Dogsled Team is paying for Marshall’s training with Mackey and hope that a good finish in the Iditarod could inspire many more Jamaicans to get interested in the sport, just like the famed (failed) Jamaican Bobsled team.

[Anchorage Daily News]

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