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I’m Thankful for the Pirelli Calendar (NSFW)

Since 1964, the Pirelli Tire Company has released a special limited-issue calendar to important customers and VIPs, the calendars are noted for the top-talent models and photographers and the high quality of the photos. This year’s iteration lives up to it’s predecessors, shot by my second-favorite fashion photographer, Terry Richardson, and with such luscious models as Miranda Kerr, Ana Beatriz BarrosCatherine McNeilEnikő MihalikRosie Huntington-WhiteleyAbbey Lee KershawDaisy LoweGracie CarvalhoLily ColeMarloes Horst,  and Georgina Stojiljković.

I figure, what better thing to be thankful for than the tires that get us place to place, and these ladies and photos that are so hot they could cook your turkey just by being NEAR them.

Now, these photos are EXTREMELY NSFW, like in NO WAY SFW, but, you’re probably out of work already anyways, so enjoy these and be thankful. I know I am. After the jump some highly NSFW photos.

Happy Thanksgiving!

[Huffington Post]

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Court Rules Happy Gilmore Illegal

Canada is simply way too peaceful, they need more crime apparently because the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia has time to rule on asinine golf swing legal cases.

Justice Arthur J. LeBlanc ruled that the “Happy Gilmore” golf swing was ILLEGAL, not for golf, but for CANADA, stating that it “breached the standard of care owed to other players on the course.”

All this started when, in a pre-wedding round of golf, 4 friends hit the links with 28 beers, a bottle of tequila and “some marijuana.” The 28 beers didn’t last long, and so after 9 holes they bought some more. Presumably due to the drinking, one of the men, Travis Hayter was acting loosely and without regard for his surroundings, practicing power slides with the golf cart and almost driving the cart into a pond.

On the 16th hole, Hayer hit a terrible, slicing tee shot into the woods. Not content, he opted to tee it up once more. The second shot was a modest fairway shot. Ever the perfectionist, Hayter hit one more, Happy Gilmore-style. However, his friends had already started up the fairway to their balls; Hayter’s shot struck one of his companions, Alan Bezanonson, in the wrist. In a measure of true friendship, Bezanonson subsequently SUED Hayter for loss of income and damages. Take about Hayterade!

“I am convinced that the ‘Happy Gilmore’ shot,” wrote Judge LeBlanc in his decision after awarding Bezanson $227,500, “would have been less controllable than a normal tee shot, both because it involved a run-up to the ball (rather than an aimed shot from a stationary position) and because the defendant had been drinking throughout the day.”

The bizarre part though is that the nature of the swing itself is irrelevant, would the awarding be DIFFERENT had Hayter taken a “normal” swing? Apparently, golfing drunk isn’t an issue, even if your normal swing ALSO sucks, but as soon as you get “creative” in your shots you’re heading into murky legal territory.

[CS Monitor]


Beckham Vs. Bush, Who Ya Got?

As part of a documentary entitled “David Beckham: New Beginnings” from when David Beckham made his MLS debut, Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints got together with the futbol star. While this isn’t new, it’s from 2007, it’s still pretty amusing and pretty awesome. For one thing, I’ve never seen anyone juggle a football like Beckham can. And who knew Reggie Bush has a future career in placekicking!



What’s the Matter, Lose Your Stud?

Real Madrid winger Royston Drenthe was transferred to the team for a mere $21 million dollars and obviously, he feels very threatened by his lack of earnings compared to some of his more famous, and fabulously wealthy teammates.

The other day at practice Drenthe wore one of his diamond earrings, at the end of practice though, the bauble was gone!

He walked all over the practice field trying to find it. He didn’t. But he did manage to be be captured in this photo looking sad and forlorn, so, at least there’s that!

[Dirty Tackle]


Now THIS is a Punt Return

Kenneth Acker is a high schooler playing for Grant High School in Oregon and man, does this guy have some moves on this punt return. Sure, it’s a short field, with the punt only going like 35 yards, but considering that he goes back and forth the width of the field I’ll give him extra credit.

Also, to that dude who made the CRUSHING block at the 17 second mark, excellent block, however, keep the muscle poses and self-adulation until AFTER the play is over; your teammate is still running out there for his life and you’re preening to the teenage coeds…



Sitting on the Bench Can Be Dangerous

Off to a pretty decent start of the season, Ottawa Senators starting goalie Pascal LeClaire was sitting out Tuesday’s game against the Washington Capitals with a slight injury to his lower body. While sitting on the bench during overtime an errant dump-in pass by teammate Mike Fisher hit a stick on the ice and then flew into the Ottawa bench. The puck struck the struck and then rebounded into the right side of Leclaire’s face.

He’s expected to be out at least a month with a broken cheekbone.



Detroit Beats Green Bay in Popularity Contest

A poll of NFL players conducted by Sports Illustrated asked which NFL team they’d least like to play for; incredibly, despite the fact that the Lions have lost 33 of their last 42 games they weren’t the least popular team.

From the 296 players asked, more players would rather ply their trade for the Lions than for Green Bay, an actual winning franchise. In no big surprise, the largest percentage (20%) responded that they would least like playing for the Oakland Raiders, followed by Buffalo at 14%, Green Bay at 13%, Detroit with 12% and Cleveland, as ever, bringing up the rear with 7%.

I can see not wanting to play for the shitacular franchises, that’s clear to me, but not wanting to play in Green Bay? Is Wisconsin THAT bad… hmm. Now that I think about it… Even still, since when is DETROIT better than Green Bay in anything?

[Detroit Free-Press]

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