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Sitting on the Bench Can Be Dangerous

Off to a pretty decent start of the season, Ottawa Senators starting goalie Pascal LeClaire was sitting out Tuesday’s game against the Washington Capitals with a slight injury to his lower body. While sitting on the bench during overtime an errant dump-in pass by teammate Mike Fisher hit a stick on the ice and then flew into the Ottawa bench. The puck struck the struck and then rebounded into the right side of Leclaire’s face.

He’s expected to be out at least a month with a broken cheekbone.



Alex Ovechkin Sings Along

At the Capitals/Penguins tilt the other night, the Washington crowd sang along to pederast Gary Glitter’s Rock and Roll Part 2, adding in their usual “You Suck” cheer after every “Hey” in the song. Alex Ovechkin, on the bench during the song joins in; take that Sidney Crosby, AO said you suck!


Now That’s a Save

This is quite possible one of the best saves I’ve EVER seen, in any sport. Simeon Varlamov of the Washington Capitals is out of position and has one of the best players in the NHL bearing down on him with the puck; he doesn’t panic though and reaches out with the edge of his stick and somehow, someway makes the save. Amazing. And this photo below captures the moment perfectly, click it to see a slightly larger version, but this save is simply remarkable.



Yeah, That’s Not a “Book” Book

sarah2Now I’m a man who enjoys a bit of whimsy mixed in with his days, and I can always appreciate a bit of good humor; however, I’m not so certain that’s what is going on here.

Meet Sarah, a member of the Washington Capitals’ Red Rockers, the on-ice dance and cheerleading team and she really REALLY liked Pirates of the Caribbean based on her answers on her informational page. For instance, when asked her favorite movie, she says “Pirates of the Caribbean,” so using my investigative skills I determine she likes that movie. Further, when asked two desert island questions, both come back to pirates and piracy (because let’s face it, pirates are hot right now; the Urban Pirate look is going to become big, I guarantee it!):

If you are on a deserted island and could have one song play what would it be and why? Any song from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” soundtrack, because I’d obviously be looking for buried treasure if I were on a deserted island…
If you are on a deserted island and can have one person with you of historical or celebrity status dead or alive who would it be and why?
I suppose if I were on a deserted island it would help to have a professional pirate there to help me look for buried treasure. I’d choose Blackbeard.

OK, so, no big deal, she’s just a financial analyst who REALLY likes big budget plot-less marketing movies, nothing too wrong there, maybe it’s a little vapid, but who am I to judge?

Of course, then there is this, when asked her favorite book she replies with “Facebook.” First off, that’s not a book. Second off, I weep for America. Or rather, if I weren’t such a strong-willed masculine piece of manhunk I’d weep; because I am those things instead I eat a hunk of raw meat and put on a muscle tee. But it’s inherently the same concept. Thirdly, there are myriad answers that could be used for that question and she quite simply chose the WORST possible answer. She may have lost the chance to ever sleep with me.

Also, when did hockey ever need cheerleaders?

[Washington Capitals]


This Ovechkin Guy is Pretty Good

I don’t know what is going on in the Rangers/Capitals playoff series, the Rangers took a commanding lead early on, but now the Capitals are storming back, thanks in large part to the play of all-world superstar, Alex Ovechkin. I don’t care particularly who wins this series, although if the Rangers do, they then get the chance to be crushed by the Bruins, and I don’t mind that too much…

Anyhoo, here’s Ovechkin doing everything he can to take his team deep into the playoffs. He’s better at hockey than you or I, or pretty much everyone.


ALexander the Great Makes His Return

The Washington Capitals’ Alexander Ovechkin scored his 50th goal of the season last night, making him the first NHL’er to reach that point this year. This is the third time Ovechkin has reached the 50 goal pinnacle in his 4 seasons in the NHL, coming close with the other season finishing at 45 goals. So, to commemorate his accomplishment, here is a video of all 50 goals he’s made so far this season. Enjoy!


Semin Shoots it Long and Hard

On Saturday the Washington Capitals visited the Boston Bruins and pulled out a clutch 4-3 win in overtime thanks to flukey/awesome shot from Alexander Semin 22 seconds into overtime. Tim Thomas gets flat out embarrassed when this 80 foot shot sneaks past him, check out how he quick he heads off the ice, he knows he blew it.

S’ok, there’s still like 6 days left in the regular season and then of course, the obligatory 5 1/2 months of NHL playoff hockkey to come…

[Puck Daddy]


Ovechkin is Really Really Good at Hockey

You cannot stop Alexander Ovechkin. You cannot hope to contain Alexander Ovechkin. You can only watch and marvel at everything he can do, because seemingly there isn’t anything on the ice he CANNOT. For instance, here he is scoring a goal after tripping and sliding on his butt, because, you know, that’s easy…

That young man has some game.

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