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President Bush Still Has It!

Japan Baseball BushWhile he was in Japan, former President George W. Bush threw out the first pitch before game 3 of the Japan Series currently being held between the Yomiuri Giants and Nippon Ham Fighters.

Rolling up to the mound in a Yomiuri jacket, Bush toed rubber Tuesday before bouncing one in the dirt.

He watched the game, which the Giants won 7-4 in a private box with the Japanese Prime Minister, the US Ambassador and Sadaharu Oh, the Japanese home run king.

Protesters against the military actions in Afghanistan and Iraaq  outside the stadium marched and held signs saying things like: “Arrest Bush,” “The King of War,” and “Bush Go to Jail.”

One demonstrator threw his shoes at a photo of the former president, copying the Iraqi journalist who had thrown his shoes at the actual Bush during a December news conference in Baghdad.

It’s nice to see that despite being out of office for 10 months Bush is still in mid-season form in having people hate him. That’s the experience of a veteran.



He Was Good, and Thus, Making the Rest of the Team Look Bad

Cleveland+Browns+v+Buffalo+Bills+I4JG2tAGqPGlWith regular kicker Phil Dawson returning from injury, current Browns kicker Billy Cundiff has been released by the team. He had gone 6-6 in his attempts this season, presumably, the Browns were tired of seeing SOMEONE being successful and so shipped him out. Let that be a lesson to the rest of the team.



World’s Fastest Man Adopts Cheetah, Looks to Dominate Neighborhood Block Parties

Usain Bolt - Cheetah cubNot content with just being the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt has adopted a pet that makes sure IT is faster than the rest of his neighbors’ animals, a cheetah.

In an effort to help save the endangered cheetahs, Bolt formally adopted a three-month-old cub to which he gave one of his own monikers to, naming it Lightning Bolt.

The cub will cost Bolt $3,000 a year after he paid an initial $13,700 so that it can live in an animal orphanage in Nairobi.

At first reluctant of the fully grown cheetahs, Bolt was very comfortable holding and feeding Lightning Bolt from a bottle.

While Bolt’s top speed is around 25 MPH, Lightning Bolt should be able to reach 65 MPH at least, with some cheetahs going even faster. All this means now that Usain and Lightning Bolt should be kept out of the neighborhood owner/pet race.



Bruce Lee Would Be Able to Beat Me Up

This video isn’t new, but I have been long-remiss in never posting it. If you have ever played ping-pong and thought, “Hey, I could do this a lot better with nunchuks instead of a paddle,” this video is definitely for you. Apparently it’s an ad for Nokia in China, but regardless, it is a real video featuring Bruce Lee playing some ping-pong with the aforementioned nunchuks and then using them, with a bit of sandpaper, to light a cigarette. Awesome!

[With Leather]


Youth Football Coach Attacks Assistant

4356Former Oakland Raider tight end Jeremy Brigham (1998-2001) (left) has moved on in his retirement to coaching youth football, but the competitive fire still burns strong within him. Scott Haggerty was an assistant on Brigham’s staff, until Brigham recently fired him.

After being fired, Haggerty watched his now-former team’s next game from the stands, cheering on his son who remained on the squad. After the game, the opposing coach joked to Brigham that “Haggerty gave me all your plays.” Even had Haggerty done so, it didn’t do much to help, seeing that Brigham’s team cruised to a 38-0 victory.

Brigham didn’t take it as a joke though and confronted, and then allegedly punched Haggerty in the head, ultimately putting him in a neck brace.

I don’t really understand why Brigham was so upset, what he wanted to win 84-0?

Who knew that pee-wee football was so drama-filled!

Hmm, head coach attacking an assistant, Brigham really is living the Raiders tradition.



This is Why I Never Played Hockey

Ben Fanelli is a 16-year-old who plays for the Kitchener Rangers in the Juniors up in Canada, this past Friday the Rangers took on the Erie Otters. While digging for a puck against the wall Fanelli just gets flat-out demolished against the wall by the Otters’ Michael Liambas. Fanelli lay unconscious on the ice for 40 minutes, his mother who was in attendance fainted after seeing him get hit and needed to be revived herself. Ultimately he was airlifted to a hospital where he was checked in with a fractured skull and orbital bone.

Liambas has been suspended by the OHL pending review, Fanelli meanwhile is making progress but remains in the ICU in critical, but stable condition.



Colbert Steps Up For Speed Skating

colbertIf you missed last night’s Colbert Report, you missed out on the news that Stephen Colbert is using his well-documented power as a leader to rally his audience for the US Olympic Speed Skating team. Facing a dire budget situation after their Dutch sponsor, DSB Bank NV went bankrupt. With the games only a few months away, the speed skating team, which has historically been one of the highest medal-yielding sports for the Americans in the games, faced a $300,000 deficit for its athletes.

On his show last night, Colbert announced that the Colbert Nation will be sponsoring the team and called on his viewers to contribute to the cause. Colbert has also previously asked his viewers to contribute to The Yellow Ribbon Fund, a charity aiding former armed service members and their families to great success and hopes that his sizable audience will follow his urging once more, promising victory for the Americans.

“On their enormous, billboard thighs, it will say, ‘Colbert Nation,'” Colbert said in an interview before Monday’s show. “Be looking for that logo as it comes around the final turn. It will be easy to see because it will be in first place.”

U.S. Speedskating executive director Robert Crowley came onto the Report last night and acknowledged it was a “definitely unconventional arrangement,” but one that should proved beneficial.

“We’re highly optimistic that the country is going to get behind this and get behind the Colbert Nation and support this amazing team,” Crowley said. “I don’t have any idea if it’s going to make $5 or $500,000. I couldn’t tell you.”

I think it’s safe to say that speed skaters will be liberally used on the Report in the next few months which is a win for us all. Although, Colbert admitted there are certain drawbacks about sponsoring a Winter Olympics team:

“It still tragically involves a lot of Canadians. It’s kind of unseemly how many Canadians I’m going to have to be dealing with.”

[ABC News] and to contribute [Colbert Nation]

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