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Replacement Bowler Steps In, Rolls a Perfect 900

Andrew TeallIn September when Andrew Teall’s father Tom required knee surgery, Andrew stepped in and took his dad’s place on his local bowling team, Wipeout, in the Monday Night Invitational League at Medford Lanes in Medford, NJ.

This past Monday, at his final frame, Teall reached his arm back, and rocketed the ball down the lane, STRIKE. Not in itself that exciting, except when you consider that throw was his 36th consecutive strike, making him the 15th sanctioned person to roll a perfect 900 series, scoring three straight 300s.

“It’s somewhat comparable to a perfect game in baseball where 27 batters come up and all go down,” said Mark Miller, corporate communications manager for the United States Bowling Congress, the governing body for bowling in the US. In recorded bowling history there has been a grand total of 21 900 series in 114 years.

“There was quite a silent crowd during the 10th frame,” said Teall, a 2003 graduate of Shawnee High School who as senior was a second-team All-South Jersey bowler. “After I did it, the first thing I heard was my Dad’s loud voice and then there were a lot of hands in my face for high fives and a lot of man hugs.”

“There was a big crowd that kept growing and by the time the 10th frame hit, the place was packed,” said Dave DeSantis, vice president of the South Jersey Bowling Association.

“It was actually very surreal and to be honest, I wasn’t nervous,” said Teall, who has been bowling competitively since he was a high school freshman. I had bowled 300 (five times) before but never twice in a row. When I got halfway through the second game, I actually thought I could do two in a row and when I did, it was an unbelievable feeling. Then the third game, it just came and went.

“I’m pretty superstitious when I’m bowling. I have the same routine and I get in a groove. I only touch the same five or six people all night for congratulations and I try not to look around to see who’s watching. You just have to drown everything out.”

Amazingly, despite the rarity of a true 900 series, the previous one was done just 3 days before Teall did his, by Chris Aker in Winnermucca, Nevada.

Just because his son rolled a perfect series though doesn’t mean Tom intends to sit out the rest of the year, “I’m hoping to get back sooner than later and I think that once I’m able to bowl that he’ll take some time off,” said Tom Teall.

[Courier Post]


Jorge Posada Punches His Wife

Prior to last night’s game, the local NYC Fox affiliate aired some of an interview they had earlier in the day with Laura Posada, the Yankees catcher’s wife. Generally it wasn’t that interesting but she did casually drop one bomb, Jorge gets heated up before big game and has fights in his sleep with the umps. He apparently thrashes around and even can get violent. Fast forward in this clip to the 2:35 mark to hear her tell about him punching her in the face!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Poor form Spanish George, poor form. I should also point out that I hate Jorge more than any other single Yankee.

[Fox New York]


7’5″ Middle Schooler is a Big Target on the Football Field

Brenden Adams FootballWhen he was born, Brenden Adams was a perfectly average infant but by 5 months doctors realized something was special about him, starting with the fact that he already had all his teeth. He was growing rapidly, by age 2 and a half he was 3 foot 6, by 5 he had grown a full foot, at age 11 Adams stood 6 feet 8 inches.

“It was my 12th chromosome that broke in half and flipped over and reattached,” Brenden explained, something that his doctors don’t know how or why it happened, and that they had never seen before.
Brenden AdamsToday, at age 14 Adams measures 7′ 5″, which according to the Guinness Book of Records makes him the world’s largest teenager. Life isn’t easy with such a large frame, all Adams wants to do is be normal and play with his friends but his size makes it difficult.

His lifelong dream has been to play football but concerns that he would be seriously hurt had prevented his mother from allowing him to play. Now that he’s in 8th grade, Adams mom, after consulting with various doctors agreed, “This is the first year my mom’s let me play. She thought I was gonna get hurt or something. It’s my favorite sport and she said this is an opportunity she didn’t want me to miss.”

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Swine Flu Forechecks the NHL

David Krejci

In a press release today, the Boston Bruins announced that young future-star center David Krejci has a confirmed diagnosis of Swine Flu, making him at least the 4th confirmed case in the NHL.

“Like most people, we are taking many precautions to try to prevent our players and staff from contracting the H1N1 virus,” said Bruins General Manager Peter Chiarelli. “Our medical staff is working with David to get him healthy as soon as possible, and our players and staff will continue to take precautions with hopes of preventing the spread of the virus to others in the organization.”

So far Krejci is the only Bruin thus diagnosed, and hopefully the only one. It’s a shame the Bruins don’t play in Calgary, because there the entire team were given swine flu vaccines, much to the chagrin of the thousands of patients outside a clinic waiting for their shots.


The Alberta government has since fired a senior staff member at Health Services for giving the Flames, the players’ families and the front office preferential treatment and the vaccines over the rest of the population who waited in line.

“I am deeply offended that this circumstance has occurred,” Ken Hughes, chairman of Alberta Health Services, said in a news release. “The decision to allow preferential access to the Flames and their families was a serious error in judgment.”

Believing they had gone through the appropriate channels, Flames president Ken King defended the Flames, saying that because of the players extensive travel schedules and the close-contact of hockey that it was a priority for the team to get vaccinated. He didn’t offer an explanation why the players families or the front office also deserved preferential treatment. King also offered that the Flames players receiving the shots in a private location was done to prevent the mass hysteria that could happen if the players waited in the clinic’s line.

Alberta has since run out of vaccines and was forced to shut the program down on Saturday. Unlike the Flames, the Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Raptors and even the CFL’s Edmonton Eskimos have reported that they have not sought out preferential treatment for their players.

[Boston Bruins and AP]


Who Wants to Go Luging With Me?

The Winter Olympics are fast approaching and unlike the Summer Olympics, many of the events are just not available to the average person — anyone can just run, not everyone can bobsled. So the folks at the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex in Muskegon, Michigan have opened up a luge course to the general public. I want in. I really really want in. If this ad doesn’t make you excited for that possibility, check your pulse, you may already be dead.

[Muskegon Winter Sports Complex]


Girardi Comes to Crash Victim’s Rescue on Way Home

Joe Girardi in CarEarly Thursday morning after leaving Yankee Stadium — following that game that I have zero interest in talking about — manager Joe Girardi got into his car, headed home to Westchester. He passed through a police DUI checkpoint — despite the copious amounts of champagne consumed in the clubhouse — and continued on his way. A few minutes later the police at the checkpoint received word of an accident up the road and immediately headed towards it.

They came upon a woman who had crashed her car into the wall and the Yankees manager who had stopped to try and help. “He was jumping up and down, trying to flag me down,” Westchester County police officer Kathleen Christiano said. “You don’t expect him standing by a car accident trying to help.”

With aid from Girardi, the woman was able to get out of her car before the police arrived and she declined going to the hospital. Girardi, whose car was actually on the other side of the highway waited until the police arrived and the woman was safe before telling them he “had to get going,” then ran back across the highway, got in his car and drove off.

The woman didn’t know who Girardi, dressed in a t-shirt and jeans was until after he had left and police told her. The police were even more impressed because crossing the highway in that area is extremely dangerous, “He could have gotten killed,” county Sgt. Thomas McGurn said.

I’m not a Girardi fan in any way, but it’s not often the winning manager of the World Series stops and helps a fellow traveler at 2:15 in the morning. Well done Joe.


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