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You’ve Got to Be F&@king Kidding Me

JeterErrorThe AL Gold Glove awards were announced today and Derek Jeter was awarded his 4th Gold Glove. 4, Derek Jeter has 4!!!! fucking Gold Gloves. The man who is a TERRIBLE fielder has won an award for excellence in defense 4 times. You have GOT to be fucking kidding me.

Now, I’ll grant that this year Jeter’s defense increased significantly but there is simply no way you can tell me that Jeter is a better fielder than Detroit’s Adam Everett, the Angels’ Erick Aybar, Baltimore’s Cesar Izturis or even Tampa’s Jason Bartlett. The guy who probably most deserved this was either Aybar or Texas’ Elvis Andrus (but he’s a rookie and probably hasn’t received enough publicity yet.) I absolutely give Jeter credit for working over the winter at his lateral movement and improving as a fielder even in his mid-30s, but going from the worst fielding shortstop to the middle ground still doesn’t make you good. Jeter still can’t go to his right, anything a few steps to the left is definitely out of his reach too, basically, you hit it right at him and he’ll get it, otherwise, all bets are off.

The Gold Glove clearly means NOTHING these days — that’s been true for several years now, since at least Rafael Palmeiro won one for playing 16 games in the field — it’s almost not even worth getting upset about.

However, the only reason I do get mad is that other morons then cite the Gold Gloves as PROOF that someone is good, it’s even worse than the people who think Wins are a realistic barometer of a pitcher’s ability, or RBI show how good a hitter is; they don’t! Gold Gloves are voted by the players and coaches and at this point I think things like the Cable Ace Awards are a legitimately more respectable award.



Rollout (My Business)

I never knew wheelbarrow races could be so entertaining or exciting! I don’t know how long these two spent practicing this move but it was well worth it. This HAS to get them laid right?

[With Leather]


Joe Montana Puts His House on the Market

ba-Coldwell_Bank_0500823139If you have a spare $49 million lying around you wouldn’t do a disservice to yourself if you were to buy Joe Montana’s sprawling Sonoma County estate. The 500 acre property includes a 9,700 square foot Tuscan-style home, equestrian facilities, skeet shooting range, gym, pool and spa. Sounds nice!

Add in that you can say you’ve been naked where Joe Montana has and I’m sold. Do you think I can get a bank loan in this economy for this property? Sigh. I miss the heady days of 2004.

If the property sells at the listed price it would set a record for the area.



Paul Lo Duca is Now a Horse Racing Handicapper

Paul Lo DucaIf, like me, you spend hours of your day wondering what former Nationals/Mets/Marlins/Dodgers catcher Paul Lo Duca is up to, good news! He’s been found, and it turns out he’s still active in the sports world, albeit not on the baseball diamond.

The former All-Star was all over the Santa Anita Racetrack this past weekend with the Breeder’s Cup races going on, gathering gambling information for TVG’s — a television network dedicated to horse racing that allows viewers to place bets via its website — coverage of the races.

“I’m really trying to give people a handicapper’s view, because, let’s be frank, most people are watching the shows to make money and I’m trying to give them value and find the angles,” said Lo Duca.

Long a horse racing fan, Lo Duca in 2002 first bought into the ownership game, with a horse he named The Weej after his father’s resemblance to Super Mario’s Luigi character.

“And that horse couldn’t run a step,” Lo Duca said.

He doesn’t have any ownership connection with this year’s Breeder’s Cup fields, although Mike Smith who rode Zenyatta to victory in the Classic is a good friend.

“I’m a comfort-level guy, and if I’m out of my element, I get into panic mode. But face it – I’m a gambler and I know the horses,” Lo Duca said, “I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t have knowledge. The sport is fascinating, and there’s so many similarities with the competition. It’s neat to do this. Every time I go to the track, it doesn’t feel like I’m working.”

Lo Duca, 37, still thinks he has some MLB years left, although it appears the rest of baseball disagrees.

[Los Angeles Daily News]


The Chicago Bulls Sing the Hits From the 80s

I know this is a joke ad from the Chicago Bulls but I would seriously consider purchasing this album of the Bulls players singing hits from the 80s. I really REALLY want to hear Brad Miller sing “Physical,” and while I dislike Joakim Noah on the court, but when he starts belting “Jessie’s Girl” I’m hooked.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I could also listen to that Derrick Rose, Tyrus Thomas version of “Ghostbusters” for the rest of my life.

[Not Qualified to Comment]


Maybe “Packers” Fans Shouldn’t Be Calling Other Teams Gay

When Green Bay traveled to meet the 0-7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers the general opinion was that it was going to be a cakewalk. Instead, the Bucs showed some intestinal fortitude and ended up beating the Packers to earn their first win of the season. I bet that this well-dressed Packers fan was especially disappointed.

I will say, it’s a bit surprising to see a supporter of the “Packers” making a gay joke about the OTHER team, after all, Green Bay is named after the MEAT PACKERS…

BunchaQueers T-ShirtBunchaQueers T-Shirt 2[Sports by Brooks]

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