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President Bush Still Has It!

Japan Baseball BushWhile he was in Japan, former President George W. Bush threw out the first pitch before game 3 of the Japan Series currently being held between the Yomiuri Giants and Nippon Ham Fighters.

Rolling up to the mound in a Yomiuri jacket, Bush toed rubber Tuesday before bouncing one in the dirt.

He watched the game, which the Giants won 7-4 in a private box with the Japanese Prime Minister, the US Ambassador and Sadaharu Oh, the Japanese home run king.

Protesters against the military actions in Afghanistan and Iraaq  outside the stadium marched and held signs saying things like: “Arrest Bush,” “The King of War,” and “Bush Go to Jail.”

One demonstrator threw his shoes at a photo of the former president, copying the Iraqi journalist who had thrown his shoes at the actual Bush during a December news conference in Baghdad.

It’s nice to see that despite being out of office for 10 months Bush is still in mid-season form in having people hate him. That’s the experience of a veteran.




The news gathering agents in society have put together the most important clip of the day, the comparison of Vice President Joe Biden and former President Bush throwing out first pitches from yesterday. Now I can sleep.


Bush Fiddles for the Celts

When the entire economy is collapsing methinks the executive leader of the nation should try to pay attention to the problem and focus on the issues at hand. Of course, that is not the way in which George Bush governs. So, last week as the financial institutions in New York were collapsing, taking thousands of jobs and billions of dollars with them, Bush was palling around with my champion Boston Celtics. I get that the visit to the White House is an annual event and that maybe Bush wasn’t able to avoid the issue, but when he addressed the issue he started speaking at 10:15 and was done and gone without even taking a question by 10:17. That’s 2 minutes! He must have been worried about keeping the much more important Celtics waiting. Doc Rivers waits for no man!

So, after avoiding doing anything worthwhile in actual governing, Bush met with the Celtics and spent significantly more than 2 minutes. During their visit Bush spent time joking about how he once owned the Texas Rangers, the chance to say the Celtics’ team motto “Ubuntu” in a Texas accent, and then spent time extoling the teamwork of the Celts. It’s good to know the priorities of this administration.

Why should our President give a shit, I mean, it is only the start of a global economic collapse. I guess because it wasn’t oil companies it doesn’t matter. I wonder this counts as Bush’s version of Nero fiddling while Rome collapsed. January 20th can’t come soon enough.

[Boston Globe]


Chalk Up Another Fine Presidential Moment

Continuing his tour of the US Olympic athletes, here is Cheerleader-in-Chief Bush visiting with the softball team since, like most men, he LOVES Jenny Finch. Laura Berg, the team’s resident prankster was the one who got the chalk handprint on his back. I’m just disgusted that she wanted to touch him, look at that shirt, he has totally sweat through that entire thing and you want to put your hand on a 60 year old’s sweat? Gross. Oh yeah, and now the leader of the free world looks like the nerdy kid in gym class. Look at us world, we’re a city on a hill!

[Sports by Brooks]


Because Here’s a Couple That Makes Sense

I seem to be coming onto several amusing pictures today, like for instance, this one of President Bush and softball luminary Jenny Finch. Look at that smile he’s flashing her, he’s totally down. I also wonder if Jenny Finch regrets marrying failed D-Backs pitcher Casey Daigle; she should have waited until she saw how he did at the major league level…Anyway, come up with your own captions for this and post them in the comments below.

Bush huh? Shame "Landing Strip" didn't fit, hehehehe


President Bush Has a Basketball Jones

President Bush was in Belfast the other day and showed off his basketball prowess which is roughly equivalent to his ability as a world leader. Check out how he tosses the ball to the kids, that’s some coordination there… sigh, only 6 more months. 6 more months…


Washington Solves All Problems That Matter!


Good news! President Bush who hates steroids so much–except when he owned the Texas Rangers and they employed Ivan Rodriguez, Juan Gonzalez and Jose Canseco–won’t have to deal with a totally awkward moment at Opening Day for the Nationals’ new stadium. Scheduled to throw out the first pitch, the nominal receiver of said pitch would be the catcher no? Well, who is supposed to be the starting catcher for the Washington Nationals? Could it be Paul Lo Duca? The same Paul Lo Duca who was mentioned so prominently in the Mitchell Report? The Paul Lo Duca who sent this lovely handwritten note to Kirk Radomski? I think it just might be.

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