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President Bush Still Has It!

Japan Baseball BushWhile he was in Japan, former President George W. Bush threw out the first pitch before game 3 of the Japan Series currently being held between the Yomiuri Giants and Nippon Ham Fighters.

Rolling up to the mound in a Yomiuri jacket, Bush toed rubber Tuesday before bouncing one in the dirt.

He watched the game, which the Giants won 7-4 in a private box with the Japanese Prime Minister, the US Ambassador and Sadaharu Oh, the Japanese home run king.

Protesters against the military actions in Afghanistan and Iraaq  outside the stadium marched and held signs saying things like: “Arrest Bush,” “The King of War,” and “Bush Go to Jail.”

One demonstrator threw his shoes at a photo of the former president, copying the Iraqi journalist who had thrown his shoes at the actual Bush during a December news conference in Baghdad.

It’s nice to see that despite being out of office for 10 months Bush is still in mid-season form in having people hate him. That’s the experience of a veteran.



Mario Lopez Fabulously Throws out First Pitch

I’m not going to say Mario Lopez looks like he throws like a girl because that would demean AC Slater, from whom I learned much of how to approach the world. I’d say 90% of my social interactions and understandings about life are guided by or from episodes of Saved by the Bell. Besides I don’t need to SAY he throws like a girl, just look at the photographic evidence. Interesting side note, once, while playing catch in the backyard with my Dad, my sister came out and threw the ball to me, I told her she threw like a girl; she took it well, she beat me up later.

Also, peep the left wrist in the third photo in the gallery, I’m just saying…


I also really enjoy the picture of him batting where the ball is clearly already passed him.

[Socialite Life]


This Pitch Made Him Want to Cry

Japan Angels and DemonsIt should be required that if you star in a baseball related movie, even if you don’t play in the film, that you should be capable of throwing the ball. Tom Hanks, currently in Japan with Ron Howard to promote their abomination Angels and Demons — the ending to which Ron Darling revealed during the Mets game the other day — was invited to throw the first pitch between the Yomiuri Giants and Chunichi Dragons. Ron Howard lined up behind the plate, and despite taking several warm-up tosses in the bullpen prior, Hanks’ pitch bounced several feet in front of the plate.

“Tons of practice and I bounced it in the dirt, I’m humiliated” Hanks said. “I went from the rush of being in the sacred spot to the humiliation of being mortal.”

Hanks said he has been impressed with Japanese baseball over the years.

“I think it’s a great game,” said Hanks. “I think a lot of the teams could compete (with major league teams) but I’ve only seen one game.”




The news gathering agents in society have put together the most important clip of the day, the comparison of Vice President Joe Biden and former President Bush throwing out first pitches from yesterday. Now I can sleep.


Mission Accomplished: STRIKE!

I can’t decide what I love more; that Fox News broke in LIVE to see former President Bush throw the first pitch for today’s Rangers game, or the look on the female anchor’s face when they are going to the shot. It’s like her entire life has been waiting for this one very special moment.

Of course, the liberal elite media is hiding Biden’s first pitch offering; it isn’t available online yet. Say what you want about Bush, but the man consistently comes in for the First Pitch and throws strikes and really what more could you want from a leader.


Hero Pilot to Rescue Brewers Before They Crash

After their plane crash landed in the Hudson River, the flight crew has been feted, celebrated and honored from the captain getting an invite to the inauguration to a special cocktail being made in his honor and now, even the co-pilot gets to get in on the fun. Jeff Skiles, the flight’s first officer and a Wisconsin native will throw the first pitch at the home opener for the Milwaukee Brewers.

“Jeff Skiles is a great representative of the state of Wisconsin,” said Rick Schlesinger, the team’s executive vice president for business operations. “We are honored to have Jeff throw out the first pitch on Opening Day.”

Seeing that the Brewers just resigned Eric Gagne, who did his absolute best to singlehandedly prevent the Brewers from reaching the playoffs, depending on how good Skiles’ pitch is maybe they should sign him for the bullpen too. Hell, I’m sure he throws faster than Trevor Hoffman…

Also, what other professions can you think of besides State Police officers, airline pilots and 70s porn stars can you think of that still rock the mustache as a group?

[JS Online]


Washington Solves All Problems That Matter!


Good news! President Bush who hates steroids so much–except when he owned the Texas Rangers and they employed Ivan Rodriguez, Juan Gonzalez and Jose Canseco–won’t have to deal with a totally awkward moment at Opening Day for the Nationals’ new stadium. Scheduled to throw out the first pitch, the nominal receiver of said pitch would be the catcher no? Well, who is supposed to be the starting catcher for the Washington Nationals? Could it be Paul Lo Duca? The same Paul Lo Duca who was mentioned so prominently in the Mitchell Report? The Paul Lo Duca who sent this lovely handwritten note to Kirk Radomski? I think it just might be.

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