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A Titan-Sized Alien Hunter Doppelganger

Since being drafted in 2008, Chris Johnson has been kicking ass and taking names in the NFL without giving quarter. The slippery and super fast Johnson is a menace to defenses everywhere, he is always a threat to break any run and go the distance, in any other year, Johnson’s quest for 2,000 yards would put him directly in line for the MVP trophy. In the Predator movies, the eponymous alien has come to earth in search of trophies himself, hunting trophies that is, of the people he hunts. Interestingly, Kevin Peter Hall who played the Predator was 7′ 2″ and prior to filming Predator had just finished up shooting on Harry and the Hendersons. All I know is that faced with either of these guys chasing you there isn’t much chance of making it out alive.

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Green Man is EVERYWHERE!

The gang over at It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia have themselves a kickass television show and have launched a cultural phenomenon with Charlie’s Green Man character. Green Man has been popping up at sports events all across the country, they even have their own Facebook group; they’re the newest and best trend in stadium fandom in years.

Take for instance, a recent Canucks/Predators game where some Canucks fans took to heckling the Predators players when they entered the penalty box. I don’t think the Preds appreciated the moment.


The Suns Want to Do it All Night Long

For a shaggy-haired Canadian, Steve Nash seems like a pretty fun guy, whether he’s tandem biking, shooting movie trailers with Shaq or helping out Letterman, he always seems to be having a good time. The other night on the team bus, Leandro Barbosa, with Steve Nash on the camera gets the whole Phoenix Suns team to band together to sing Lionel Ritchie’s classic, All Night Long,” how fraternal!


McEnroe’s Blazes New Trails

There is nothing more infuriating then when one goes to a meeting to talk about marijuana reform held at a restaurant in the W Hotel in Miami only to have someone spark up a joint in the middle of the meeting. But that’s EXACTLY what happened the other night when art dealer Vito Schnabel held a fact-finding meeting. Failed talk AND game-show host John McEnroe and his rocking wife Patty Smyth were the sparks behind the loose joint and were apparently indifferent to the fact that blazing a j is generally frowned upon in hotel lobbies.

“They were talking about grass reforms and the next thing you know they were lighting up,” laughs an attendee. “No one seemed to mind, though.”

[NY Post]


The Cavs Show They Can be Warriors Too

Considering most of the roster is way too young for The Warriors movie I’m going to assume that this Warriors-inspired intro was Shaq’s idea. Say what you want, but seeing Zydrunas Ilgauskas in that wig is one of the scarier things I’ve ever been exposed to.


Former Hooker is the Smartest One in this Tiger Woods Ordeal

The New York Post, bastion of all things sleazy and tawdry have finally gotten the most important voice to weigh in on the whole Tiger Woods saga; one-time call-girl Ashley Dupre.

The former paid paramour of Eliot Spitzer is spitting (swallowing costs extra) mad about all the women coming out of the woodwork to admit that, yes, they too took a drive off Tiger’s iron.

“Here you have all these girls accepting gifts, money, trips from Tiger in exchange for sex — all the while knowing he is married.

“And now they all can’t wait to tell their stories in exchange for even more money from the tabloids?

“And I was the hooker? At least I kept my mouth shut.”

It’s not often that I say a former hooker is the one of the smartest people commenting on a news story — other than when Wolf Blitzer makes an apt point — but Dupre is right. Now can we please move on?

[NY Post]


Win a FREE Copy of Tekken 6!

Through the magnificent largesse of the folks over at Namco/Bandai, we have FREE copies of Tekken 6 for the Xbox 360 and the PS3 to give away to two of you lucky readers. Because we’re just that generous, we are also going to toss in a free faceplate or skin for your respective system and maybe a couple other goodies if you act all proper like. The runner-up will ALSO receive a FREE faceplate or skin!


WE HAVE OUR WINNERS! Thanks to everyone who participated, but as in all contests, ultimately we have to choose a winner and here are those whose efforts were just a little bit better.

Our 2 GRAND PRIZE – FIRST PLACE WINNERS who will each win a BRAND NEW copy of Tekken 6, faceplates or skins and some other assorted goodies are:

Mark: A) Phil? Phil? Don’t you recognize me, it’s Ned… Ryerson. “Needlenose Ned”? “Ned the Head”? C’mon, buddy. Case Western High. I did the whistling belly-button trick at the high school talent show? Got the shingles real bad senior year, almost didn’t graduate? I dated your sister Mary Pat a couple times until you told me not to anymore? Well?

RowdyRoddyPaulper: A) I’ve got a message for Steve Phillips’ wife…I’m not just some random girl he had sex with in parking lots.

and our RUNNER UP who will receive a faceplate or skin plus a few other assorted goodies:


I have sent emails out to each of our winners, but if for some reason you haven’t seen it yet, send ME an email by going to the CONTACT ME button up top.

And thank you again to Namco Bandai for the games and to all of you for your wonderful contributions! We will have another awesome contest coming up next week that all you NBA fans won’t want to miss!

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The Media Can’t Get Enough of Tiger, Even When There’s Nothing

I have zero interest in getting into the whole Tiger Woods story, frankly, who gives a shit whether or not he cheats on his wife; besides her, obviously. It does nothing to my life and doesn’t particularly change my opinion of him which is based around the fact that he is a really amazing golfer. Everything else is irrelevant.

Having said that, here is a hilarious clip from Tuesday’s Daily Show where they just straight up eviscerate the cable news channels’ overbearing coverage of a story for which they had practically no factual information but spent dozens of hours wasting oxygen with scurrilous rumors, speculation and innuendo.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I simply don’t get why everyone is so obsessed with this story, the constant rubbernecking in these situations just simply disgusts me. Great, he cheated on his wife, I don’t get it, I’m not a cheater, but I know plenty of dudes who are, it’s not that unusual, but his cheating affects 3 people, his wife and his 2 kids, that’s it. Everyone else is irrelevant. The constant breathless updates from the “news” media are skeevy and perverse.

Besides, none of this is news to me, back when I worked at Men’s Fitness magazine in 2007 I was privy to information that the National Enquirer (which is owned by the same parent company and shares offices) had caught Tiger in flagrante delicto. In exchange for burying the story he agreed to do a cover story for the magazine; something it could never have gotten otherwise with its low profile and shitty sales.  I didn’t care then and I don’t care now. What other men do with their penii is irrelevant to me; It’s only mine I’m concerned with.

[The Daily Show]


House Calls Out the Mike Tomlin Resemblance

My second favorite actor to play Willie Mays Hays, Omar Epps, has forged a lucrative acting career for himself, with his work on Fox’ hit House really taking off. It has long been noticed that Epps and Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin share quite the resemblance. They’re such obvious doppelgangers that I don’t even have them on my list, it’d be like putting identical twins up there. This week on House, the eponymous character even brought it up.


[With Leather]


Neil Peart to Bring That Rush Sound to the NHL

Not content with Journey’s  Steve Perry providing music for the Dodgers, Rush drummer Neil Peart has been hired by TSN to record a new version of the Hockey Theme for their NHL broadcasts.

The press release, which calls Peart “the world’s most accomplished and most-respected drummer/percussionist,” says that in addition to gathering together various other musicians and engineers to make his “vision” come true, Peart has also designed a special NHL-themed drum kit to record his version on.

The Canadian-born rocker said that, “having started out as a Canadian kid who skated on his ankles, and never made a hockey team, it is particularly sweet to be invited to be a part of this national institution – if not on skates, then on drums, performing Canada’s ‘second national anthem.’ At last I’ve made the Big Leagues!”

Adding to the schmaltz is TSN’s vice-president for production Mark Milliere who said: “To have a music legend and a member of Canada’s rock royalty like Neil Peart record his version of The Hockey Theme speaks volumes about the song’s place in psyche of hockey fans across the country and around the world. It is an honour to have Neil put his rock spin on this iconic tune and we’re extremely excited to add his interpretation to our NHL ON TSN broadcasts.”



DJ Shows Up in Brown-Face to Sammy Sosa’s Birthday

Sammy Sosa has no sense of humor; or at least that’s what Enrique Santos — a radio DJ and the self-declared King of All Spanglish Media — claims after he was unceremoniously banned from Sosa’s birthday party before he even made it through the doors for showing up in brown-face. Santos arrived looking as though he’d perhaps put a bit too much bronzer on his face, and despite being an invited guest to the party, a publicist came up to Santos and told him “You can’t make fun of [Sosa],” referring to the embarrassing photo of Sosa where he seems to have been bleaching his skin, before kicking Santos to the curb.

“I’m currently using a cream which has darkened my complexion,” Santos tongue-in-cheek told her, “Ironically, Sammy is going through the same process, but the cream he is using is making him white.”

The publicist was not amused, “I explained to her that it was a special cream I was using that darkened my face and then I asked her, ‘How many women in here are wearing makeup?” but she wasn’t having it. Was I not white enough for Sammy’s party or have the millions gotten to his head–I mean skin?”

[Enrique Sosa]


He Had TOO Much Captain in Him

Brent Celek Captain MorganIn Sunday’s Eagles/Cowboys contest tight end Brent Celek scored a touchdown in the third quarter, to celebrate he squared himself perfectly in the camera’s lens and posed a la the recent Captain Morgan’s Rum commercials with one leg up on an imaginary cask of rum. The No-Fun-League  was less than pleased.

“A company can’t pay a player to somehow promote it’s product on the field,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told Yahoo! Sports this week. “Every league has the same rule. … It’s come up before, companies trying to use our games and then players for ambush marketing purposes.”

On the field the celebration earned the Eagles a 15-yard penalty thanks to Jason Avant coming over and aiding in the celebration.

While Celek denied any knowledge of the ad campaign an ad executive handling the Captain Morgan account admitted that Celek WAS involved.

In hopes of raising brand awareness, Captain Morgan intended to offer lucrative charity contributions in exchange for each instance a player was caught on camera doing its pose during a game. The contributions were earmarked for the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund – a non-profit which helps retired NFL players with various hardships after leaving the game.

“The [ad campaign] has been going around internally for a while and [Celek] learned of the program through his contact at Diageo [Captain Morgan’s parent company],” said Glenn Lehrman, an account director at Rogers & Cowan, the Los Angeles-based firm that handles Captain Morgan promotions. “Brent said, ‘You know what, if I get the opportunity, I’m going to go ahead and do it.’ He sort of beat us to the punch, but we’re certainly not going to complain.”

Captain Morgan promised to donate $10,000 per pose during the regular season, $25,000 in the playoffs and $100,000 if someone were to do it in the Super Bowl. Celek was not fined for his actions but the NFL has promised that any subsequent “posing” by the players will lead to “substantial” fines.

“The issue is that players are specifically prohibited under our policies from wearing, displaying, promoting or otherwise conveying their support of a commercially identified product during a game while they’re on the field,” Aiello said. “Whether it’s rum or soft drinks or any other commercial product, that type of promotion is prohibited.”


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