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He Was Good, and Thus, Making the Rest of the Team Look Bad

Cleveland+Browns+v+Buffalo+Bills+I4JG2tAGqPGlWith regular kicker Phil Dawson returning from injury, current Browns kicker Billy Cundiff has been released by the team. He had gone 6-6 in his attempts this season, presumably, the Browns were tired of seeing SOMEONE being successful and so shipped him out. Let that be a lesson to the rest of the team.



Bernie Kosar is BACK in the NFL

kosarWhen we last looked in on Bernie Kosar he was trying to defend his house from amorous teenage boys interested in his daughters, battling bankruptcy and divorce and understandably down in the dumps; today he’s BACK as a consultant to Cleveland Browns owner Randy Lerner. While he doesn’t have any specific duties as yet, the agreement came after Kosar spent several days working in the inner “sanctum” with head coach Eric Mangini.

Kosar previously spent a season as president of the Cleveland Gladiators, an arena league team that lasted a mere one season. He also listed nearly $1.8 million in debt that he owed the Cleveland Browns in his June bankruptcy filings.

“I’ve got a little more time now to do it,” Kosar said of accepting Lerner’s invitation. “I’m getting my personal life in order. I still miss football and the Arena thing whetted my appetite.”

Kosar joins former Browns great Jim Brown as special advisor to the owner. Maybe Lerner should see if Kosar can suit up for the rest of the season, he may be 45-years-old and not have played since 1996 but he’s still probably better than Brady Quinn OR Derek Anderson.



Brady Quinn Wants Out from the Mistake by the Lake

Brady QuinnIn 2007 the Cleveland Browns traded back into the 1st round of the draft in order to acquire Notre Dame’s Brady Quinn; he was heralded as the QB of the future. The following season Derek Anderson came out of nowhere to have a Pro Bowl season and Quinn was relegated to the bench. Last year Anderson fell apart and so Quinn entered this season as the starter.

After a grand total of 10 quarters this year Quinn was benched again in favor of Anderson. It was just the third game of the season, after going 6 for 8 for 34 yards, and one interception, just like that, he was benched. Anderson came on and threw 3 interceptions and the Browns were crushed to the tune of 34-3. The next week head coach Eric Mangini announced that Derek Anderson would be the starter. How could he not, he was so EFFICIENT!  This past week Anderson went 2 for 17(!) with just 23 yards and his team managed a grand total of 6 points. Awful. He remains the starter.

It is obvious Anderson CAN’T play and while we don’t know about Quinn, there is a CHANCE he can. Clearly though Quinn doesn’t think he’ll ever get that chance. According to a Cleveland newspaper, Brady has put his house up for sale and is about to formally ask the team to trade him.

That’s some good work there Mangini, you’ve been head coach for not even a season and already the entire franchise is in disarray and everyone hates you. That’s awfully impressive.



What’s the Matter Rookie, Can’t Take a Joke?

water-dumped-on-head-above-doorCleveland Browns rookie cornerback Coye Francies threw an errant punch and a bucket of ice in the locker room after practice on Friday when he was the victim of a prank. After being doused in water, a soaking wet Francis charged into the locker room flinging ice on fellow DBs Brandon McDonald and Mike Adams before trying to punch safety Abram Elam, who blocked the pugilistic attempts. Nose tackle Shaun Rogers stepped in and grabbed Francis by the back of the shirt, telling him “Calm down, man,” and then escorted him out of the room.

“Welcome to the Browns locker room!” wide receiver Braylon Edwards yelled as the rest of the team came over to check out

the hubbub.


Eventually Francies returned to the his own locker, still clearly agitated although his teammates brushed the incident aside.

“It was just guys having fun,” McDonald said, whisking the ice into a dust pan with a broom. “I was the first one he saw. He got a little aggressive, it’s no big deal. We handled it. It’s over now and we’re going to worry about the Ravens. We don’t want to have any misconceptions in the locker room.”

After some time had passed even Francies was able to calm down about the incident: “It’s all just fun and games,” he said. “We were just playing around.”

[Brattleboro Reformer]


The Wright Stuff is Dank

Call me old-fashioned, but if you’re an NFL defensive back, you shouldn’t be able to be caught by the police in a foot chase. Reserve backup Kenny Wright of the Cleveland Browns ended up being charged with unlawful restraint, evading arrest and possession of marijuana after causing a disturbance in a parking lot.

Now, I can understand the resisting arrest charge, I mean, you run away from the cops and that’s an easy charge, but based on that picture, I simply refuse to believe that this man had anything to do with marijuana. I mean, look at him, he’s clearly just a little tired is all. It doesn’t look at all like he smoked an ounce of hydro to his face while wearing a gas mask. This is clearly the face of a man who is NOT blazed. I would stake my entire legal career on it.

I’d suggest that opposing receivers would get on him about this next season, but, considering his stats last year, and all 6 tackles he made for the season, plus the fact that the Houston police were able to catch him on foot, he might never have that chance.

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