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Green Man is EVERYWHERE!

The gang over at It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia have themselves a kickass television show and have launched a cultural phenomenon with Charlie’s Green Man character. Green Man has been popping up at sports events all across the country, they even have their own Facebook group; they’re the newest and best trend in stadium fandom in years.

Take for instance, a recent Canucks/Predators game where some Canucks fans took to heckling the Predators players when they entered the penalty box. I don’t think the Preds appreciated the moment.


Your New Year’s Resolutions are Lame Next to This Guy’s

With New Year’s fast approaching, people are making resolutions left and right, take Martin Parnell, a semi-retired Calgary mining engineer has made quite a unique one.

Starting 9 am, January 1st, Parnell will be out on the road and starting his first marathon of the year — the first of 250 that he intends to run in 2010.

5 days a week Parnell will be on the roads, taking off only Fridays and Saturdays for rest. This wasn’t Parnell’s first plan though, initially he intended to run 365 marathons but after seeing his doctor — a mountaineer who has climbed Everest — the 54-year-old was told he should cut his plans back a bit, thus settling on the mere 250 marathons instead.

His goal is to raise $250,000 for a charity called Right to Play, “an international humanitarian organization that uses sports and play programs to improve health, develop life skills and foster peace for children in developing countries. It also has programs in 4,500 schools in Canada.”

Parnell only took up running seven years ago after his older brother challenged him to a marathon, within 6 months he was qualifying for the Toronto Marathon and then the Boston Marathon, which he ran for the first time in 2004.

“Obviously, I liked it and I just kept going,” he said.

Twelve of the 250 marathons will be official races, in places like Calgary, Boston and Vancouver, but the rest will be on the certified marathon course near his home. Parnell will be sending real-time data tracking his location, speed and heart rate to his website, along his nearly 7,000 mile journey.

“I kind of like challenges where I don’t know if I can do this,” Parnell said, “I think it can be done. And I like that.”

[Calgary Herald]


Shawn Johnson Backflips Over a Bobsled

America’s favorite pint-sized taco popper, gymnast Shawn Johnson is participating in an advertising campaign for Crunch bars along with speed skater Apolo Ohno where they challenge each other to athletic feats. Of course, this being a commercial I think it’s clear that this is totally fake, but hey, how often do you get to see a gymnast FAKE backflip over a bobsled while it careens down the track?


The Whale Returns to Connecticut!

Over the last 6 years there have been four different attempts to get a minor league hockey franchise established in Danbury, Connecticut, the latest venture though looks to be the most secure; Tuesday the nascent Federal Hockey League unveiled one of the new franchises, the Danbury Whalers. The Whale is BACK!

While the other attempts at hockey failed in Danbury, the Whalers intend to stick around, showing confidence in their venture by signing a 10-year lease with the Danbury Arena. The previous team, the Danbury Mad Hatters signed a mere 5-year lease a year ago in what turned out to be the one and only season.

“I know you guys have seen a couple teams come in and out of here, a couple teams come and go. Our goal is not to have that happen. Our goal is that will not happen,” said Rich Lisk, the FHL’s executive vice president in charge of marketing business development. “We will be here for the next 20 or 30 years.”

The new-look Whalers will be awfully familiar to the fans of the original NHL franchise which bolted for greener pastures in 1997 to Charlotte. The team’s colors will be green and blue, the logo is a near-ringer for he old one and team officials announced that “Brass Bonanza”  the Whalers theme song will be played at all games.

While 4 teams have failed in recent years, one thing has remained, the passion of the Danbury hockey fans. Ira Schwartz, a local hockey fan who was in attendance at the opening press conference proudly proclaimed: “This is going to be the worst place for a visiting team to play again. Hell is back.”

[News Times]


The Cavs Fly High Over the Hawks

Whenever LeBron is playing there’s always a strong chance of seeing something incredible; last night’s Hawks/Cavs game featured two such plays! First comes his Highness himself, LeBron taking one hard to the hoop and slamming one down right before the buzzer for the half.

Then late in the 4th quarter noted handgun owner Delonte West drives over the outstretched arms of Josh Smith to score 2 points the fun way. Fortunately, this explosion from Delonte doesn’t require police involvement.


What’s Going On

Sorry gang, I’m in the woods today and won’t get a chance to throw any posts up unfortunately. However, I’ll be back at it late tomorrow afternoon and the new site is nearly ready so get ready! 2010: The Year of Slanch!


The NFL Needs a Refresher in the Days of the Week

Now, I’m no expert, but as I understand it, Thursday follows Wednesday and precedes Friday in the standard understanding of what makes a week. This year, Christmas — you might have noticed — falls on a Friday. So, if you’re the NFL, obviously that means Thursday Night Football right!



Was Friday Night Football too difficult to say? I can’t wait to watch Monday Night Football Saturday afternoon.

I’d say I’m surprised but this is the NFL Network we’re talking about and their ineptitude is legendary.

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