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The Triple Crown May Be Missing A Leg This Year

In 1867 the first-ever Belmont Stakes was run, since then the third and longest leg of the Triple Crown of horse racing has been run through thick and thin; world wars, great depressions, the Carter administration, none of these were big enough to stop the race. That all might change this year. The NY Racing Association, who runs the Belmont, Aqueduct and Saratoga race tracks may not be able to open for the Spring-Summer season due to budgetary concerns.

“Anytime you face the possibility of not running the Belmont spring meet, and therefore the Belmont Stakes, it is a serious situation,” spokesman Dan Silver said Monday.

NYRA President Charles Hayward has reported previously that the Association is likely to run out of operating money in May or June.

One of the major stumbling blocks has been the delay in naming an operator for the slot machines at Aqueduct, which was approved in 2001 but has yet to be enacted.

Last year the NYRA received a state bailout of $30M to help stave off bankruptcy, but that money will be gone by spring meaning the Triple Crown may find itself a Double Crown for the first time.



Ride it Hard and Go to the Whip as Necessary

That’s what she said.

The horse!

I want to put my money down for a night of fun with her, I just hope she has the endurance to go the distance.


Paul Lo Duca is Now a Horse Racing Handicapper

Paul Lo DucaIf, like me, you spend hours of your day wondering what former Nationals/Mets/Marlins/Dodgers catcher Paul Lo Duca is up to, good news! He’s been found, and it turns out he’s still active in the sports world, albeit not on the baseball diamond.

The former All-Star was all over the Santa Anita Racetrack this past weekend with the Breeder’s Cup races going on, gathering gambling information for TVG’s — a television network dedicated to horse racing that allows viewers to place bets via its website — coverage of the races.

“I’m really trying to give people a handicapper’s view, because, let’s be frank, most people are watching the shows to make money and I’m trying to give them value and find the angles,” said Lo Duca.

Long a horse racing fan, Lo Duca in 2002 first bought into the ownership game, with a horse he named The Weej after his father’s resemblance to Super Mario’s Luigi character.

“And that horse couldn’t run a step,” Lo Duca said.

He doesn’t have any ownership connection with this year’s Breeder’s Cup fields, although Mike Smith who rode Zenyatta to victory in the Classic is a good friend.

“I’m a comfort-level guy, and if I’m out of my element, I get into panic mode. But face it – I’m a gambler and I know the horses,” Lo Duca said, “I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t have knowledge. The sport is fascinating, and there’s so many similarities with the competition. It’s neat to do this. Every time I go to the track, it doesn’t feel like I’m working.”

Lo Duca, 37, still thinks he has some MLB years left, although it appears the rest of baseball disagrees.

[Los Angeles Daily News]


Sometimes It’s Good to Be a Horse

"Screw all you poor people, I'm rich bitch!"

Times are hard around the country as the economic downturn continues to pummel the average citizens. Fortunately, times aren’t hard for everyone. Take for instance Mike Moreno of Southern Equine Stables who thought nothing about spending a record setting $14 million dollars on a broodmare at auction. Even more impressive, the bidding lasted all of 26 seconds! Take that everyone who got their home foreclosed upon!

The mare in question, Better Than Honour, is the only mare in racing history to birth two Belmont Stakes winners, Jazil who won in 2006 and then Rags to Riches who won it the following year. Not too bad I suppose, but worth $14 million? That’s one very expensive vagina. The answer however, was obvious to Moreno, who already owned 70 percent of the mare, “She’s the best mare in the world. … She’s a Picasso,” Moreno said. “You can’t sell a mare like this.”


At What Point Does Becoming Glue Make More Sense?

After 162 races, Japanese racehorse Elizabeth Queen raced her way on Tuesday to the record for horse-racing ineptitude. That’s because the 7 year old horse has yet to come away with a single win. You read that right, after having run the equivalent of an entire baseball schedule of races, Elizabeth Queen remains winless; even the Mariners aren’t that bad!

Elizabeth Queen, which usually finished in the bottom group in each race, has recently improved her performance, in 11 consecutive races she has finished second four times, third six times and fifth once. “I feel she’s going to run faster than ever. I’d like to help her stop the consecutive losses,” said jockey Hisashi Itano the day before she finished second in her record-setting race.

“Finishing races safely is a condition for a good horse. She’ll surely win if she keeps racing,” said Tetsuharu Kuribayashi, a trainer of the horse. I’m not so sure about that. You’d think after 162 tries that she’d have done it once…

I’m guessing she won’t be making the big bucks as a female stud (brood mare?) There may be only one real solution…


[Daily Yomiuri]

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