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These Football Players Have Got Some Moves

I know the guys who play pro football are athletic freaks, but you don’t get to see them using their skills not on the field very often, the NFL wants to change that. Here’s a commercial made by the NFL to showcase their fantasy football option. I don’t know if these clips are all for real or not, I hope they are because some of these moves to show off the players’ skills are flat-out ridiculous.

I’m most impressed by Laurence Maroney, I think that’s the first time I’ve seen him go and hit the hole hard instead of stutter-stepping until someone tackles him.


Fight Fight Fight!

Want to know why I like hockey? Here’s Patrick Kaleta of the Buffalo Sabres to show you why as he levels the Coyotes’ Petr Prucha who then takes umbrage.

How can you not be into that!?


Without the Pole It’s Just Dancing

Pole dancing is a sport, or so say the women who do it, there’s even a movement to make it an Olympic sport, unlike your normal trip to the local strip club on a Wednesday afternoon — I know, you go just for the lunch buffet — the competitions for pole dancing are serious and don’t involve stripping.

This competition in Moscow doesn’t feature any stripping but it does feature the worst thing that can happen to a pole dancer. Well, besides Dennis Rodman coming into the strip club…

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Phillies Fan Arrested for Stealing World Series Rings

mervine_face_500It took them 28 years to win their second championship and it seems the time off has led the Phillies to being very reckless with their championship rings. First there was the team executive who left his ring in a bathroom, now there is a Mensa-like fan who was arrested for allegedly stealing three championship rings from the Phillies’ office.

Matthew Mervine is a 22-year-old rabid Phillies fan who regularly shows up to games wearing a mask and has taken to calling himself “Rockie Killer” while in the stands. During yesterday’s game he was kicked out for being too boisterous and he was taken to a team office before being ejected from the stadium.

In the office he put his mask and rally towel down on a desk, when he picked them up he took an envelope with him as well, inside it were three World Series rings.

While these rings weren’t the $11,000 premier versions, they were ticketed for three team scouts and still check in at a respectable $1,100. In addition to being caught on film taking the envelope, Mervine made it easy for the cops since he also filled out a job application with the team leaving his real name, phone number and address.

He was later arrested at his home and the rings were returned to the team. This is not the first arrest for Mervine who also has carjacking and drug possession on his rap sheet.



Biting Off More Than He Can Chew

Amidst last night’s Flyers/Penguins game, as the flyers desperately tried to even up the score with 20 seconds left when Mike Richards collided with the Penguins’ goaltender. Kris Letang is a defenseman for the Penguins and so he defended his goalie, grabbing the Flyers’ Scott Hartnell and wrasslin’ him down. During their mini scrum, according to Letang, Hartnell bit him on the ring finger.

Hartnell after the game told reporters that  “a lot of stuff happens on the bottom of the pile. He had his hands in my face doing the face wash and we’re rolling around. I can’t say what happened.” Not exactly a denial there…


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The Brits Make Up Lies About the NBA

As a means to showcase the game to a worldwide audience, the Chicago Bulls squared off against the Utah Jazz in an exhibition game in London. For some reason the NBA didn’t seem to arrange for announcers who knew anything about the sport or its history.

For instance, the announcers insist (41 seconds in) that Larry Bird was only 5′ 11″, because why let facts, like how he was 6′ 9″ interfere with a stupid point? Or when they proclaim Jack Nicholson as a bandwagon fan (2:50), because apparently going to the games for about 40 years isn’t enough.

I guess because Britain is so old that’s simply not enough. Who hired these slags in the first place?


“Golf Pro” is Actually a Prostitute

Melanie KozikCan you imagine how angry you’d be if you responded to an ad on Craigslist offering “golf lessons” and instead of practicing chipping from the rough you instead were meeting with a hooker! I mean, the nerve! According to the Sarasota, FL Sheriff’s office 36-year-old Melanie Kozik met with undercover detectives in a sting operation after they responded to her ad.

When she (unknowingly) met the police she told them she used to work in lingerie stores that had been closed for prostitution activities — which she participated in. She later told officers she earned about $1,500 a week disguising her prostitution as “golf lessons.”

Prospective clients would call and set up an appointment, using “golf lessons” as a code term when really they would just go to her apartment and get banged by a hooker. America!

I like Melanie’s ingenuity but I am most concerned about the golfers in the Sarasota area, won’t anyone think of these men who just wanted to work on their slice and slapping their balls around and instead received a very different service; victim-less crime my ass.

[My Suncoast via Bad Jocks]

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